So you want to look like a Kardashian or dress up like kardashians? Then you better start with knowing what they like to wear and what not…

There are some fashion ideas that every fan of the Kardashians should know.

In this article, you will find out what those ideas are.

The Kardashian Family – Fashion Inspiration – Dress Up Like Kardashians

The Kardashian family is an American media family which has made appearances in movies, television series, and runways.

The empire of the Kardashian is a fashion inspiration for many people. It even inspired a designer to create a collection based on their fashion sense. So why not look up your favorite Kardashian. And, get the perfect outfit because there is no such thing as too much fashion.

Dress up like Kardashians – Style Lessons To Learn And Follow

Keeping up with Kardashian is not easy; however, this article will serve as a guide to having the best outfit.

1) Dress up like Kim Kardashian.

The first notable fashion idea would be dressing up like Kim Kardashian herself. This style consists of wearing a blond wig, a revealing bodysuit with high heels.

2)  Go for a Kardashian in a white dress.

Second, dress like a Kardashian in a white gown to get noticed in a refined manner. When looking through your closet, don’t forget about the pearls and sunglasses.

3) Experiment with Kanye West-based styles.

For those who want to try something new but know little about fashion, you could always go for Kanye West-based styles. For example, his leather kilts that have been seen all over magazines recently.

4)  Choose a Kardashian for an accessory.

The following style would be to choose a Kardashian as an accessory, such as wearing the same clothes or a similar necklace.

5) Breaks all fashion rules and looks great

Kendall Jenner is quite a controversial member of the Kardashian family as she breaks all fashion rules and looks excellent. Kendall’s best outfit would be to wear white with black accessories such as heels and earrings.

6) Try denim and crop-tops twice a week

The eldest Kardashian, Kourtney, has been wearing denim since 2008. She claims that it is comfortable and goes well with anything. Her style consists of tight denim jackets over sleeveless dresses or crop tops.

7)  Don’t get involved with trends to dress up like Kardashians

Another part of the Kardashian fashion ideas would be not to get involved with trends. This means that you should wear what you think looks good, not just because it is a trend. Also, to wear vintage clothes, such as old T-shirts with sequins and old dresses.

8) Keep your inspiration board to dress up like Kardashians.

Another idea for their looks would be to keep an inspiration board in your room or wardrobe, which you can constantly look at for clothes ideas. Keeping up with Kardashian fashion is hard, but it’s no cakewalk either.

9) Try looking up Kendall or Kourtney styles if you are tall

Kim Kardashian’s outfits might not work out too well for the tall girls because she is pretty short, so try looking up Kendall Jenner or Kourtney Kardashian styles instead. As far as style is concerned, there is no such stuff as a mistake.

10)  Use Khloe Kardashian’s style if you want to show off your “assets.”

On the other hand, there is always Khloe Kardashian, whose style entails showing off your assets, for those who don’t like exposing too much skin. If you have a flat stomach and long legs, it would be easier in comparison. 

11) Shop at stores like Hot Topic or ASOS to create an outfit like Kendall Jenner.

If you really want to dress up like Kardashians or like Kendall Jenner on a cheap, browse at places like Hot Topic or ASOS, where you’ll find everything you need to appear like her.

12) A Kim Kardashian look can go from day to night easily

Kim Kardashian’s style tends to be comfortable and easy-to-wear; her outfits often transition from day to night easily, making them perfect for all sorts of occasions such as school, events, or even an interview.

13) Kourtney Kardashian loves bright colors

Kourtney Kardashian tends to wear dresses that are form-fitting, mini, and in bright colors. You could also add some accessories such as earrings if necessary. Try wearing a bright pink dress with matching shoes for an excellent example of this style!

14) Never buy something just because a Kardashian wears it

For all of you who find yourselves wanting to buy something just because a Kardashian wears it, then try not to! Remember that the Kardashians have millions of dollars and can afford anything they want. Some older members, such as Khloe, even get their clothes for free from designers! Not every product should be purchased solely because it is sponsored or carried by a famous person or celebrity.

15) If you have dark, thick hair, then stick to lighter shades

If you have dark, thick hair, stick to lighter shades such as light blue for your wardrobe choices. This is the opposite of what Kim Kardashian does, but it will help to keep you in line with the Kardashians and dress up like Kardashians.

16) Try looking up Kylie Jenner’s style if you want an edgy look

Kylie Jenner is known for her punk-style outfits. So, if you want to emulate this and want to dress up like Kardashians, try looking up some of her styles. She often tends to wear ripped jeans, dark colors, and leather items. It would be easier trying out Kylie’s wardrobe choices rather than Kendall’s. It tends to be more suitable for people who are shorter since Kendall Jenner is 5’9″.

17) Khloe Kardashian looks best in oversized clothes

Khloe Kardashian makes oversize clothing look good simply by being petite, which that you should give this outfit trend a try! This is the easiest trend to follow as an outfit is perfect for just about any occasion, such as casual days at school or special events. Simply pair up clothes such as baggy jeans with a trendy top, and you’re good to go to dress up like Kardashians!

18) Kendall Jenner always has her hair straight, sleek, and shiny

Another crucial tip would be to stick to outfits that match your hair’s color and style. For example, Kendall Jenner always has her hair straight, sleek, and shiny, so you should try wearing something along those lines too. Just remember not to overdo it. Otherwise, people might think that you are trying too hard to dress up like Kardashians.

19) Try matching your makeup with your outfit [added image

And last but certainly not least, remember to match your makeup with your outfit. If you are wearing bright colors, try matching it with some bright pink lipstick, for example!

The Kardashians’ styles can be pretty demanding, so keep this in mind when trying them out yourself! Remember that these are simply tips on creating an outfit that will make you look like the Kardashians if necessary. The Kardashian style tends to vary depending on who is being talked about, so there is no need to follow every detail.

BONUS: 20) Khloe Kardashian style outfits tend to involve denim clothing

An essential part of building a wardrobe around the Kardashians would be incorporating their favorite clothing items into what they wear. For Khloe Kardashian, she loves to wear denim clothing such as jeans, shorts, and skirts, so why not incorporate these into your wardrobe?

So, keep your both eyes out for the Kardashians because it’s likely that they will be found in the latest fashion magazines or even in person on some runways.

As you can see, the Kardashian family has a hand in everything, and their influence on fashion is undeniable. From high street to runway, they have been inspiring people since 2007 and will continue to do so for years to come.

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