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Top 20 Video Games for 2021-2022

Video games have suddenly become a significant part of our lives. Whether it's your kids, friends, or your passion, these games tend to sneak up to you and get you obsessed! A vast majority of our readers like to stay in the here and now about video games to stay update


Video games have suddenly become a significant part of our lives. Whether it’s your kids, friends, or your passion, these games tend to sneak up to you and get you obsessed!

A vast majority of our readers like to stay in the here and now about video games to stay updated and make a good impression when dealing with a gaming legend!

From the addictive games that have been in existence for a couple of years to a few names that have just been launched, here are the twenty best video games for you.

Let’s start digging!

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Top Video Games

Call of Duty has been a cult classic since the day it came out. But the Black Ops IV has proven to be a complete adventure!

This multiplayer first-shooter game for PS4 offers the player a chance to enter the mind of a commander ready to charge. The game had grossed more than $500 million globally within the first three days of its launch.

2.    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Top Video Games

The Modern Warfare in this variation of Call of Duty calls for a celebration. Packed with action, strategy, and skill, this game is a total game changer! Catch the pun, eh?

Based on a storyline about a CIA officer and British officers striving to save Urzikstan from invasion, the game is available on leading gaming platforms.

3. Deathloop

Top Video Games

Deathloop is up-and-coming gaming that resembles TimeSplitters. It is a literal interpretation of the game.

Inspired by Lucifer, perhaps, the player is expected to strategize and prepare to take down as many targets in a single run as they can. The game takes bounty hunting and shooting to the next level with its interactive experience!

4. Fortnite

Top Video Games

Fortnite has been topping the gaming charts since the day it was launched! Teenagers around the world are obsessed with the game.

Developed by Epic Games, it is a combination of three unique modes wrapped in one. Winner of 2019 Webby’s, the game has helped people team up and compete virtually during the pandemic.

The number of chicken dinners served, and ammunition requested worldwide has been very helpful to countless players, young and old. This exciting game is designed to help players connect to fight the Battle Royale while still following the SOPs.

5. God of War (2018)

Top Video Games

God of War is a spectacular visual delight that transports the player into another realm. The interactive story-telling and attention to detail have rendered it a classic amongst the fans of this genre.

The game follows a violent god on the road to redemption with the help of his sensitive son. Based on Norse mythology, the game most definitely is a complete package for those enthusiastic about history.

6. Kingdom Hearts III

Top Video Games

The third variation of the Kingdom of Hearts is the ultimate choice for the movie buffs and maestros of the cinematic universes defined by Pixar and Disney films.

Launched in 2019 by Square Enix, the game is perfectly harmonized with the game’s narrative arc. It is doubtlessly the bestselling installment of the entire series.

7. League of Legends


A top-charting game amongst teens, League of Legends is a top-rated game. It came out in 2009 and continued to be a favorite due to the easily approachable MOBA.

The elements of the game, story arc, and exclusive maps make it an ideal choice for every player. It’s free and allows you to take charge of your performance. Who wouldn’t want that in a world of expensive digital games!

8. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Top Video Games

Breath of the wild is truly a breath of fresh air in the Zelda Legends. Breaking the momentum of the previous games, this installment allows the player to make the choices they find most suitable.

The lack of objective markers, checklists, and icons makes this a game of curiosity and hones your instincts too! Winning this game is undoubtedly a matter of self-determination!

9. Madden NFL 20

Top Video Games

Have you always been excited about the NFL? Here is your chance to play it! The Madden NFL 20 is a divine football stimulation game that is hard to second.

Available for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One, this game encapsulates the energy, excitement, and strategy required to succeed in a real game of the league!

10. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Top Video Games

Mario Kart has been a family favorite for ages! This Deluxe 8 is a kart-racing video game by Nintendo that had taken the world by storm since it went public.

It follows the classic plot of Super Mario and his team on the run. With a bit of a twinge of digital glamor, this is an engaging game for multiple age groups.

11. Minecraft 

Top Video Games

Minecraft has been on the market since 2009, and its fame has not waned, even a little! The promise of multiple adventures in one makes the game an excellent choice for people who like comprehensive experiences when playing!

It has transcended the archaic definition of a video game and succeeded in selling more than 192 million copies.

12. Monster Hunter Rise

Top Video Games

If you are looking for epic battles, then the Monster Hunt Rise is a good fit for you! The game offers the classic Monster Hunter World Experience with a tad bit of extra fun!

A few of the mechanics and moves in the game have been inherited by its precedents, but the graphics and the gameplay have made up for it!

13. Pokémon Snap

Top Video Games

Pokemon Snap on Nintendo Switch is an other-worldly experience for every Pokemon master.

Anyone who can manage to fill the national dex must give it a try! The nerdy attention to details and steady development of a plot and its subsequent events keep the player hooked to the screen for hours.

14. Portal 2

Top Video Games

Portal 2 is the sequel of the ‘Game of the Year’ from 2007. It is a promise that connects the new generation of characters with the present-day player through an expansive and innovative play, excellent story-telling, and the perkiest music one could ask for!

The best part is that it is available in multiplayer mode too!

15. Resident Evil Village

Top Video Games

Resident Evil Village has just come out, and it is already available on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS4, PS 5, and PC.

The village ties up the evil plots of the last installment of the game and helps one embrace biohazard lore that becomes the game’s central theme. It keeps you challenged and excited for as long as you like!

16. Roblox

Top Video Games

Roblox is an extensively popular game for multiple players. Based on the power of imagination and the creative abilities of the players, you get to create a virtual world to test your determination and strategy skills.

17. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

Top Video Games

The Super Mario 3D World is a testament to Mario’s complexity. The new game is a glorified version of the Wii U game, but it is most definitely a better follow-up of the Mario Odyssey.

Packed with furious actions and a brilliant story, this is a game that proves Nintendo never disappoints.

18. The Last of Us

Top Video Games

The Last of Us faintly resembles the current global situation. Based in the world, twenty years after a pandemic, the game follows a civilization that is transformed beyond recognition.

The infected humans and survivors run amok to fight everything that comes in their way. Ellie and Joel are the central characters of the quarantine-companionship game that turns into a fierce battle across the country.

How can a salty survivor and smuggled teenager team up to survive the journey? That is the question!

19. The Sims

Top Video Games

The Sims has been the most successful game for a very long time. According to the player’s perspective, an influential game in concept is Sims flames on compassion, materialism, and sheer megalomania.

You get a chance to control the lives of computer citizens, design their lives and loves, homes, and even personality! The Sims allows you to make stories that you believe in. It will enable you to create an alternate universe to play out events you want to manipulate.

It is an engaging game from beginning to end that continues to make rounds on Tumblr even today!

20. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 

Top Video Games

The Witcher has been an intriguing read and an even exciting series to watch on Netflix. While most games ask the player to choose between black and white, this is the game that takes you through history and politics that limit your choice.

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