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A lot of new designs are developed every year by motorcycle manufacturers. Some models are made to solve a current problem, practical need. In today's article, we will talk about ten amazing future technology motorcycles.


A lot of new designs are developed every year by motorcycle manufacturers. Some models are made to solve a current problem, practical need. In today’s article, we will talk about ten amazing future technology motorcycles.


A French motorcycle manufacturer named Lazarus builds and sells a limited-edition Maserati powered motorcycle named Lazareth LM A French motorcycle manufacturer called Lazarus builds and sells a restricted edition Maserati driven motorcycle called Lazareth LM 847. It’s not like anything at all you have previously seen.

The title of its loosely suggests the bike is made around a 4.7-liter v8 that is ordinarily discovered in between the fenders of a Maserati GranTurismo. It makes 470 horsepower at 7,000 RPMs as well as 457-pound feet of torque at 4750 RPMs. Stop for an additional and consider this 470 horsepower in a motorcycle that weighs under 900 pounds.

Lazarus is a car engine with a seat as well as wheels linked to it. Lazarus promises the LM 847 goes from zero to ninety miles per hour in only a couple of seconds. It rides on 4.17-inch wheels wrapped by Michelin power cup Evo tires, and it depends on eight-piston brakes upfront that operates with an ABS to bring the excitement to a stop.

A technique of impartial suspension enables it to lean into turns. The LM 847 is actually priced at approximately 225 1000 dollars, which looks like a little price to pay for this kind of out-of-this-world machine. Generation of the LM 847 is restricted to only 10.


Parker Brother’s choppers have created a full-size street-legal electric Tron light-cycle that lives up to all your wildest sci-fi fantasies. They call it the neutron with light strips on the body and wheels. It looks just like the movie version.

It’s hubless wheels, custom tires, and futuristic leash a body make the neutron one of the most stunning motorcycles ever made. And after a 35-minute charge, you can ride this fantasy at night with the lights on and blow the minds of everyone you street passed for a hundred miles.

You’ll also be assured of a hundred and twenty miles of daytime riding. day or night, you’ll be dropping jaws at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. $55,000 is what it will take to transform your fantasy into reality and put you in the seat of the real Tron light-cycle.


The BMW K75 alpha bullet bike design is designed by Mehmet Doruk Erdem and builder Mark Atkinson.  Atkinson couldn’t be in touch with Erdem initially; however, he went ahead and began working on the bike anyway. He had a wrecked BMW K 75 motorcycle, which he used to construct the engine’s chassis.

The aerodynamic nose of the Alfa was made from a combination of basalt in carbon and basalt blend. The basalt is a lava rock extruded into strings and woven into a cloth similar to carbon fiber.

The Alpha bullet motorcycle is driven by the K75’s 740cc inline, three cylinders BMW engine. The engine is similar to the M10 in the S52 car engines. The Alpha bullet bike could probably be made street legal as it has lights, turn signals, and a horn.



Honda is among the innovators of building the brand-new age technology for bicycles and automobiles equally. Lately, Honda motorcycles unveiled a distinctive feature for the motorcycles of its Honda driving help. It’s an all-electric idea motorcycle that constantly assesses the role of its. It can also shift the handlebar and ensure that the bike usually remains in an upright position. This particular element is quite beneficial while using the motorcycle as well as traffic that is heavy.

The auto-balancing functionality is constantly on the flat if the driver rests on the bike. Once the motorcycle comes to a dead stop, the driver needs not place their legs on the soil for balance. The motorcycle balances itself, even while using at really low speeds. This’s invaluable for stop-and-go and impede pace traffic in urbanized cities. After the driver gets off the bike, it can also comply with the driver anywhere they go, like shifting into the garage.


The Kawasaki J is a three-wheeled electric narrow track car. It’s two front wheels with a handle connected to each will. The front wheels can stay closed for high-speed maneuvering or set further apart in cruise mode.

Sport mode allows the rider to carve through corners at high speeds and a higher stance or comfort mode in which the distance between the front wheels is widened for a more relaxed urban cruising style.

Steering wise, the Kawasaki J has neither a wheel nor handlebars; instead, employing two levers that seem akin to those found on zero turns right on lawnmowers. Details of the all-electric vehicles drive train are scant. But Kawasaki says the J concept uses its proprietary battery management technology, and Giga sells a high-capacity nickel-metal hydride battery.


The BMW Motorrad vision next hundred motorcycles is actually the most recent incarnation of BMWs perception next series, which celebrates hundred years of the German manufacturer. It’s a bike that has self-balancing methods to keep it upright, both standing and in motion.

BMW is a digital companion, which provides driving help and adjustment suggestions to enhance the experience. And you are known as the visor, which happens to be a pair of glasses that span the whole field of vision and are actually managed by eye moves that will correlate with returning proactive comments regarding road conditions to the driver while adjusting the bike‘s right constantly on the riders driving style.

Additionally, it purports to use a novel matte black-colored flex frame that is nimble adequate to let the bicycle switch without the joints found on today’s motorcycles.

The thought is that once the driver turns the handlebars, it changes the whole frame to alter the motorcycle’s path at lower speeds. Just small feedback is needed, while it requires powerful feedback to change course at higher speeds. This should improve the security factor of driving a bike, so a tiny twitch from hundred miles per hour won’t shoot you in a surprise brand new path.



ZECOO, a cyborg-like profile, alien-shaped windshield, and carbon fiber fenders, give an aggressive look that might scare away the competition. Its advanced electric motor makes it able to accelerate from zero to 60 in three seconds and with a maximum speed of 100 miles/hour.

Despite its appearance, special attention has been given to engineering, creating a comfortable ride with an incredible handling capability. A retractable plug is included for charging its lithium-ion battery assembly with an eight-hour charge providing a range of about 100 miles.

Each ZECOO is priced at around 72 thousand dollars.  They’re hand-made for each customer, and only 49 will be produced, with its quality craftsmanship, high-performance standards as well as its detailed color schemes, and monster-like appearance. The ZECOO earns top points on the awesome list for electric motorcycles.



Johammer J1design isn’t quite that of a Star Wars Imperial speeder bike.  The range has been a drawback for electric cycles, but Johammer J1 allows for travel up to 200 kilometers or 125 miles enough to get you there and back again.

With charge times between three and a half hours, you’ll be ready to hit the road in no time at all. Topping out at 75 miles an hour. the j1 has sufficient speed to get you wherever you want to be.

The high position rearview mirrors support the latest futuristic technology. Each mirror comes with an embedded 2.4-inch color LCD screen that displays speed, charge level, odometer, and more. Not to mention the z bars that give the j1 that’s stunning chopper look.

Starting around 25,000, only one of these dream cycles is a bit pricey. If you’re looking for something futuristic in a motorcycle, the Johammer J1 is sure to turn some heads in your direction



The Yamaha Motoroid concept is an intelligent AI-enabled self-riding, self-balancing electric motorcycle that looks more like a sci-fi movie prop than a fully functioning motorcycle concept.

The futuristic concept utilizes new technology to allow the bike to remain upright, standing firm when forcibly pushed. And it can drive autonomously too.

The Yamaha motorized artificial intelligence is pretty smart. It can recognize his rider using biometrics and facial recognition. Besides, it can react to hand gestures when called, start the bike and turn it off to connect the human rider and motorcycle even closer.

Yamaha has designed the motoroi with psychologists who came up with the strange wings that hugged the rider’s rear. According to Yamaha, these rear wings gently squeeze the rider’s lower back when the bike travels at frightening speeds and offers reassuring caresses to keep the rider calm.



It priced at around $8,000. Based on the Honda SuperSport 125L concepts, high-grade silver. Steel unibody radiates toughness and simplicity, with a beautifully made skin leather seat providing a nice contrast.

A 21st century touches at it to the legendary profile with a jet engine style custom engine cover. The customization doesn’t stop there. The LS handlebars, brake lights, and turn signals are all custom, contributing to the L concept’s identity.

All Bandit’s nine motorcycles are evolutions of earlier models, with each new version paying respect to its predecessors while adding its personality and distinctiveness. The makers of the L concept believe it to be nothing less than a finely crafted work of art.


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