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Earn From Amazon - Make Millions From Amazon

Are you earning only a few extra dollars from Amazon on an Adhoc basis? Do you have no clue how to make some real money from your blogs? If either of these questions is yes, let me introduce you to Amazon Affiliates Program. Believe me or not - you can earn from Amazon


Are you earning only a few extra dollars from Amazon on an Adhoc basis? Do you have no clue how to make some real money from your blogs? If either of these questions is yes, let me introduce you to Amazon Affiliates Program. Believe me or not – you can earn from Amazon in the comfort of your home. Not a few thousand, but millions of dollars. All you need to know is the right rote to make millions from amazon. 

What is Amazon?

Amazon store is owned by Jeff Bezos, who is the founder and CEO. This company has achieved massive success since its humble beginning in 1994. The site currently receives over 8 million unique visitors a month, making it among the most visited sites. With the myriad of innovative and commercial products available for purchase. Amazon is such a huge e-commerce player today.

Amazon Affiliate Program – Earn From Amazon 

One of the biggest secrets to Amazon’s success is its affiliate program. According to statistics, over 1 million advertisers participate in Amazon’s affiliate program. This earns them more than $500 million a year. With this money, many people online make quick cash through promoting amazon products.

I wrote this article as an informational blog on how you can earn using just about any means, not just your blog. This site is not just another “how to make money on amazon” site. We show you how you can earn by promoting any product or service online, not only Amazon products.

Suppose there is anything that I have learned about the Internet over the last few months. In that case, it’s this: The more work you put into your ads and marketing, the more money you will be able to generate from it! It does not matter whatever system of monetization you choose to use.

Amazon Has Great Ways to Promote Amazon Links!

Amazon has some great ways for advertisers to promote their Amazon links. Simply having a blog with an Amazon widget in the sidebar isn’t enough these days. Bloggers can do much more than that if they want to make any decent amount of money online.

Amazon Affiliate Program – A Simple Way to Earn from Amazon

Are you eyeing a comfortable way to earn extra cash while helping out everyone else online? Good news – you are at the right place.

You are at the right place if you’re already using your website or blog to promote stuff online but haven’t yet earned any decent money from it. Are you already earning some decent income through your ads? Then check back later as I will be updating this site regularly with new tips and techniques that bloggers, affiliate marketers, and amazon sellers alike can use to help increase their profits even more!

Follow My Step-by-step Tutorial to Earn From Amazon!

If you are looking for assistance with the Amazon Affiliate Program account setup, please follow my step-by-step tutorial on setting up your first Amazon affiliate store. Once you have finished signing up as an affiliate with Amazon, then it’s time, to begin with, other things!

This store allows independent publishers to earn money when visitors click through their links to Amazon products and make purchases. This is part of the Amazon Affiliates Program. This system is probably what you heard about or tried earlier before you gave up because it turns out that it didn’t work.

Earn From Amazon by Driving Traffic to Amazon Products

You can use this publishing platform to earn money by driving traffic to Amazon products and earn a commission when they convert into actual purchases. Unlike some affiliate systems out there that only pay you for the first purchase and nothing after that, this program pays you commissions on all future repeat purchases within two years from the initial investment.

And because it is set up as a cookie-based system, even if you have gotten referrals from other sources, direct them back to the same link and enjoy the commissions from the products you purchased; too!

This is also good news for clienteles who are more likely to get discount coupons or free shipping offers to help save them even more money on their purchases. Amazon Affiliates reports that its affiliates earned a combined total of over $100 million in commissions during 2008. And for publishers lucky enough to be one of the top ten affiliates, they got a chance to earn as much as $15000 per month or more!

The Whole Process is Simple!

The whole process is very simple but requires some commitment and hard work if you earn something substantial. Just like any popular affiliate program out there, Amazon will only pay you if your referred visitors perform actual actions. For example, buying products or services through Amazon .co.UK (or whichever country site you are targeting). So how can we make customers doing this?

This can be done in many ways. You can take a look at the popular product categories and write articles or reviews on them. Professional bloggers often use this method to earn extra income. They take help through well-thought, relevant posts that can help people make better buying decisions for themselves.

Other Good Way to Earn From Amazon – Promote Products Using PPC 

Of course, having the largest selection of products won’t be enough if no one knows about your site or blog. So another comfortable manner of doing this is to create inviting banner ads and other visual content. You can promote them using PPC marketing methods (such as Google Adwords). With simple yet effective banners and text links like these displayed around most related niches, it is not astonishing why there are hundreds and thousands of success stories out there involving newcomers earning thousands of dollars each.

Thousands of Interesting Advantages of Being an Affiliate for Amazon!

There are thousands of interesting advantages of being an affiliate for Amazon. And I can go on writing a ten-page article just about that, but I will keep it short here.

You earn money from your blogs through the commission you get click through your links.

The percentage you get is between 4% to 8. The percentage depends on whether or not the customer has made any purchases from amazon in the last year. This is known as the “referral rate”. Also, it depends on how much product they buy once they land upon the Amazon site using your link. For example, if a customer clicks through your connection and buys a $10.00 product, you make 4% of that sale. And if he buys a $100.00 product, you earn 8%. So, the more expensive the products are, the more money you will make from one click.

Many bloggers earn hundred of dollars in lesser than a month, and also I’m earning quite handsomely myself. So, earning from amazon is possible for a blogger to do. And in fact, it is easier than posting your usual content. So let’s begin by signing up for the affiliate program.

Earn From Amazon: Getting Started With Amazon Affiliate Program

STEP 1: Sign up with Amazon Affiliates Program.

It is free to join the program as you need to provide basic information about yourself like name, email address, and of course, your blog URL. I have tried several other affiliate programs, but none work quite like this one. Other programs ask you for payment (almost 25% taken as a commission), while this one doesn’t even charge any fees at all, even if you earn money using their link! How cool is that?

STEP 2: Get an Amazon Associate Link

Amazon has a referral program that is free to join, and you can get your associate link very quickly. Once you have signed up with the Amazon Associates Program, click on ‘Your Account’ and then on ‘Associate Links.’ Here, create an Associate Link for each link you intend to use in blog posts or other online sites. You can even add these links to your email signatures if you want.

Once you have your links ready, all left to do is put them up in your blog posts. With a simple click on this link and purchase products from Amazon, they earn money. It’s as simple as that.

After being approved by Amazon, they will send a message with your unique tracking link for all future correspondence. You can now add your banner link to every page of your blog/website (you can edit the banner later using blogger or word press Dashboard).

Note: Do not put referral links in the contact form, sidebar, and Amazon search box because no one clicks those links anyway.

STEP 3: Promote Through Social Media.

You may easily boost up your posts with the help of the social sharing buttons at the bottom of each post. But remember, don’t go overboard and add these buttons onto every post because not everyone wants to share their content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites!

You may also create custom URLs for your posts by adding ‘?post=n’ into the URL where n represents a sequential number (for example, http://www.bobsbooksreviews.com/?p=5213). This custom URL can be shared on social media and used to promote your post further.

STEP 4: Monitor Sales

Monitor how many sales you have made each day by signing into the amazon Affiliate Dashboard. Keep an eye on your referral link statistics and the product/s that are making you money. This is very important because amazon keeps track of everything, even which articles were most clicked by readers, so if you get a lot of traffic on one particular post, then write more content concerning the topic or sort because that’s where you’ll probably make a lot of sales from!

Tips For Success To Earn From Amazon 

1.Decide what products you want to promote on your blog.

For example, if you start with affiliate marketing, only promote books & DVDs because they have a higher commission rate than other products and give better returns. Just make sure that the items you choose are not of seasonal variety (so that they will be available year-round) and ensure that the price is within reach of your audience so they can afford them. 

2.Do not stress about the money while promoting anything on your blog.

It is essential to understand that you will not make any income until someone buys something from Amazon using your referral link. So, there’s no point in promoting a lot of products and stressing about making sales.

3. Ensure your targeting readers use your referral link while buying products 

Keep in mind that Amazon is based in the United States, so if you are targeting readers residing outside the US, make sure to check whether or not they would be able to use your referral link while buying products from Amazon. 

4 . Do not add affiliate links to your posts without telling your readers!

Adding affiliate links into the post without mentioning why they should buy something through these links is against Amazon’s Terms and Conditions. To avoid any issues with amazon, it is advisable to inform your readers that they will get a commission from you whenever they purchase the item or use your referral link while shopping on Amazon.

5 . Promote your posts via social media

Learn to promote your posts with the help of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. You can also place links in forums & online groups where people discuss topics related to affiliate marketing. These methods may bring you traffic but probably not many sales because the traffic is mostly nontargeted or irrelevant. So, it’s advisable to keep doing this for some time only until you start getting a higher click-through rate from blog readers who are genuinely interested in reading your content instead of unrelated/targeted audience members just clicking on everything they see!

Every time someone buys something using your referral link while logged in with their amazon account, you will get paid somewhere between 3-5% commission depending upon the products they purchased. Whenever someone buys anything and makes use of your affiliate links to do so (whether directly or via clicking from another site), amazon tracks that particular sale and increments your commission. As soon as you start making sales, amazon will send you a check or direct deposit money into your bank account, depending upon your preferences. 

6. Join Clickbank

To further maximize your income from blogging while doing online business, I suggest joining Clickbank in addition to amazon because they provide thousands of high-quality products for people interested in internet marketing niche (whereas Amazon is limited to selling only physical products)

Clickbank – The Best Platform To Earn Money

Clickbank will provide you with a platform to promote quality products for people looking to make money online. You may or may not become a successful affiliate marketer. Still, it definitely won’t hurt your blogging efforts because, as I’ve said before, there’s nothing wrong with doing online business from the comfort of your blog!

How I Earn Over $1,000/month from Amazon Affiliate Program

I am telling you how I earn more than $1,000 per month from Amazon Affiliate Program without going out of business. You can also make significant income from the amazon affiliate program if you write good quality content and keep track of products generating maximum revenue for you.

I have described the process step by step in this article. Please feel free to ask me in the comment section below!

I am using the Amazon affiliate program for more than seven years, and still, I find new ways to increase my earnings from this popular affiliate program. When you earn as an affiliate, it means that someone buys a product through your site, and you earn a commission.

Suppose you are using the Amazon Affiliate program for your blog. There is a chance that you can earn very little because most bloggers paste the affiliate link and start without answering the following questions. How much money do I have to make from Amazon? What product to choose? How can I hand-picked the right category for my posts so that people will buy products through me?

You can not just paste any Amazon affiliate link in your post without researching its popularity, related to its price & check other factors like commission, fees, etc. If you want to earn big, you have to select popular products which give handsome commission. On top of it, if the site has a 50 percent or more fee structure (I will share with you my secret to avoid those fees that eat your profits half away), then it means that your actual earnings will be slashed by 50% or more.

It is easy to test if a product is popular enough: –

Search for it through amazon and check the total number of reviews. The more, the better. If 1000 customers bought some product within one month, it would be good to select this as your category! Other factors like price, commission, etc. can not decide whether a product is a good or bad prospect, but these are also essential factors that must be considered before selecting products for your blog:-


This is the percentage of profit you get from each sale made through your affiliate link.

If you are still making less than $500/month from your blog, you most probably have to find a new niche or try finding products with higher commissions.

Other Best Ways to Earn from the Amazon Affiliate Program

I have listed here some of the best ways to earn from the amazon affiliate program. These are tried and tested methods, and I am sure that they will boost your earnings. If you follow all of them, you should easily earn a minimum of $1,000 per month from any website.

1) Give attention to products with high commission payments (7%)

Amazon pays the highest commission rates on jewelry, shoes, watches, handbags, etc. So always select these categories while promoting any product in an article or post. Whenever you recommend any book or other non-gadget item, try putting your affiliate link for items that offer a 7% commission rate. It is tough to find such products in other affiliate programs.

I have been using Amazon for more than seven years, and I am still amazed when I see the kind of prices that they offer on some items. If you are writing a post about a product, don’t forget to write about its unique features so that people can understand why it is better than other similar products available in the market.

2) Write quality reviews with special features of each product

To earn from Amazon, you have to create quality content that can help people buy a product. Always write reviews of the products you promote with affiliate links and include some helpful information or unique features about each product.

Please find something special about each product so that your readers could understand why they should buy a specific item rather than any other similar product available in the market.

For example, recently, I was recommending an external hard drive to my readers, and I found a feature that was not available on most other similar drives as well as it was priced lower than all others too (click here). So, I included this feature and the pros and cons of the product in my article to help people buy this hard drive.

3) Try to get rid of competing links

If you have a website publishing affiliate links, you should also try to remove the link published on another site. Usually, many bloggers post their affiliate links in all kinds of articles without considering whether those products are helpful for the people reading that article or not. So, they keep posting www XYZ com/product-name and so forth at various locations on their websites.

If your readers see more than 1 or 2 such kinds of links, then they definitely will skip your recommendation as it looks irritating when someone keeps writing “Click here” or “Go there” repeatedly in an article. That’s why I prefer using images or text links to drive traffic to different sites rather than writing the whole link all over again. So, keep your readers in mind whenever you recommend a product, and don’t post any unnecessary links to earn some commission.

4) Create more pages with affiliate links + Use Amazon ads

Amazon allows 1 percent of its total revenue to be shared with its affiliates through their advertising program known as “associate banner ads.” You have to create an account at Amazon.com to use this feature, and you can find it under Advertise Your Products section. Once you have finished the process of registration, go back to that page and click on the “Place Associate Banners” button so that you can start creating your banner ads. You can choose between the available sizes and select where to place them on your website.

5) Change links whenever necessary

Like every other affiliate program, Amazon also updates its policies very often for better performance of their company. So, you must keep an eye on Amazon’s terms and conditions as well as their main page so that you know whether they have changed any rule or not.

Whenever there is a change in the practices, I will publish an update post within a few days to help my readers eliminate all those unwanted links that violate the new policy. Readers usually don’t read terms and conditions when clicking on an affiliate link. Still, if they see others have violated the terms or conditions, they won’t blame you for doing it but instead will be thankful to you as they found the information from your post.

6) Use rel=”nofollow” attribute on links

Google presented this novel feature in the year 2012 while penalizing sites with shady and spammy practices. To avoid this punishment, you should use the “rel=nofollow” attribute on all your affiliate links.

So, to do this, you will need a plugin called “Amazon JS,” which will have all these codes already built into it, and you won’t need to add them manually. Once you got done with the process of the installation, you need to activate it, and you will see an option called “rel=” no follow” attribute” in the left menu under the Amazon JS tab.

Now, take out all the unwanted links from your website soon after Amazon updates its new policies (read more). However, if you didn’t get any warning message from them yet, it is unnecessary to remove those links manually.

7) Don’t make your readers buy things because of only affiliate links; try to convince them to buy stuff from other places.

Another thing you should do is to try convincing your readers that they can get the identical product from other sites where they don’t have to pay a penny as well and not just Amazon. To convince them, show them some of those links in your post.

8) Avoid buying links or using any kind of link building software

 If you are doing this then I think you will be ruining your reputation as well as will be penalized by Google someday.

9) Always use a referral ID for each order to get the highest commission rate

 If you put an affiliate link on the site, you can make even $50/sale. According to Amazon, if the purchase comes from your unique and personal referral link, it qualifies for a higher commission. It is all because of using those unique numbers you give while you sign up for their program. Those numbers are called “referral IDs” and look just like this: “g-xxxxxxxxx-y.” You can find referral Ids at any time using this method: Sign in to amazon Associates’ account.

10) Offer coupon codes, if any given by amazon

You will get an opportunity to earn a higher commission if you can offer coupon codes for people while showing them the product in your post. These are usually provided by amazon after a successful campaign of 3% or 5%. You can find these Coupon codes at any time using this method: Sign in to your Amazon associate’s account.

 11) If you are not successful with your affiliate links, use other tools like Facebook ads, Google Adwords, etc.

 If you are not getting success with your affiliate links, the best thing to do is use other advertising tools like Google Adwords and social networking sites. They don’t cost much, but still, they bring results if done correctly.

Blogger Outreach

And also, you can do “blogger outreach” to get more people reading your articles daily. There are many ways to do blogger outreach, but I send my blog posts directly into blogs via their contact form. You can find those forms at this address: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/work -blogs.

Reddit Advertising

Another thing that will help you with getting higher results is “Reddit advertising.” Many people don’t know that they can create their ad accounts on Reddit to advertise anything they want there and get real subscribers and sales from it, which eventually will bring them a lot of money! And of course, you can boost your Twitter account as well using these top-rated and best affiliate marketing tools

12) Don’t buy any products to review them because it is against amazon’s terms & conditions

It would be best if you never asked anybody or buy anything directly from Amazon to post a review about this topic on your blog. As a result, Google can penalize you and also ban you from Amazon at any given time.

13) Always buy products from amazon with your own money, not the company’s money.

According to Amazon’s TOS (terms of service), you should always purchase a product using your own money and never the company’s or anyone else’s money. This is extremely important because if they find out about this, it might get banned at any given time. So, before starting anything like that, make sure you read their “TOS” entirely.

Remember that every country has different rules, so try to comply with them all one by one. As an alternative, there are many free online tools available that help you get reviews easily without buying anything directly from Amazon.

14) Think before you write!

In the end, I would like to leave you with a couple of words about doing blogposts on Amazon. If you have any website or blog and want to start making some money from it, here is what I recommend: think twice before writing those articles because Amazon is a serious company. They are watching everything that’s going on there very closely.

They have special algorithms in place which evaluate every product review created by their affiliates. So if one knows that you have published your article to gain commission, they will ban your account for sure. Make sure you always inform your visitors or, even better, include a disclaimer on the page where you have included affiliate links.


For any questions or confusion, please use my contact form below, and I will try to respond soon. Also, you can leave your email address if you want me to reply via that. Please also feel free to share our website on Facebook or Twitter because it helps us keep it up for free. 

For more insight on how to earn from amazon, read these blogs.

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