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Oct 15, 2021


Toro powermax snow blower is in the first rank on this list. The all-new toro powermax HD just got larger, better, and downright much more powerful. The open model of the auger housing takes in much more snow cutting through deep snowbanks with ease.



Toro powermax snow blower is in the first rank on this list. The all-new toro powermax HD just got larger, better, and downright much more powerful. The open model of the auger housing takes in much more snow cutting through deep snowbanks with ease. And also the redesigned auger and bigger impeller pulls in chops up and throws heavy wet snow higher and farther than before. Pair that with better engines, and you’ll clear more snow faster.

Toro’s unique patented anti-clogging system re-routes extra snow away from the chute and back to the auger to keep you moving. Toro’s most rugged, durable snowblower, yet the powermax HD is built to last with a commercial-grade gearbox in a steel chute. And even though the powermax HD is oversized with 28 and 32-inch clearing widths, it’s easy to maneuver with the power steer feature.

The wheels move independently. So you can turn on a dime. And unlike other brands, toro snow blowers are engineered without shear pins. So you’ll never have to stop to replace them. It’s easy to aim your snow exactly where you want it to go with the improved quick stick and dual deflector. Available with hand warmers and led headlights to help you through the big jobs.

Commercial models also come standard with solid double reinforced handles, cast iron skid shoes, and drift cutters. So get the snowblower that defines a heavy-duty.



With Powersmart, you have the muscle and features to motor through it with this solid 212cc two-stage gas snowblower. Packed with features and performance. We bring the power at a value that makes you the smart one. It’s a machine that delivers everything desired in a snowblower but at a much friendlier price than a premium brand. Hit the button on its electric start engine or give a light pull to the manual starter. And you’ll be rolling in no time. As you engage the controls and shift into one of four forward speeds and two reverse speeds.

The self-propelled machine will begin to rip a 24-inch wide and 21-inch deep path through the snow. Shooting it up to 40 feet out of your way. The 12 inches serrated all-steel augers have no problem eating large tracks of snow for lunch.

The remote chute control and 180-degree chute rotation mean you can easily manage where you’re placing the snow piles. Riding on 13-inch inflatable tires with aggressive treads, you’ll be confident maneuvering in deep snow or slippery surfaces. Adjust the metal skid shoes to change clearance height for various surfaces from smooth sidewalks to unpaid driveways. With all of its great features, including the rust-resistant exterior, safety override, two-year warranty, and peace of mind that comes with our national service network. You’ll have the confidence to tackle many winters to come.

Heavy snow and long driveways have met their match with the 24-inch power smart two-stage gas snowblower.




NEW EGO POWER+ is a heavy-duty workhorse with unmatched power from the number one rated brand in cordless outdoor power equipment. Featuring the ego’s peak power technology. It combines the force of two of eco’s patented 56-volt arc lithium batteries. Delivering the power and performance of gas while pushing through even the heaviest of wet snow.

On just a single charge, this self-propelled snowblower can clear up to eight inches of dense snow from an 18 car driveway before launching it 50 feet in the direction of your liking.

Four bright led headlights, durable quick and easy controls, and heavy-duty thick tread tires make commanding your way through a whiteout effortless. Take on anything winter throws at you, with the all-new eco power+ two-stage snowblower—gas’s power and performance without the noise flusher fumes.



The Earthwise 18-inch cordless snow thrower is an excellent solution to moving snow quickly. The brushless 40-volt motor and included battery are strong enough to handle any snow job around the house. Just slide in the 40 volts 4 amp hour battery, and the snow thrower will start with just the push of a button.

Six-inch wheels help you glide along curves and straightaways, and a simple turn of the handle allows you to pivot the discharge shoot without stopping. Time of day doesn’t stop this thrower. The Earthwise 18-inch snow thrower features two bright led headlights enabling you to clear snow during the night and early mornings.

The Earthwise clears a path 18 inches wide in snow a foot deep. So you can make short work of wide driveways, sidewalks, and patios for a quiet, convenient, and quick snow clearing solution. The Earthwise 18 inch 40-volt snow thrower is up to the task.



The 80 volts 20-inch cordless snow thrower. Quickly and effectively clears driveways, sidewalks, and patios. The ultimate performance 80-volt battery gives 45 minutes of continuous run time. While the rapid charger gets the battery back to full power fast with a 20-inch clearing width and 10-inch clearing depth, move large amounts of snow conveniently that has fallen up to 10 inches deep.

With the chute rotation handle, conveniently adjust the 180-degree rotating chute to discharge snow over 20 feet away. Work well into the night. Thanks to the built-in dual led lights. The 7-inch rear wheels make it convenient to maneuver over multiple snowy surfaces. Easily store the tool after use. Thanks to the convenient folding handles. No cords, no gas, no oil, no maintenance. Green works life gets easier.



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