One day, after spending an afternoon with a long-time friend, Dr. Roger Landry, the Author realized that the science of health was rediscovered by a man who was not a doctor. And that who approached it from a perspective that differed significantly from the “medical model” and prevailing attitudes about how to live long and happy life.

Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging”

Surrounded by the thoughts, he wrote the book, “Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging“. The book helps the public to get a better understanding of the science of live long life, from the author.

The book explains how people can reach their peak potential in mind and body and enjoy a happy and fulfilled life by following certain scientific principles. For example, the book explains that contrary to common belief, stress is not always bad. It sometimes can help you live long life. Strange? Yes, but it is true. 

It can be an influence in achieving optimal performance in any aspect of life. It also debunks some commonly held beliefs about aging and what helps us remain healthy as we age.

The author says that evidence suggests that people live longer. Still, they are not necessarily enjoying a better quality of life or contributing to their development or others’ development during these same years. It is due to increasing societal demands on time spent with work efforts being put before family obligations.

This is why he wrote this book – it offers new insights into the science of successful aging by presenting scientifically validated guidelines for achieving one’s potential in both mind and body.

Live Long Life - Secrets Unveiled

An accelerating wave of interest in health care and live long life!

There is an accelerating wave of interest in topics related to health and health care, especially around aging and longevity, driven by some remarkable developments over the last several years:

We are living longer than ever before. Medicine victories against some long-time killers such as smallpox have left us spending more time living with chronic diseases that are both expensive and limiting. The baby boomers are reaching the age where they are likely to begin spending considerably more of their retirement years in poor health.

There is consensus among health care experts that our current medical-industrial approach to health care is unsustainable.

While most people would eagerly embrace longer life if it were within easy reach, it seems distant and elusive for many – not something they can work towards today.

Even though living healthier, happier lives may sound like something reserved for science fiction or future generations.

Today, we do have practical ways of improving our chances of getting there. We have learned through advances in the scientific understanding of how humans work and how they can avoid disease, stay healthy, and live to be 100 or older.

Live Long Life - Secrets Unveiled - Know!

But what does science say about how to live long life?

Are there practical ways to use this knowledge to improve our chances for health, happiness, and longevity right now?

Let’s take a reference from the book “Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging”. It is a book to explore and learn many lessons.

As you read through this book, you know how new research is changing old assumptions about human biology.

Dig deeply into why so many supposedly “normal” things are happening to people as they age.

Learn how you can prevent common modern diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Explore how to get past the limits of “age-appropriate” by using modern science to stay healthy and active.

Look at what we thought we knew about human aging but didn’t.

It tells a lot of secrets about living a long life. 

So, read on…

Secrets to live long, healthy, and happy life:

So you want to live long life stay blessed? Read and follow these secrets of a long and happy life: 

1. The emerging understanding is that aging is not merely the outcome of time but also the development of choices we make in how we live.

2. Why heart disease and cancer are largely preventable by resting less, eating better, and moving more throughout life. These are not diseases at all but rather the natural outcome of our cells infinitely dividing without adequate repair.

3. To avoid “aging diseases” such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s by understanding their scientifically proven common causes. It is because avoiding these diseases depends on our everyday choices, not just on medical treatment. The right choice helps one to live long and happy life. 

4. Why getting older doesn’t have to mean becoming less physically active or socially involved. It is because these factors, especially when experienced early in life, help to keep us “young.”

5. What science says about happiness – why is it possible for people who work at it? Our physical compositions are designed to produce the chemicals that make us happy, but we should provide them with what they need to do it. This helps one to live a long and happy life. ;

6. It is essential to understand the way our bodies work and why we get sick instead of just treating symptoms. It is because our bodies are remarkable systems that need only healthy inputs to perform their best.

7. Tap into and be guided by the unconscious wisdom and creativity inside us all. It is because we are far more capable than we think. Also, we can find strength, creativity, and insight in places we have never looked before.

Live long

Key Takeaways:

So, how can we use what science teaches us to help us live long and stay healthy?

We have to comprehend how our organs operate or how to use that knowledge to prevent sickness.

We need to learn what science says about aging, heart disease, cancer, and other diseases to do this.

Scientists find that these “diseases” are the natural outcome of our cells infinitely dividing without adequate repair.

Our choices affect how we age biologically – how quickly or slowly our cells divide.

We do not have to get sick over time by aging naturally; we can prevent disease by understanding what causes it.

People must eat healthier and exercise. This helps one to understand the body clock. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s are signs their bodies are working overtime to repair the damage to their cells from daily living constantly.

These conditions have been largely brought on by a lack of rest from everyday life and a lack of healthy inputs.

Overall, the book “Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging” wants us to understand that our bodies are designed to produce the chemicals that make us happy, but we must provide them with what they need to do it.

So live long life and stay blessed!


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