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Phasmophobia is one of the best scariest games. It's not easy to reach the number 1 spot in a list. That's why Phasmophobia is not a joke when it comes to scares. A 4-player co-op multiplayer psychological scariest game, Phasmophobia puts you in the shoes of a team that


BEST SCARIEST GAMES TO PLAY IN THIS HALLOWEEN. The game features realistic and immersive graphics that will keep you shaking out of fear.

# 1 – Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is one of the best scariest games. It’s not easy to reach the number 1 spot in a list. That’s why Phasmophobia is not a joke when it comes to scares. A 4-player co-op multiplayer psychological scariest game, Phasmophobia puts you in the shoes of a team that investigates paranormal activities.

You are tasked with entering haunted locations that will haunt you down until you are either dead or insane. You can either do your job in the safety of your truck by monitoring CCTV cameras. And motion sensors or heads inside the location as the paranormal activities get increasingly hostile.

The game features realistic and immersive graphics that will keep you shaking out of fear. Several different types of ghosts and equipment to deal with them. And a unique voice recognition feature that allows you to communicate with the ghosts as part of your investigation.

You can also play the game on VR if you want to make it even more realistic!

Don’t take this game lightly, even if you can easily play the others in the list. Because it messes with your mind to the point you might be too scared ever to relaunch it. Having your friends with you won’t make it any less scary!

# 2 – Dead by Daylight

No fan of horror should miss Dead By Daylight because it’s like an all-star multiplayer experience for the horror genre. The game features dozens of original and licensed characters from popular horror movies, video games, and shows such as The Evil Dead, Stranger Games, Silent Hill, Nightmare on The Elm Street, Left 4 Dead, and many more.

The game’s objective is to activate several generators spread out on the map by strategizing and cooperating with your friends. A killer is after you who can find and kill any of the players if they make a mistake.

Dead By Daylight is one of the scariest games experiences that you can get your hands on, as your favorite horror icons will be your worst nightmare! The game is available on all current gaming platforms and features cross-play, which allows you to play with friends from all devices, and even has a free mobile version! 

# 3 – Diablo III

A treat for the fans of role-playing games. Diablo III is the third game in the horror-themed action role-playing series by Blizzard, allowing both single-player and four-player online multiplayer experiences based on your preference.

The players can choose from seven different character classes and defeat the Lord of Terror ‘Diablo’ himself, who is about to enslave humankind. The player starts without any resources and have to gather items for their inventory and learn new abilities by doing quests.

The game’s world is full of lore, magic, and mythical beasts, which will keep you busy, and the beautifully animated CGI cutscenes provide the extra touch you need to feel further immersed.

The game can be found on almost any platform that you can think of, and when you’re done with the main story, there are several equally awesome story expansions to keep you busy for a long time! 

# 4 – Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

The film version of Resident Evil 2 took the gaming industry by a storm featuring life-like graphics, great survival horror gameplay, and a perfect recreation of one of the best survival-horror games of all time.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis carries on the tradition by remaking the story of Jill Valentine and her battle against the threatening Nemesis bioweapon. Being trapped with Mr.X within the building is a scary experience. But Nemesis takes it up a notch as he can come out of nowhere, holding a rocket launcher and force you to fight for your life in intense battles get harder as the game progresses.

And when you’re not fighting Nemesis, the city is still full of persistently scary zombies and other monsters infested with the T-Virus that will hunt you at every step of the way.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis may be more action-based than Resident Evil 2, but it’s still a scary experience due to its sheer intensity. 

# 5 – Until Dawn

When it originally came out in August 2015, the interactive survival-horror Until Dawn was the talk of the town! Featuring a Hollywood-like storyline that throws multiple characters at the mercy of a masked killer, and every choice that you make will make a difference as the story goes on.

The best part about the game is the fact any of the playable characters can survive or die based on your choices and gameplay, which makes it more intense than most horror video games because of the permanent consequences to the storyline you can cause and every sequence with the killer pursuing you can end with the death of someone you care about. For those who love horror movies and video games at the same time, “Until Dawn” is a dream come true!

# 6 – The Last of Us Part II

It does not matter what platform you game on. If you are a gamer,  you know about The Last of Us Part II. Being a sequel to one of the best survival horror video games is not an easy feat, but fortunately. Part II proves itself a worthy follow-up!

Putting you in three different characters. The Last of Us Part II is a tale of revenge, survival, and redemption, which will have you love, hate, and care for the main characters as you get to learn more about them.

However, the game’s story often overshadows its intense horror gameplay, which features hostile and cannibalistic creatures that are lurking at every step and waiting for an opportunity to feast on your body brutally.

You have to strategize your approach to dealing with them and, at the same time, manage your ammo, and just when you take a sigh of relief – groups of human enemies will pick up where the zombies left off! If all of that isn’t intense enough for you, the Perma Death difficulty is a welcome addition that will make every hit feel personal as losing will mean having to start the entire game over.

# 7 – Bloodborne

You won’t believe how creepy an action-roleplaying game can be until you play Bloodborne! Set in a Gothic city inspired by the Victorian era, you are a Hunter who must try to find the source of a plague that is infecting humans with a blood-disease.

The player will find themselves fighting unbelievably unique and scary monsters throughout the game with many different types of weapons and strategies. And unravel mysteries about the city they won’t be prepared for.

Considered one of the greatest games on the PlayStation 4. Bloodborne can be scary, beautiful, and tragic all at the same time, taking you on an action-filled ride that you won’t forget! 

# 8 – Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is an intense horror-themed action game filled with mythical threats at every corner. It is featuring a diverse roster of enemies such as zombies, monsters, and assassins.

You can either enter the game’s open-world environment on your own or with two friends and then your job is to track down the monster while fighting and surviving the smaller threats in your way.

Once you fight and destroy the monsters, you have to escape towards the extraction point without dying. But it is easier said than done due to how intense the game can be.

The ammo in the game is scarce and will often force you to strategize and work your way through with knives and other melee weapons, so choose your steps wisely.

# 9 – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

While we’ve seen many Resident Evil releases in the past few years. You don’t want to miss the seventh main installment when it comes to scares! The game moves to a first-person viewpoint and takes the series back to its roots. Focusing more on exploration, puzzles, and survival horror gameplay like the classic Resident Evil scariest games.

Ethan Winters investigates the mysterious Baker House in hopes of finding his missing wife. Using the in-house Capcom engine, the game features realistic graphics and environments that make the game feel surreal – along with gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you try your best to escape the nightmare!

You can also take it up a notch with the VR mode, which is considered one of the best horror VR experiences gaming has to offer.

# 10 – World War Z

World War Z is a co-operative multiplayer game set in a world infested by smart zombies, featuring five different cities. You can shoot through and survive with your friends.

You can pick from five different classes to play as which all have their unique abilities. And you can unlock more tools and abilities as you level up. What sets the game apart is that it can support a thousand enemies on-screen at the same time, which allows them to pile up to great heights to reach you just when you start to feel a bit too safe!

The game is also cross-platform, so players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One can play together.



(BEST SCARIEST GAMES List Created By Gaming Pushpins)

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