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Hi everyone, in today's article, we are going to check out the 10 best apps for teachers.


Hi everyone, in today’s article, we are going to check out the 10 best apps for teachers.

#1: Plickers

Plickers is one of the best apps for teachers. You can create a question for your audience to answer. Once you pose a question on the board, all the audience needs to pleak a card. Your students don’t have to have laptops, iPads, or anything. Each student has their curricle.

Students will show their cards and you can scan with your phone that you’ll be able to see the data. You can go to score sheets, can go back, and see that tool does not require any technology apart from the projector.

#2: Padlet

Padlet is another best apps for teachers. Padlet is a collaborative workspace for your students. It enables you to create a padlet.  Padlet is a wall you can choose between different designs.  Padlet does initially creates a wall in which you can customize colors, everything.

You can start a post, and then students will start answering your question. It’s a social tool. Your students are able to see each other’s answers in your posts. You can embed video clips and post links to engage students in sharing their thoughts in virtual space.

#3:  No Hands


No hand app is also one of the best apps for teachers. No hand app is initially is a random student selector. Once you land on the “no hands” home screen, you will see a quick intro to what the app looks like.

like its simplicity because it doesn’t take a lot of space on your screen. It’s just a small tray that can be customized. What it does basically wants you to tap on the tray and it will select a student from your class.

It enables you to have your students engaged, you can click on this tool, and a random name will pop up. It’s called No Hand because it eliminates you to see students raise their hands.

#4: Google classroom

Google classroom is another best apps for teachers. Once you sign into the Google classroom and create your class, you will be able to manage the workflow.

You’ll see your students who signed quizzes, assigned assignments, assign materials, collect those assignments, and grade them all in one place. This will be a storage for your students’ different materials to access instead of having shared links.

Everything will be stored in one place. Google classroom is simplifying and streamlining your workflow.

#5: Socrative

Socrative is a platform for summative or formative assessment. It is easy to use. After you log in as a teacher, you will land on your home screen to create quizzes.

The best part, once you assign the quiz you’ve created, you can see the real date, students answer on your phone or computer.

Help students who are not doing well, who are doing too quickly, and assign more tasks available on your phone. You can launch it from your computer. Everything is in there, a brilliant way to go about your grading.

 #6: Edpuzzle

Once you set up your Edpuzzle account, you will land on your home screen. It is a tool that enables you to work with video clips. Once students watch the video clip, a question will pop up.

They need to select a couple of questions. They can rewatch, skip, or continue, and so it goes. A beautiful tool to have to enhance video clips. You don’t just project them on a projector, but instead, you can embed questions.

#7: Nearpod

Nearpod is a brilliant tool for putting lessons together. Sometimes you have a PowerPoint you want to show to the class. And sometimes, you have another video that you want to show to the class.

You have a quiz maybe….. in all those things in different places. Nearpod allows you to create one seamless lesson that you put all those things in one lesson. You can add content from the web. You can add your content like a PowerPoint.

The beautiful part about Nearpod is that you can embed all those activities like open-ended question matching pairs, quizzes, halls, and stuff.

You can do a life lesson that you control or a student-paced lesson. So students go through your lesson through all those activities you’ve created at their own pace. Suppose you do in the students’ paced lesson as a teacher.

You can see what students are doing well. Whether they are on task or not. On the one hand, you provide autonomy for students to go ahead and do what they want; you still have this limit of control.

#8: Class Dojo

Class dojo one of the best classroom management tools. It is especially suitable for elementary and middle school students, not so much for high school.

Class dojo creates little avatars for students when students accomplish their work, or when they demonstrate the behavior that you want to demonstrate.

You can assign points to them. That’s incentivizing the learning process to get points for being a task or whatever rules you set up in your classroom. Students can spend those points on getting classroom privileges like changing a seat.

It enables you to create classroom management, and then you can connect it to the families share what students are doing on a regular basis.

You can control it with your phone entirely. Many tools are embedded in Class Dojo, like classroom timer, voice meter, and random student selector.

#9: Classcraft

Classcraft is another class management tool a bit more sophisticated than Class Dojo. It invites students to create their character inside the class. They will be leveling up, A great way to gamify a classroom. 

Classcraft brings the gamification factor into your instructions.  The students get points bypass. They can customize their characters in an ecosystem that you create inside your class.

You can only use a limited version of the class crap. You are also able to refine your entire lesson and curriculum. And there are many resources on class craft web pages that will guide you through the process.

If you’ve done “Class Doji” looking for something else, something more exciting, this is a tool for you to try out.


 #10 Minecraft Education

If you’re not familiar with Minecraft at all, Minecraft started as a game but made its way into education.

We are fortunate enough to have an official Minecraft education edition with features specifically geared to classroom use. It’s much easier to use Minecraft education edition rather than simple Minecraft.

Minecraft is essentially is a game that is so versatile, is so creative they call them sandbox games. It means that it’s a sandbox, and within this game, we can do whatever you want with the resources available in Minecraft.

Students can solve problems whatever you design them to do. Inside Minecraft, we’ve used Minecraft for science, math, language, arts, and many other things. There are a few examples that demonstrate what students can do.

Students can solve problems together, create storylines, solve a math problem, or do an art project within a Minecraft world. You, as a teacher, have overall control over the world.

You host this world as students connect from devices to this world. So it’s a multiplayer experience that makes Minecraft so powerful because students interact with each other either on a problem or creative story writing.

There is no limit with Minecraft. That’s why if you go to the Minecraft vacation website, you will see so many resources on math, computer science, etc.

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