What is a meaningful life? Everyone is rushing through life. Some of us are running after money, while some of us are chasing fame. Some of us are seeking success when others are struggling just to get through their day. While we are in a race of what-ifs, we often tend to forget the meaning of life.

Our outlook toward life and the way we approach it makes all the difference. Let’s ask ourselves to stop for a second and ponder over the fact that we are constantly worrying about the most frivolous things, things that won’t matter in the longer run, things that are so trivial that they suck the meaning out of life.

We’ll realize that true meaning might be lacking. Here are some things you can keep in mind to figure out how to live a meaningful life.

Instant gratification dooms all!

As we work towards a goal, we want results immediately. Our work fills our soul with a sense of fulfillment as if we have achieved something. It does that, right. But to demand instant gratification is like pushing yourself backward. Instead, wait.

Put in the work and breathe! If the results are positive, good for you! But if the odds are against your favor, you need to halt yourself and reflect. Don’t think of failure as the endpoint. Learn your lesson and start anew!

Find your peace within

While you are pursuing all the worldly things life has to offer, don’t forget to take a deep breath and reflect within yourself. Work, money, and fame won’t bring you peace. Instead, your inner self is connected to your heart, to your happiness, to your ease. Look within!


Every breath you draw, every day you get through, every morning you wake up is a blessing—a chance for you to be grateful. You might not feel lucky right now, but there are many people out there willing to kill for the things you have. Be thankful!

Forgive and forget

You cannot create a safe, happy haven if you harbor grudges for everyone who did you wrong. Learn to let go. Not for them, but for yourself. For the peace of your mind. Ask yourself if they are worth all the negativity and heartbreak you feel right now.

They certainly are not. Clear your conscience and be a bigger person. Love is the answer, not hate!

Limit the time you spend on gadgets

Digital media under your control is a blessing, but it can be a curse if you get addicted to it. The unhealthy comparison, the unreal beauty standards, the unwanted attention it brings about in our life is alarming! Try to cut down your screen time.

Instead, meditate. Focus on yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be mindful of the baby steps you are taking towards a meaningful life. Let go of the toxicity and be content with what you have.