The Bur Marigold plant has several different names as- Bidens tripartite, three-lobe beggarticks, trifid bur-marigold, bastard hemp, three-part beggarticks, and leafy-bracted beggarticks. 


Bidens tripartita is a familiar and widespread species native to North Africa, most of Europe, and Asia’s warm regions. It is commercially cultivated in New Zealand and Australia.

The plant grows significantly in moist, nitrogen-rich soil. You can see it near swamps, lakes, rivers, ditches, and streams.

Bur Marigold plant has several different names as- Bidens tripartite, three-lobe beggarticks, trifid bur-marigold, bastard hemp, three-part beggarticks, and leafy-bracted beggarticks.

Taxonomic information:

Order: Asterales

Family: Asteraceae

Genus: Bidens

Species: Bidens tripartita



The plant generally grows to 0.5 to 5 feet tall with an annual lifecycle. Its leaf arrangement is opposite with simple leaf complexity1 and 2 to 4 inches long. The leaf shape is different as- Ovate, Elliptic, and Lanceolate with a cuneate base. Next, 1 to 3 shadowed flower heads at the edge of branching stems grow from the leaf axils.

The flower center is broad. When bloomed, light yellow disk flowers with 4 to 5 lobes develop. Flower heads grown into globular seed heads, enveloped in dark brown flat seeds. Seeds are tiny and, usually, with three barbed awns. The central awn is shorter than the other side awns.

Part used

The aerial parts, roots, and seeds are used in medicine preparation.

bur marigold

Chemical constituents

The Bur Marigold plant has various chemical compounds like- flavonoids, volatile oil, xanthophylls, polyacetylene, acetylene, sterols, aurones, caffeine, tannins, and chalcones.

Traditional Uses and benefits

  1. The Bur Marigold is usually mixed with ginger and employed to heal digestive tract ailments in traditional medicines2. Also, Bur Marigold is usually treating diabetes in ayurvedic and Chinese medicines.
  2. The plant also has strong antidiabetic activity.
  3. It is used orally to treat kidney and bladder issues, uterine hemorrhage, uterine bleeding, peptic ulcers, and ulcerative colitis.
  4. The plant is used in the treatment of alopecia.
  5. The entire plant has antiseptic properties and is used to treat skin cuts too.
  6. Young leaves of this plant are cooked and eaten as food.
  7. Natural hair dye can be prepared from this plant.
  8. The burning herb is used as an insect repellent.
  9. The essential oils of this plant can be used in the perfume industry.


Dosage and Precautions

There is no exact confirmed dosage of Bidens tripartite. The results may vary based on a patient’s age, sex, weight, and health conditions. Therefore, consult the medical practitioner before administering Biden’s tripartite drugs.

bur marigold



No clear sign of its toxicity is found. Long-time use with potent doses can always be harmful. It can result in nausea, vomiting, and stomach upset. Eating raw plants can induce allergic reactions for some sensitive peoples. 


The Bidens tripartite containing drugs can have interaction with other meditations. Therefore, pre and post-use of these drugs are subject to a doctor’s advice. When eating the plant raw, it can have a hypnotic effect3 and can be addictive for humans. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the Bidens tripartite-containing drug is not recommended. The plant is not deadly for animals, but make sure they are not eating more.


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