Wondering what SEO tips and tricks you should implement to generate more traffic from the search engines?

Read on to find SEO tips and tricks that you should definitely use for your website.

SEO Tips and Tricks: Things Not To Do in Search Engine Optimization

1. Make sure that every page on your site has a unique title and description meta tag.

Ensure that the first few words in your title tags are included within your page’s heading tags. This is another way for search engines to determine what a web page is about.

2. Use both images and videos as content marketing tools to further explain certain aspects of a company or business services.

If you have a separate YouTube channel for a TV show, movie, or pop band then tell Google by putting an author name and link back to the video within the <head> section of every page where it appears on your site.

3. Use keywords as anchor text links

Make use of the keywords as anchor text links from other sites back to. It helps Google understand what a link is about.

4. Have a site map and link it to every page of your site.

A sitemap helps search engines determine faster which pages on your website are indexed and displayed in the results. It is as opposed to those that are not indexed or blocked by robots.txt

5. Use Google Analytics to get a handle on how web pages perform.

Also, keep an eye on your web server log files for any errors you can quickly. Make sure they do not affect search engine rankings.

6. If you want to sell products directly through your website then make sure you use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.

It shows Google that this site is serious about online security and has nothing to hide.

7. When linking to other sites on the web, always try and use anchor text links.

Do not just type out the full URL of another website in your articles or blog posts. This obviously helps improve the backlink profile. But also makes it easier for people to link to you in their content if they mention something about your business in their own writings.

8. Always write naturally when creating content on your website.

Make sure you don’t overdo it with keywords like “SEO” or “marketing”. It is because no one wants to read spammy gibberish that’s all about making money online (or is it?)

SEO Tips and Tricks: Things Not To Do in Search Engine Optimization

1. Don’t use Flash where you can avoid it.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo cannot crawl Flash-based content for indexing reasons. This includes videos, animations, and any other interactive elements where text is not easy to read by crawlers. If you do have a need to use Flash then include a text version of the same information using one of many free web services.

2. Don’t use hidden text or links.

Don’t use hidden text or links as these will tell search engines that the information isn’t important and could result in lower page rank for those pages where they appear.

3. Don’t stuff irrelevant keywords or phrases into your meta tags

Stuffing irrelevant keywords or phrases into your meta tags should be avoided. This tells search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing all the different ways in which your site sucks.

Last Thought

SEO tips and tricks are important that you can implement on your website to rank higher in the search engine results.

Remember not to ignore any SEO tips and tricks as they can make or break your SEO strategy.