Facebook down again!!!

Facebook Messenger Down. Social media networking sites including Facebook and Whatsapp have suffered a major outage recently. Affected users were unable to log in or publish any new posts due to the messenger being shut down. Engineers desperately worked on the issue and came up with a solution after seven hours. LONG TIME!

Facebook Down Update: Is Facebook Down Today 2021?

You must be wondering, are Facebook and other social media channels not working today? Thankfully, the service has been restored now. Unfortunately, no relevant and correct news has been released as of now about why all this happened. However, you can read more from here.

Facebook Down Worldwide – Stressful For Everyone

It comes with no surprise that social media is our life. We can’t live without it. An outage is a vital issue, a real nightmare for a generation that’s now hooked on to our very favorite messenger!

What To Do When Facebook Down Happen Again?

Well, the first thing you need to do is relax during the messenger stops working for any reason. You know the downtime of the messenger is when you can’t access it after trying even ten times.

Our life without social media may seem bleak, but there are actually quite a number of things we can do during downtime.

Time to call all your friends and meet them face to face during Facebook down!

Facebook down news is no good news. But, here comes a good side of Facebook down worldwide. Have a social gathering, either with friends or family. The messenger gone is sad, but good old-fashioned communication works just great. You can even make the messenger not working as an excuse for an amazing picnic or BBQ party!

Why not catch up on your favorite series? Netflix and chill out!

During social media downtime, there’s more chance for you to binge-watch that new TV show that all your friends are talking about. Who knows? You may end up loving it without anyone dropping spoilers along the way!

Don’t stress out. Maximize self-introspection and creativity!

Does social media downtime disconnect you from everyone? Of course not! It won’t be long before you about the outage, and we’re sure the liable team will let you know as soon as it’s restored (if it happens again). In the meantime, you can always stay connected to us! In fact, the outage is a great opportunity for some self-introspection and creativity!

Play games, watch videos, and sleep more!

The messenger not working? Missing Facebook login, Facebook Lite, and those cool friends’ Facebook news? No need to scratch your head or bite your nails. You have so much to do — believe me. More free time for playing games during the downtime. More free time for watching cat/dog videos, spend on groceries and taking a break, and sleep. A lot of time to make friends and influence others.

Last Thought…..

We hope Facebook must not really go away again because if it is, we will surely miss every single post from all our friends there. But, if it does, you already know what you need to do. 



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