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While the topic of who deserves to be on the number 1 spot of the Top 10 Genshin Impact. Character is debatable, it is undeniable that Venti deserves a very high spot on any tier list for the game.His elemental skill Skyward Sonnet allows him to summon a large burst of


Hi guys. Genshin Impact is a free-to-play Gacha role-playing game that came out just last month and has taken the world by a storm!

The game features a large and beautiful open world that is often compared to Breath of The Wild, featuring multiple locations filled with a long list of single and multiplayer content. 

# 1: VENTI

While the topic of who deserves to be on the number 1 spot of the Top 10 Genshin Impact. Character is debatable, it is undeniable that Venti deserves a very high spot on any tier list for the game.

His elemental skill Skyward Sonnet allows him to summon a large burst of wind that launches. And holds his enemies in the air. Then you can use his Ultimate ability Wind’s Grande Ode as a combo in which he fires a powerful arrow that draws enemies close and deals continuous damage in the air. With the ultimate lasting 8 seconds.

Venti can deal a great amount of damage to his enemies before they die or fall down. Not to mention the fact he can swing up a total of 10 enemies with a single combo.

He’s a very useful character that can be paired very easily with other characters in the game, such as Diluc. As Venti launches enemies in the air, Diluc can use his ultimate to attack them with his Phoenix.

# 2: DILUC

Some would argue that Diluc is number 1; some would put him a bit lower down the list. But no one can disagree that he is one of the most powerful characters in Genshin Impact!

His main ability is very good, a simple slash that deals with a great deal of pyro damage. And he can even be used three times in a row, while his Ultimate knocks all enemies backward and then the area around him explodes into a giant pyro attack, damaging the enemies pushed back greatly.

His straightforward but powerful offensive abilities make him a great combo to be used with characters like Venti and Jean, which can launch enemies in the air, and then you can switch back to Diluc and attack them with his Ultimate.



Whether it’s a refined tier list from an expert or one made by the community, you will always find Fischl in the top 5. And that’s for a good reason because she is a character gifted with many options.

Using the bow, she can keep her enemies at bay without getting close to them, and she can use her Nightrider ability to summon a Raven that attacks the enemies that manage to get close to her, keeping her in an excellent defensive position.

Her electric attacks are swift and powerful, making combos with her easier than most other characters. As if that wasn’t enough, her Ultimate ability allows you to turn into the Raven itself. Then she can move extremely fast and automatically hit every enemy close to her with strikes of lightning. This can both be used as a general offensive technique or to get out of a crowd of enemies and to reposition yourself! If you prefer doing the job from a distance, you can consider Fischl, your sniper!

# 4: QIQI


Qiqi is a very useful support character and one of the best in the game too. Her main ability lasts 15 seconds and provides damage within a small radius around the player wherever they go. Every attack done within this period provides the healing of Health Points for everyone in the party, including herself.

Her Ultimate is very similar to her main ability, as it summons a seal and, you guessed it, covers a small radius around her and provides cryo damage to those in reach. And additionally, any party member that attacks one of the enemies marked by the seals gets healed as well, so it makes her a good crowd control character too! 

# 5: JEAN


Jean is one of the most important crowd control characters as her charged basic attacks can send enemies flying into the air. That carries onto her main ability, which launches enemies into the air by summoning a small storm.

The storm further deals air damage to the enemies caught up in it, and you can even move the storm around to damage enemies of your choice! Her ultimate is one of the best combos of offensive and defensive attributes in the same move, as it both sends the enemies flying and heals Jean and the rest of the party members for a decent amount of Health Points.

If you’re surrounded by enemies and also low on health, Jean is one of the best characters to have by your side!

# 6: MONA


One of the biggest things that make Mona stand out is that, unlike most other characters. Her Taunt ability inflicts Hydro damage and explodes when the time runs out, which gives it two different qualities.

She has a very effective crowd controlling ability, which is used by holding down on the button, which sends an attack towards her location but teleports her away from it. Her Ultimate ability summons an attack covering a large radius around her, which immobilizes the smaller enemies around her by putting them into bubbles. While the stronger ones become ‘wet,’ and on top of that, an Omen is applied on each enemy, giving you a damage bonus.

If all of that wasn’t enough, her sprinting animation puts her below the ground, stopping enemies from hitting her, and even walking on water.


Barbara is one of the characters you’re most likely to get early in the game, and she belongs to the healing class. Her Hydro elemental abilities heal the teammates around her if you swap to them while the abilities are active, and you can even heal your co-op buddies in multiplayer with her normal attacks, which can be charged further for more Health Points.

Her Let The Show Begin ability also makes the enemies ‘wet’, which allows you to attack them further in a vulnerable state. Lastly, her Ultimate ‘Shining Miracle’ is a major rain of Health Points for everyone that is a part of your team, providing around 20% of health to the four members and costs only as little as 80 energy.

She is one of the best-supporting characters and a major asset to any squad, whether in single-player or co-op.



Xiangling is one of the characters you can call an all-rounder, which means if you can’t make up your mind on which class is the best for you, then a character like Xiangling is the way to go thanks to her flexibility. She has quick and effective spear attacks.

Her main abilities include Pyro elemental attacks that spread out like a circular flamethrower, which helps with attacking multiple enemies at once. The icing on the cake is her Ultimate, which forms a tornado of fire to circle around her that deals a great deal of fire damage to a specific target while generally keeping you safe from nearby enemies as well.

# 9: RAZOR


Razor is a great character but takes more resource management than most of the other game characters.  The best thing about him is the fact at the activation of his main Claw and Thunder ability. An Electro Sigil begins floating around him. As he is charged further, the Sigils increase and indicate how much damage he will inflict in his attacks. This boosts his recharge rate and makes his ultimate available faster than most characters.

When you use his Ultimate, you gain an electric companion in the form of a wolf that copies your movement and attacks but with double the damage -thanks to the electric element’s inclusion. If you can manage the Sigils like a resource, Razor can be one of the most useful characters in the entire game!



In a combat system that is all about strategizing cool-down times and elements, Chongyun is a great choice. His main ability includes cyro explosions. And it only needs 15 seconds of cool-down time, and his frost field, which adds additional cyro damage to all basic attacks, lasts 10 full seconds. On the other hand, his ultimate cost 40 energy and summons three spirit blades that crash one after the other and launch enemies into the air.

The low energy required for most of his strong attacks. And a small cool-down timer required him to be one of the game’s best offensive characters. 


(List Created By Gaming Pushpins)


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