Minecraft has a wide range of different types of gameplay. This article will discuss the top ten best hypixel games.

#1: sky block

Hypixel sky block is a game that has revolutionized Minecraft server games forever. With custom GUIs, advanced mobs, hundreds of collections crafts, skills custom ancients, and so much to explore. – so sky block is easily the number one game on Hypixel.

There’s so much to do here, and the number of play styles available is insane. Do you like fishing? Well, there’s a skill in collections for that. Do you like combat? Tons of mobs sword enchants and items to fight with. There are hundreds of blocks and items to use at your disposal. Maxing out all of the

Hypixel sky blocks could take years because there’s so much to upgrade and collect that it’s almost overwhelming. But that also means that there are tons and tons of stuff to do.  Hypixel sky block is a wildly impressive game with endless potential.

 #2:  mega walls

The game has changed a lot since 2014. It was more rewarding back in 2014. Grinding coins were a lot tougher back then, but when you finally got to a level 9 perk or maxed kit. It was monumental and rewarding.

These days maxing out of class and mega walls costs are high. What sets mega walls apart from other games, though, is the heavy team aspect. You could be a master of your class, but about 20 to 25 players on each team.

This massive team aspect is what gave me all those memories in nostalgia. If you’ve never played mega walls before or wondering why it’s so high on this list I highly encourage you to try it.

#3: Skywars

Skywars is a game that almost every Minecraft player has played. And it’s a game that everyone should play at least once. It’s older than many other games on Hypixel, yet it still pulls in thousands of players every day because it’s such a simple yet captivating game.

The games are short, and the idea is straightforward, but the number of things you can do with it makes the possibilities almost endless. Additionally, like most games on the server, Hypixel offers its own twist with tons of kits, tons of different game modes, perks, game effects.

There’s a lot to discover and play within skywars, making it enjoyable for almost everyone. The game sounds cool outside of practice. Mega sky wars used to be cool, because it has been neglected games rarely ever fill up, making it one of the most irrelevant games on the server.

# 4: The blitz survival games

The blitz is probably my favorite game on the server.  I’m trash AF, so falling off the map in bed wars and sky wars is a true pain. But with a blitz, I don’t have to worry about that, except if we’re referring to KLM v1 or v2 or any map with lava.

Those maps are my least favorite. I love progression-based games where you work hard for several hours straight, playing games all to save up coins for a kit or class upgrade. And with millions of coins worth of spending opportunities in the Blitz shop. Blitz fits that progression category.

Finally, games of blitz are short and simple, which means that it’s easy to take a break at any time. And the survival games idea is easy to understand for newer players. This is a great minigame.

 #5: UHC Champions

The challenge of not being able to regenerate naturally means that the damage you take stays with you until you find an item of healing. As a result, the MLG water bucket and various mob killing strats were born, which completely changed how to play in a vanilla world. So much popularity arose from the simple idea, and the Hypixel take on UHC took it to an even further level.

Custom crafts, double health, a shrinking border, and professions made simple UHC faster and more immersive. There’s so much to know about high pixel UHC, which means mastering it takes time, but it is incredibly rewarding. All of this created a prominent UHC community that has allowed.

Since UHC games are probably longer than all other games on the Hypixel network, losing the game feels worse than a faster game like sky wars or bed wars.


#6: Bed Wars

Bed Wars is one of the most iconic games found on the Hypixel network. Before Skyblock it was the most popular game with tens of thousands among the community. It is entirely based on egg wars on cube craft Hypixel bed Wars is addicting and flexible.

Like a lot of other games on Hypixel beds and bed Wars allow you to respawn. So you want to keep your bed alive while destroying others. The numerous ways to rush and defend against opponents make the experience cater to the players, and the number of shop items and team upgrades only multiplies the number of play styles. And while we’re talking about different play styles, keep in mind that bed Wars was the game that inspired the hundreds of bridging styles in Minecraft we have today.

You can play bed Wars in various modes and team compositions, and the game is very new player-friendly since your coins can only buy cosmetic upgrades.

# 7: mini walls

Mini walls are my favorite arcade game, and it’s probably the favored arcade game of a lot of you. It’s based on mega walls, and if you know mega walls, you know that those games can take up to an hour every time.

Mini walls is a simpler and faster version of mega walls making it easy to queue into and font for new players. Your goal is to kill the other teams’ wither, and then once this is done, players on opposing teams will no longer be able to respawn.

Despite the simplicity, though, there are still many ways to play the game. You can make an underground tunnel build a sky base to defend your wither, get a party of four and rush one team, use different kits, kill the list, and go on.

 #8: The Pit

Now we’re starting to get into games that most people enjoy. A lot of servers have this sort of open FFA, where you jump into an arena and continuously fight against other players.

What sets the Hypixel pit apart from those servers is that the pit features many items perks enchants daily quests and even leaderboards. So you can spend hours grinding in the pit for your golden XP to help you progress in the game.

The best part about the pit that sets it apart from the other competitive games, not Hypixel, is that the servers are constantly going, you have all the freedom to hop in and out whenever you want. It’s also easy to play with friends, which is a bonus. Overall there’s a lot to do here for an FFA with a lot of ever put into it, making it one of the more notable games.

#9: smash heroes

Not a lot of people play smash heroes mostly. I like to smash heroes, though. It does surprisingly well, all the skills are easy to understand, and the variety of heroes makes it a fun experience. And there’s a lot of progressions you can do by buying XP boosters prestige in your heroes and leveling up and buying new heroes—all in all a good game to play. If you just want to kill some time.

# 10:  bounty hunters

Bounty hunters is a game found in the arcade games Lobby, based on one in the quiver. There’s nothing special to say about bounty hunters, to be honest. It’s simple, competitive, short, and sweet. It is great for killing time, making it number 10 on this list.


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