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Top 10 Open world PC Games

This is an open ‘universe’ game as it has small open-world regions, each with enough detail and character making them a united world. No matter the world you are, be it chasing beasts across the war-scarred plains if Velen, or roaming the streets of Novigrad, the fee


Hi everyone! Today we are going to look at “Top 10 Open-world PC Games”.

Open world games on PC just like any other game require us to complete missions, tasks, or quests but the most important thing about them is the journey within these games.  One could get so immersed in these games thinking he has been teleported to another universe.

# 1: The Witcher 3: World Hunt

This is an open ‘universe’ game as it has small open-world regions, each with enough detail and character making them a united world.

No matter the world you are, be it chasing beasts across the war-scarred plains if Velen, or roaming the streets of Novigrad, the feeling is almost the same.

And as you explore these worlds, you are regularly rewarded with new quests, characters, beasts, and battles. After experiencing the exhilarating Witcher 3, a lot of people can’t wait for the 4th installment.

As of now, no word from the developers yet on when the 4th installment will be released.

And that’s it in the “Top 10 Open-world PC Games”. Till next time, stay safe, and don’t stop gaming.

# 2: Red Dead Redemption 2

This is a quite popular and special game owing to its well-detailed open world.

Your character is Arthur Morgan, a wanted outlaw and a member of the Van der Linde gang, led by the dangerous Dutch. Even though the gang’s fate is already determined, hope is what will carry you through this melancholy love letter to the Old West.

The map is quite diverse with changes from frozen lakes and snowy mountain edges, to dusty plains, and murky swamp waters.

NPCs here are not dummies. They know who you are, they know if there is a bounty on your head so don’t be surprised at the way they react to you.

Red Dead Redemption 2 offers a lot of freedom as you can play as you please. You can roam around the streets, go to town to get a haircut, or even track down legendary animals. It has a really immersive world.

# 3: Forza Horizon 4

This latest Forza takes on the British Isles packed with details. The open-world map in this game is quite large covering the Scottish Highlands, parts of Oxfordshire and Cumbria, and down to Cheshire.

The hills, villages, and town all will give you a thrilling feeling while just cruising around. And by the time you start experiencing the beautiful visuals and seasonal weather changes, you would appreciate the game more.

Forza Horizon 4 also features cool cars with a different kind of handling. And if you are new to the Forza franchise, do try and check the beginner’s guide before delving into the game so you won’t look lost.

Then what do you do with these autos? Forza Horizon 4 has a ridiculous amount of epic races and even season-specific long races called Forzathons. It’s quite a great game.

# 4: Just Cause 4

As well all know that the Just Cause series is based on how creative players can be with destruction, the Just Cause 4 in number 4 on this list now gives players unlimited choices of physics-based gadgets and high-explosives.

Just as they know some gamers love violence, unrest, and carnage, they added massive thunderstorms, tornadoes, snowstorms, and sandstorms to give them the thrilling feeling that comes with the chaos.

In this latest installment, immediately you launch, you are given all destructive gadget toys from previous installments once. Then you are sent out to start a civil war on the island of Solis.

Moving around Solis is a joy, whether you’re in a heavily armed attack chopper, high-speed motorbike, or combining your grapple, wingsuit, and parachute for self-sufficient traversal.

You could turn Rico (your character) into Superman once you get a hang of your gadgets. And if you are brave enough, you can raid the nearest military base and take a tank. And then head to town to destroy the forces of Black Hand.

# 5: Assassin Creed Odyssey

This installation marks the switch of the Assassin Creed’s franchise from stealth game to full-blown open-world RPG. It features several characters, quite difficult horse riding mechanics, and the largest map in the series.

As a player, you get to experience an Old Greek world with ancient cities, towns, temples, hidden caves, and Assassin’s Creed tombs.

And the developers, Ubisoft took it another step further by adding the Exploration mode giving you the freedom to wander around.

When bored of the terra firma, you can take the boat as means of moving and even combat. It is almost the same experience with the 4th installation when sailing and fighting on a ship.

# 6: Grand Theft Auto 5

When talking about one of the greatest games of all time. Right from its first installment, this game franchise has been a toast of many gamers.

What makes this special amongst open-world PC games is its extreme freedom to do almost anything.

It’s the ultimate answer to your gangster fantasy. You could drive recklessly through the streets, skydive, kill NPCs, track a serial killer, cause chaos to get noticed by the police; you can choose to evade them or kill them to become a 5-star rogue.

The developers did a good job of creating a realistic atmosphere and paid a lot of attention to the smallest details. They gave it memorable plotlines and relatable characters.

The game is not all about missions as you can venture into other side missions if you get bored or when a mission is beginning to stress you out.

# 7: Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

This is an extremely immersive open-world PC game. You can dedicate days to playing this game and still not be 5% into completing it. There would still be quests you are yet to come close to and hidden bosses waiting for you.

There’s a lot to do in this game. There are weird creatures around, NPCs to steal from, dragons, creepy Dwemer ruins to explore, etc.

And just so you know, it’s all not about you. You might be wandering around and find a group of thugs lynching a giant or a necromancer summoning the dead or a dragon attack a village you just got to. It’s quite an interesting game with stories.

You can’t understand how immersive this game is until you play it. Even an explanation from a veteran can’t make you understand.

# 8: Fallout 4

If you are a chronic modder, this game is just right for you. Why? Because it’s generally based on the advanced version of the Creation engine that powered Skyrim and Oblivion.

The post-apocalyptic setting is unusually interesting, thanks to the developers, Bethesda for taking time in perfecting this masterpiece.

The game universe set in Boston, MA is a war ground for the warring NPCs. You have Diamond City defenders trying to defend the city, raiders stealing from settlers in the wilderness, and the angry mutated wildlife always ready to attack anyone. It’s a big mess out there.

Players are bombarded with a lot of quests. You might be required to track a freedom trail, liberate settlements, and explore a haunted house or even loot. You are generally going to bring life back to this rotten place.

And as you advance, you gain followers whose actions are influenced by yours.

# 9: Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4! This is the best installation of the Saints Row series. Saints Row 2 and 3 gave us goosebumps but Saints Row 4 will give you a big-time interesting game experience when you play it.

The new superpower added feature makes it extremely cool. I guess you can relate if you have played it before. It’s extremely cool.

In Saints Row 4, you can do things like jump up tall buildings in just one leap, run faster than the fastest bullet, kill several people without even using a gun, etc. Isn’t that incredible?

However, much has not changed about the city of Steelport. But still, it is arguably one of the immersive open-world games.

# 10: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

One of the best open-world games due to its extremely free open world. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a rebranded form of the Zelda we used to know.

There is always something to keep you glued around every corner. You can climb a mountain, float in the air, or transform a fallen tree into a deadly weapon of mass destruction.

Unlike games in the same genre as Zelda, Nintendo choose to not to focus on quests but decided to give gamers an intriguing experience by focusing more on exploring Breath of Wild’s landmarks and also getting the best out of yourself.

This offers players the chance to know more about the world before Calamity Ganon strikes. And you can decide to perfect your cooking skills. It’s like living like a wanderer trying to survive.

Trust me, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not your regular open-world game.


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