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Just like the name spells out, it is a super hot game. The first-person shooter video game follows the traditional first-person shooter gameplay mechanics where players attempt to take out their enemies using guns and other forms of weapons.


Hi everyone, if virtual reality gaming is your thing, then Oculus Quest 2 games should be your best friend. Oculus quest 2 games gives you the closest feeling to reality when gaming.

It’s addictive and worth to play.



Just like the name spells out, it is a super hot game. The first-person shooter video game follows the traditional first-person shooter gameplay mechanics where players attempt to take out their enemies using guns and other forms of weapons.

A twist to the game is how players’ movement determines the speed of the game. This means players can choose to assess a situation in slow motion. They can’t miss out on an enemy this way, and they can alter their actions. But surprisingly, one hit from an enemy kills the player. I guess this explains why he needs to be alert.

The game is set in a minimalist environment, which makes it even cool to play. To get more weapons, players need to defeat the enemies to retrieve their weapons.

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Ghost Giant is definitely one of the most unforgettable and most striking examples of a virtual reality storytelling game yet, and yes, it’s on the Oculus Quest 2. From the intimacy, scale, and connection in engaging ways the game uses to bring the players closer to the world and characters around them, Ghost Giant delivers some incredibly powerful moments.

The virtual reality game designed by Zoink features players assuming control of the titular Ghost Giant. The Giant is tasked to assist a young boy named Louis in manipulating the game’s world, solving puzzles, and lifting items.

The game is filled with exploration as players can explore the world of Sancourt and even interact with non-playable characters living in the city.

# 3: ECHO VR


No doubt that Echo VR is one of the immersive virtual reality experiences and one of the best Oculus Quest 2 games to play.

This entirely natural multiplayer zero-gravity VR game aims to take part in futuristic esports, disc throwing to score points on a team. The gameplay is also swift and fluid. With its growing community, there is no doubt that Echo VR is definitely a must-play on the Oculus quest 2.

The virtual reality game set on a space station orbiting Saturn allows players to move in zero-gravity. Players can grab just about any surface to move around the environment.

Players can pick up and move objects, as well as manipulate switches and control panels. They can even repair any damaged system as well as protect the station’s human crew.



From dodging obstacles to slashing notes to beat, and also trying to mastering an ever-growing list of fantastic tracks, Beat Saber is the best virtual reality game that naturally fits in this category on Quest.

With wire-free gameplay, breaking down the barriers between you and the music as you slash your way through. Beat Saber is energetic, empowering, and the most addictive game on Oculus Quest 2.

Beat Saber, set in a neon-noir environment, features player slicing blocks representing musical beats with pair of colored sabers.

Players are presented with several songs from the five levels of difficulty. With the VR motion controllers, players can wield a pair of lightsabers that they use to slice approaching blocks laid out in sync with the song’s notes.

If music is a thing for you, then you most likely will love this game to death.


Talk about a game with a bit of a dark side to it. Then this VR game will most definitely top that list. The game is a mix of medieval combat and rogue-like mechanics.

The game is set in 3 levels, Purgatory, Paradise Lost, and the Abyss. Consist of dark or torchlit corridors filled with a fairly limited roster of Knight Templars and faceless humanoid monsters.

This virtual reality game has an addictive experience written all over it because of its gradual progression making it difficult to put down.

In this grueling rogue-like action game, you fight your way through levels generated procedurally with either a crossbow or a bow and arrow while at the same time dodging enemy archers making sure you put the monsters down without been reached.

Sure, this is a whole lot of fun, right…? I bet it is.

# 6: MOSS

The virtual reality game built from both a first-person and third-person narrative tells the story of a reader who gets transported into a fantasy land through an old book. The reader meets Quill and begins the adventure.

From guiding an adorable little mouse named Quill through diorama sized levels to taking on fearsome critters in sword combat to solving puzzles, Moss has made it clear that third-person virtual reality experiences don’t just work but also can be absolutely great content on the platform.

Whiles refined mechanically, Moss is all about the bond you build with Quill of the course of the adventure, playing as a greater companion to a tiny protagonist as you both overcome obstacles.

So I’d say Moss is all about teamwork, which is such a remarkable feeling to get a hold of on the Oculus quest 2.


This is definitely more than just a game. Looking for the most accurate, authentic representation of sport in VR, Eleven: Table tennis is definitely the go-to game.

This simulation level game has the most convincing approach to a sport making perfect sense in Virtual reality.

Eleven is also developed with the physics that behaves exactly the way you would expect. Whether serving those hot shots or returning a hot serve, the controller feels like a paddle, making the virtual reality experience feel like a genuine replacement for reality.

So, without a doubt, Eleven: Table tennis is that good and, of course, one of the best Oculus quest games that you should play.


The game based on single night gameplay is one of the most adrenaline-pumping games on Quest 2.

The game features players getting dispatched into hostile wetlands in a military kayak and equipment designed to neutralize the enemy’s threat.

The stealth action game involves engaging targets in the most lethal manner. It is a “cold-war” all through the game.

Yes, it might sound a bit weird that the entire action is set with the confines of a one-person craft, but hey, you need to get with the program if you want to enjoy the action-packed VR experience that comes with playing Phantom.



From the title of the game, you really shouldn’t expect anything less. The virtual reality puzzle game where players assume the role of a “James Bond” Esque spy was published and developed by Schell game.

The game uses a spy who works for “The Agency” responsible for protecting the world. The newly recruited spy has been given a telekinetic implant that allows them to make objects float. The spy is given different dangerous missions to execute.

The gameplay is simple, try not to get killed. Players must attempt to survive a series of deadly situations in dangerous locales. Players solve puzzle scenarios, most of which are timed event and require you to think extremely fast under dangerous conditions

To completely enjoy the game, you need to be a problem solver.


The game, heavily inspired by sleeping beast games, is a chaotic and cooperative party game for up to 6 players who follow instructions on keeping their spaceship flying.

Up to six players are tasked with the job of keeping an uber-fragile spaceship from exploding by carrying out a series of complex tasks.

Each player is given their own set of instructions and a set of controls to operate. There is a twist to this; however, players are mostly given instructions that might require them to reach out to another player to control a panel. In the beginning, it might sound all easy. But as the tension in the game rises, it is not strange to find players screaming commands at a teammate to hurry up as all instructions need to be executed on time. With all the screaming comes mistakes.

There is an extreme need for teamwork and some communication to survive. It’s not a game for hot-headed gamers. It takes some level of patience to survive in the game.


(List Created By Gaming Pushpins)

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