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It is a free oculus quest game full of action, a multiplayer immersive 2D sci-fi shooter. It is the ARENA BATTLES. As the name implies, it is the story of some action on the screen. The team of robots will play with you. The VR version makes it more interesting for the


Are you looking forward to having fun-filled moments with your friends around? Or you just want to be in your own world playing some cool games? Today we are going to talk about the best free oculus quest games you don’t want to miss out on.


It is a free oculus quest game full of action, a multiplayer immersive 2D sci-fi shooter. It is the ARENA BATTLES. As the name implies, it is the story of some action on the screen. The team of robots will play with you. The VR version makes it more interesting for the players. It was released on September 16, 2019, by ShadowWolf Games.

When this game was launched on the Oculus Quest, it creates a huge blast for the action fans. Team up with friends and clash against your opposing and make your block in Arena Battles. It is a huge success in the gaming world and a top-rated one as well. Give it a try today.


Onward has got is a simulator gaming style that every PC holder wants to play in their free time. A war simulator game gives you the power to destroy enemies. The field of war looks the same as seen in the movies.

The battle is going on, and you are a vital part of the fight. With the visual gloss, the game allows you to shoot the opposites from under the cars and many other safe spots where you can hide and remain safe from enemies. The game gives you many options to buy different weapons to use in the war. It is one of the best entertaining game. It was released on August 30, 2016.


This Puzzle game always catches the public’s eyes because these games can widen the players’ minds. It is an escape from the daily tough routine-life. There is an outstanding puzzle game on the Oculus Quest’ list, which can be your spare-time friend on the gaming side.

Released on November 27, it is a single-mode game with a mind-bending VR adventure in which being tunes upside down and inside out. It’s not just a play on words.

The game comes up with a story named “A Fisherman’s Tale, where you have to play a fisherman character who is alone in his lighthouse to play the game. But the twist comes when you will face obstacles on different levels.

If you fail to cross a level, your lighthouse miniature, and you also become little in size. Interesting tasks will be given to you, and as a single-player, all tasks have to be performed by you. When you pass a level, you would be rewarded with extra space for your lighthouse. It’s a fun-filled game you don’t want to miss out on.

#4: MOSS

Are you a fan of fairy tales? Then Studio presents the best fairy tale adventure for you; Moss. It is a virtual adventure game developed and published by American video game development studio Polyarc. The leader in the game guides the player to save the village. The story is powerful. It tells how Moss is courageous for exploring the world and forest to protect nature from mouse kinds.

Dark forest games keep your attention towards the game. Suppose you play it once you cannot stop yourself from playing this game. It proves the versatility of VR games, the PlayStation VR port is a classic feature of the game. If you are a person who likes to see yourself in an imaginary world, then this fairy tale world is ready to capture your mind.

This game has got seven-plus stars on the rating chart. With single-player action, Moss has made its fans following magical.


Moving on to number five, Superhot VR is an attractive game for the lover of Oculus Quest. The list feels incomplete without Superhot VR. The game characters are with blurring lines, and the time of the game only moves when you move. The entire game is dependent on the player’s movement.

Superhot is a first-person shooter video game. The game follows the conventional first-person gameplay shooter technique. The player attempts to take out the enemy targets using guns and other weapons. Slow-motion graphics from Matrix makes you as active as your Superhot VR in the game.

Full of action, it is the most rated game on Oculus Quest’s list. There is some vital information for die-hard fans of Superhot VR. The Superhot team developed it. The game was nominated as the best VR game. Here is just the basic information that can help you choose your Oculus Quest with PlayStation 4 or play on Microsoft Windows.


It is released on May 31, 2019, by Squanch Games. It’s time to live some adventure created by Rick Justin Roiland. It feels the air with its hilarious setup on the Oculus Quest. The story is a pretty simple one but full of energy.

Some evil power creatures steal dogs and capture their eyes so that they can only see what they allow them. They aim to destroy the world and make the planet their own.

But you and your purple friend Trover come to save the universe from bad power lunatics. Trover is a giant eye monster who helps to explore the weird, different world of aliens. And for defeating them. You have to solve puzzles that you will find in every step. Trover is the master planners of the puzzles. It can be the best game you ever play on Oculus Quest.


VIRTUAL PET is a lighter game in the Oculus Quest. It becomes more enjoyable when you are a pet lover because this game is on various pets worldwide. Virtual Pets allows you to take care of these pets. You can get different play areas to stay in with your pets.

Whenever you feed a pet and nursing them with their regular needs, you get the chance to open another playing side for a variety of pets. It is a single-player mode, and it was released on November 22, 2017. By Immersive Magic.

Like Tamagotchi in the 90s, my battle pet VR is yours to love, care for, play with, and grow. Win battles with fellow Virtual pets by keeping your dino happy, eating and sleeping, playing fetch, and winning special food and energy by interacting with VR brand objects and videos. Best game for underage children, easy to control the game even you can give your game control to your kids. It could be your first choice when you give it a try.


The Creed: Rise to Glory is a reality video-game. It got single and multiplayer video game modes. It was released on September 25, 2018, by Survios. This is a recommended game for whoever wants some moves for workouts—the best game for boxing fans. The Creed is the game that can motivate its players as they are playing in their homes with friends and family. You can play it offline as a single-player and seek how to doge your enemy to hit him right on the spot.

Once you perfect the offline moves and become an expert, it’s time to try it out online with multiple players to perfect the other challenges so that you can shine like the Creed. You would need quite many right tactics to outsmart the enemies. A good fighter like Brawler and Drago has got fantastic tactics with them. With them, you have to come forward and put pressure on your enemies. Good stamina is needed in the fight. It helps to launch your punches forward while remaining in the distance from other players.

Creed’s got different graphics and fighting styles with several characters, which makes it the first choice for boxing lovers. Give it a try soon and enjoy the game that can help your body to remain fit.


Released on May 21, 2019, the Relaxing Bait is like a fishing game, where you get different tasks and different lakes for catching fishes. When you catch a fish, you can donate it to an aquarium to build. There up to four lakes, you have to clear. In every lake, you have to trap different types and sizes of fishes to complete the task. It only has one play mode, the single-player mode.

Almost Three million are playing and enjoying bait. On the rating chart, this game has won 4.5 stars from the players. You get to make a lot of friends while catching the fishes. You don’t want to miss out on the fun part of this game.


The Beat Saber is one of the amazing games for game lovers. More than millions of fans are playing this game on VR. Although Oculus Quest has many free games, Beat Saber is different because it is easy to jump into the gaming world and enjoy sabers musing while playing the game. The game, as the name implies, deals with beats and several songs. The player uses the VR motion controller to wield a pair of glowing sabers. By default, the left one colored red and the right blued by default.

The game is quite an easy game, as it includes a single-player mode and a party mode. It contains several tasks, but the major is to set red and blue blocks before stopping the music. Double lightsabers will count your limbs to dodging your walls. There are three stages: the first is pretty simple but hard or the expert level has something challenging to control. You have to focus on move Pendulum, where 360-degree space is needed to set the blocks with dancing moves.

With the latest update now, you can play this on mobile devices, and you can show your game moves to your friends. Become the sabers to maintain your game grades.

On May 1, 2018, the game was first released on Microsoft word, on PlayStation 4, on November 20, 2018. In March 1019, the Beat Games released its first paid song pack, which had ten songs from the electronic music record label MONSTERCAT. The game was awarded a free pack on January 29, 2020, featuring three songs by Japanese artist CAMILLIA.

This is one game music lovers would not miss out on. You love the BEATS and melody. You should consider checking this one out soon.

(List Created By Gaming Pushpins)

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