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Since the 1950s, traffic congestion has substantially increased in urban areas due to population growth. The average American community wastes two days and six hours a year in traffic delays. This has made the dream of small flying cars or taxis and their business oppor


Since the 1950s, traffic congestion has substantially increased in urban areas due to population growth. The average American community wastes two days and six hours a year in traffic delays. This has made the dream of small flying cars or taxis and their business opportunities hot in recent years. Today we are going to talk about New Flying Cars and Air Taxis that were unveiled recently.


Lyft Hexa is a single passenger vehicle mainly aimed at tourism as well as short-distance air traveling. This ultralight aircraft is fitted with four perimeter floats that provide stability and a large central float, which provides buoyancy for safe water landings.

The total empty weight of the vehicle is 432 pounds. Hexa can carry a 250-pound passenger for up to 15 minutes of flight time. For safety measures, Hexa is equipped with an autonomous ballistic parachute. And it can also fly and land safely even if up to six of its 18 motors are disabled.

Lyft aircraft is one of the 15 companies which are members of agility prime, the united states air force initiative to accelerate the commercial market for advanced air mobility vehicles.


Bell nexus 4ex is a 7 000 pound air taxi that can hit speeds of up to 150 miles-per-hour and travel up to 60 miles while carrying four to five passengers plus a pilot. The nexus is equipped with four tilting ducted rotors, and it can operate as an electric-only or a hybrid electric vehicle.

The nexus 4ex can extend its range and travel farther with a hybrid platform. The 4ex is the company’s second version of the nexus. The original version used six rotors instead of four. According to Bell, the four-rotor design reduces drag and is more efficient in cruise mode.


It is a new generation electric vertical takeoff and landing eVTOL passenger aircraft or air taxi designed and developed by Boeing for safe on-demand urban air transportation, designed for a fully autonomous flight from takeoff to landing.

The PAV can autonomously transport passengers, plan routes, and detect and avoid unexpected obstacles. Not much is provided about speed and payload weight, but it’s designed for urban commutes with typical ranges up to 50 miles.


Seraph is a 12 rotors British electric flying car that can carry passengers and goods weighing up to 550 pounds at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. It features a unique passive cooling system and modular design to be made larger or smaller, fitted with wheels or floats to facilitate water landings. The company built the Seraph to test new technologies and systems used in the upcoming passenger model, the VAX1.

The VAX1 will be capable of carrying up to 5 people. It is set to be the world’s first certified electric VTOL aircraft, and it will start commercial flights in 2024.


Erloy, manufactured by Astro, this flying car is slightly larger than a compact car. But it is unexpectedly quiet and can fit into most garage spaces. With its high-performance electric motors, this electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing vehicle can carry two passengers and travel at speeds up to 44 miles per hour with a flight time of 20 to 25 minutes.

Astro specifically designed Erloy with wide cabin glass for optimal comfort and a 360 degree surround view for a unique travel experience.


This is a fully electric 4850-pound air taxi manufactured by airbus. The city airbus is an autonomously piloted eVTOL and has a cruising speed of roughly 75 miles per hour up to 15 minutes of flight time. Powered by four 140 kilowatt batteries, its four sets of counter-rotating ducted propellers can each provide 881 pounds of thrust for a payload of up to 551 pounds.

The city airbus is the successor of vahana, the company’s first air taxi model. Like its predecessor, the city airbus is also being used to gather insights to guide the development of the airbus’s future eVTOL models.


Heaviside is a high-performance electric VTOL car by Kitty Hawk. After the successful 25 000 flights of its first flying car project, the flyer has decided to focus more on the heavy side. They hope it can be turned into a viable business venture.

Kitty Hawk claims the craft’s energy propulsion system’s small ratios and streamlined condition make it about a hundred times quieter than a typical helicopter. And it can cover a 55-mile distance in 15 minutes while using less than half the energy of a car.


SkyDrive sd-03 is a Toyota-backed flying car that is the smallest electric VTOL. Built with eight rotors that help it fly properly, even when there is a motor failure, the one-seat SkyDrive model can fly for just 5 to 10 minutes at a reduced speed of many miles per hour.

The next version is expected to have a speed of up to 40 miles per hour and an extended flight duration of 30 minutes. With a length of 13 feet and 6.6 feet of height, the sd-03 is just small enough to fit into two average parking spaces and ideal for urban use. the company is currently waiting for approval for flights beyond the test field end of 2020. And the company expects a two-seat commercial car by 2023.



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