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Fashion Trends Through The Decades To Follow

Wondering what are those fashion trends through the decades, you need to look upon and follow this year? You have got to the right place... We have got you all those amazing fashion fads and trends ruling throughout history.Fashion history has seen a number of fashion


Wondering what are those fashion trends through the decades, you need to look upon and follow this year?

You have got to the right place…

We have got you all those amazing fashion fads and trends ruling throughout history.

Fashion history has seen a number of fashion fads, fashion statements, and fashion icons come and go.

However, some of them are still relevant and seemed to be ruling the fashion industry for years and years. 

That is true…

Fashion never disappears completely; it just keeps evolving and changing, so fashion trends through the decades will always be in style.

Fashion Trends Through the Decades

If you’re into fashion, you don’t want to miss out on those more than amazing fashion trends ruling throughout history.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s start the fashion history timeline with fashion fads, icons, and trends to follow this year and the next…

#1 Fashion Fad-Flapper fashion in the 1920s

Flappers were fashion icons in the 1920s.

Flapper’s fashion characterized the Roaring Twenties fashion trend that people loved and followed a lot and a lot. 

The style was all about looking blasé and wearing a straight shift dress of any desired color.

After just a few years, this fashion trend was over, but it’s never been forgotten as a fashion fad.

This fashion trend seems to be ruling through the decades. Why not follow it and stand out?

#2 Fashion Icon- Coco Chanel as well as Cristobal Balenciaga in the 1960s and 1970s

Coco Chanel and Cristobal Balenciaga have been the fashion icons who ruled the 1960s and 1970s.

This is where fashion came to be way more than just what you put on your body and chick chack…

Fashion is a lot more what we all think…

It should be an attitude, a lifestyle, and so much.

Fashion became much easier when fashion icons like Coco Chanel and Cristobal Balenciaga created new trends.

And, that is the reason behind the everlastingness of this fashion fad – it is easy to follow yet stylish!

Stepping back to the 1960s were the years of mini skirts, high-waisted trousers, and women who knew what styles suited them.

Later in the 1970s, fashion icons like Coco Chanel and Cristobal Balenciaga showed us why fashion is an art simple to follow.

And made their style for fashion trends for years and years!

#3 Fashion Fad- Tie-dye hoodies in the 1990s

The 1990s were the years all about grunge fashion.

Think about flannel shirts paired with ripped jeans, tank tops, and tie-dye hoodies for a touch of hippie style all through the 1990s.

This grunge fashion got so much popularity that is still being followed. 

Match the tie-dye hoodies with ripped jeans and flannel shirt as they did in the 1990s. Wear your boots with the grunge look to look chic and stylish.  

And, look your best!

#4 Fashion Icon- Madonna in the 1980s

Madonna is another fashion icon that’ll be remembered forever.

That’s right, this is one of the fashion trends throughout the decades will never fade away.

She is probably one of the most influential people in fashion in the 1980s and 1990s.

My favorite madonna style is classy and funky.

For this season, you can have a blue cardigan sweater along with a pop of color around your waist.

Wearing heels will add volume to the overall style.

#5 Fashion Icon-Victoria Beckham in the 2000s

Victoria Beckham was the fashion icon of the new millennium fashion trends through the decades.

In the 2000s, Beckham was all about that sexy businesswoman look when she wore dark trouser suits and high necked blouses.

She always looked utterly feminine but in a very modern way.

If you want to look utterly feminine, chic, and modern, make Victoria your style mentor. 

#6 Fashion Fad- Hoodies in the 2000s

Hoodies were trendy in the early 2000s, and they’ll probably never go away any sooner.

Hoodies are comfortable pieces of clothing that go well with many styles of shirts.

I am sure you must be having at least two or three hoodies, but if you have not, get some…

#7 Fashion Fad- Dyed hair in the 2010s

Dyed hair has been very popular throughout the 2010s.

More and more women are seen trying to look like their favorite celebrities when it came to dyed hair.

Hair color trends are constantly changing throughout the decades.

However, what you might have no idea is that hair colors are becoming more popular and more appealing.

Among many colors, blonde is the most popular dye color loved by hundreds of women. 

#8 Fashion Fad- Blue eyeshadow in the 2010s

Blue eyeshadow has been popular through the 2010s and is still of the favorites today.

I can understand that it is a bit tough to wear this look in the real world, but there’s no denying it is a fashion trend through the 2010s worth following this year.

Blue eyeshadow will probably never go away since so many people worldwide love it. 

Mark my words!

#9 Fashion Icon- Lady Gaga in the 2010s

Lady Gaga is a fashion icon of the new millennium followed by millions of fashionistas the world over.

The lady has always been about being experimental and weird with her outfits. That is why she has always influenced some fashion trends in the 2010s.

Add her to your favorites and you will love my suggestion!

#10 Fashion Icon- Kylie Jenner in the 2010s

Kylie Jenner is a fashion icon.

Her style is mainly about wearing an oversized shirt and a pair of high-waisted trousers paired with some sneakers.

This fashion trend will probably be among the most popular ones in 2022.

Last Thought

Fashion makes a comeback every once in a while.

And if it seems well on our parent’s generation, we can be confident that it will look fantastic on us as well.

Fashion look is sometimes in a modern manner. But, keeping up with the modern period and season occasionally makes sense.

And, this does not exclude it from being combined and combined with earlier fashion trends.

So, without a doubt, fashion history is constantly evolving with sparkling fashion trends throughout the years.

Follow the mentioned fashion icons and trends that rule all the time and seasons.

Be fashionable all year round and look stunning forever!

Inspire the world with the style worth following!

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