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REVERSE AGING: Anti-Aging Tips

Aging is a part of life. It is a one-way street. You can't do anything about it. It happens to everyone eventually. We all get old, develop diseases, and eventually die of old age. We all understand it. But what if things didn't have to be this way. What if we could sl


Anti-Aging Tips promote your health and slow down the aging process by keeping you active and healthy. There is no single method to reverse aging – we all age, and that’s just a natural part of life.

However, there are many ways to slow the process down and make aging more manageable. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some methods you can use to help turn back the clock on your aging process.

Anti-Aging Tips

Aging is a part of life. It is a one-way street. You can’t do anything about it.  It happens to everyone eventually.

We all get old, develop diseases, and eventually die of old age. We all understand it. But what if things didn’t have to be this way. What if we could slow down the clock and even turn it back. What if we could reverse aging.

Recent studies show that 80% of your health in old age depends on how you live. All diseases like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, etc. occurs in our bodies due to aging.

If you don’t get old, you don’t get those diseases. Because your immune system is strong and your fights against disease essentially, you’re well.

The aging process depends on longevity genes. And we can change longevity genes, genetically or with supplements, or you can do it in more natural or organic ways.

If you do the eight obvious things like skip meals, don’t smoke, and exercise….. That’ll get you an extra 20 years on average, maybe more than that.

What are the main things turning on longevity, naturally? How can We Reverse Aging?

Anti-Aging Tips 1. Don’t smoke

It will damage your DNA, accelerate the aging process.

Anti-Aging Tips 2. Don’t eat so much

Eat less. Three meals a day plus snacks are ridiculous. If you are not exercising, three meals a day is too much. One meal is enough for some lightning.

Anti-Aging Tips 3. High-intensity interval training

Lose your breath once in a while. Become hypoxic, tell your body that you’re being chased by a saber-toothed tiger or something like that.

The reason all of this stuff works in terms of diet and exercise. It’s not that your blood flows more or that being hungry is just healthy for the body. It’s actually that your longevity genes get turned on by these things.

Why does that happen? The reason is that the body senses adversity and says, we got a fightback. We might die next week without food.

And you know we’re running away from tigers and lions that’s what this survival network, this longevity genes hunger.

We are getting old because we spend our whole lives trying to reduce our adversity. Being comfortable, don’t be hungry,  don’t be breathless,  don’t walk. We’re in a world of convenience. And it’s the worst thing we could do for our bodies in terms of longevity.

Anti-Aging Tips 4. The type of food you eat is important

Plant-based food such as olive oil and avocados has a couple of essential molecules, monounsaturated fats, or fatty acids. We’ve just learned that olive oil has a significant trigger for a certain longevity gene.

Olive oil also contains chemicals known as polyphenols, which are the molecules that plants make when they’re under adversity when they’re stressed.

Wine is also has full of polyphenols that activate longevity pathways well. If you eat a lot of meat, you shut down some of these longevity pathways.

I know plant-based food taste not good, but you have to train yourself. To motivate yourself, ask questions like, what do I want to look like next week? What I want to look like next year? How do you want to feel tonight, tomorrow, when I am 90?

Anti-Aging Tips 5. Get a good night’s sleep

Get a good night’s sleep and surround yourself with friends and people who take care of you.

Anti-Aging Tips 6. Fasting

Scientifically three days of fasting has a significant effect on the reverse aging process. Recent studies show that when you’re fasting or hungry, some fats change into free fatty acids.

Some of them we can get from plants like olive oil monounsaturated fatty acids. Those unsaturated fatty acids that we already know are good for you leads to long life.

 7. Don’t expose yourself to the Sun a very long time

We know that getting burnt by the Sun ages your skin and causes DNA damage, cancer.

8. Heat therapy and cold therapy also has an important effect on reverse aging

Cold turns on healthy production of brown fat, which is full of energy-producing and heat-producing mitochondria, the battery packs of cells.

Those mitochondria are really dense, and it’s one of the reasons that they are Brown, not white fat, and brown fat it’s not like normal fat where you’re just storing energy.

It’s metabolically active, so it’s burning energy. But it’s also seemed to be healthy because it’s secreting little proteins that tell the body to stay young.

You know, these days everything is all about comfort, constant food, don’t exercise, don’t be cold ever, but it’s crazy we’re killing ourselves we’re accelerating our aging process well, you got to get out of that comfort zone.

Suppose nothing happens physically with a combust or something if you optimize everything. If you follow all those steps along lifetime, you can live for 200 years without serious diseases. And I wish you a healthy and long life.


  2. We all age, but what if we could slow down the clock..

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