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Steampunk Costumes Ideas To Look Stylish and Chic

Whether it be Halloween, the World Series, or just a casual party with friends, dressing up is more fun than showing up in your day-to-day attire. And, wearing steampunk costumes is always a fantastic idea. For those fond of steampunk fiction and fashion, dressing up as


Whether it be Halloween, the World Series, or just a casual party with friends, dressing up is more fun than showing up in your day-to-day attire. And, wearing steampunk costumes is always a fantastic idea. 

For those fond of steampunk fiction and fashion, dressing up as one of their favorite characters can be incredibly thrilling.  

However….. unless they have already created their outfit by purchasing all the pieces separately, people often do not know where to start before getting dressed for an event like steampunk cosplay.

So if you’re looking for ideas on what outfits would work best at certain events (and want some inspiration yourself), keep reading!

Steampunk Costumes Ideas to Follow:

Following are some steampunk costumes ideas you can choose from when it comes to dressing up for Halloween, the World Series, or any other occasion.


1. Steampunk Fashion Show

For steampunk fashion shows, you should be able to get away with having a primarily black outfit and brass.  

The colors will sell the “steampunk” look, so you shouldn’t have much trouble pulling this off.  

If you don’t feel quite sure about your ability to pull off a whole ensemble that’s only two or three colors, then buying accessories in other colors can help give your outfit balance.  

But it’d be better if you’re mainly wearing all one color (usually blacks, reds, oranges, yellows, silvers).

2. Costume Party

Costume parties are also another good place for steampunk outfits to shine!

You can continue with the black and brass colors, or you can opt for something more colorful.  

Finding a good balance between color and brass is essential, though, so keep that in mind if you have trouble deciding which way to go!  

3. Steampunk Convention

It’s no secret that it’s almost impossible to dress up as one of your favorite steampunk characters without looking ridiculous on accident at some point.  

No costume/cosplay is 100% accurate – they are too intricate.  

So assuming that you’re not trying to be particularly picture-perfect with your outfit, there are still plenty of fun ideas here for you!

4. Heavy Metal Concert

If you’re planning on hitting up a heavy metal concert, there’s no need to dress steampunk – unless you want to.  

But if you want to try for an outfit that fits the theme of the event, then, by all means, go ahead!

Just make sure not to go overboard with it.  

As cool as some steampunk technology can look at times, don’t wear more gear than your character would realistically wear in their world.

5. Poker Night

Though this may not be considered too “formal” or typical, dressing steampunk doesn’t have to mean attending an English ball!

Even poker night could be another good place for your outfit. Especially if everyone else is wearing a suit and you’re the steampunk character who’s a bit more casual about it.  

Again, try not to go overboard with accessories.

Accessories You Can Use With Steampunk Costumes:

Following are some steampunk cosplay ideas of accessories that you can wear with your outfit to get more lots out of it.

1. Pocket watch

2. Bracelet with a utility compartment for holding things like a compass, pencils, and other small items you need to have on hand.

3. Goggles from steampunk costumes can be used as sunglasses, too, if they’re not permanently attached to the outfit itself.  

4. an excellent place to carry gadgets is at the waist, using a belt wrapped around it twice to leave enough room for them to fit in between.  

5. Hip Pockets that are too small are another excellent place to hold steampunk gadgets, but make sure that these are deep enough for whatever you are carrying.

6. Jackets can be used to cover and carry extra accessories like tools and weapons (like a sword/gun) by attaching them to the inside of your jacket, preferably at the back.  

7. For women, steampunk costumes leggings could be suitable for carrying items. They’re tight-fitting, and you can get away with making secret compartments in them.

8. A lightsaber would also make a great accessory to use with steampunk outfits because it is so popular these days, especially among geeks!

Best Ways to Carry Steampunk Costumes:

Are you worried about carrying steampunk costumes in general? It can be done, but it requires a bit of thinking outside the box to do so.

Just look at the following methods of carrying steampunk clothes to come up with your creative ideas, including:

1. Wear a leg holster

2. Use a utility belt if you have one or make one out of a leather string or some other kind of string for tools, gadgets, weapons, etc.

3. Attach the steampunk costumes to your clothing using safety pins and another form of the fastening device.  For your pocket watch chain, use some hook & eyes, wire hooks, and some rings instead of just typical hooks for tying them together.

4. For making straps, use small pieces of an old belt that can match your shoe color/sports outfit colors with buckles that are the same color as the strap look.

5. The key to steampunk outfits is keeping it simple.

Golden Advice For Steampunk Lovers!

Remember that steampunk costumes aren’t just clothes but rather high-tech armor and weapons for your character. It’s not enough to get the clothes right – you have to try to look the part to fit your personality.

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