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Native Ads Strategies for Affiliate Marketing

Native advertising is the promotion of a product or service to you, your audience, or readers in a way that it's not disruptive and fits naturally within the context of other content. Native ads are not much different from banner ads in this respect. But they're usually


Are you looking for the most effective native ads strategies for affiliate marketing? Read the guide to know everything about native ads and how these native ads benefit on affiliate marketing. 

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is the promotion of a product or service to you, your audience, or readers in a way that it’s not disruptive and fits naturally within the context of other content.

Native ads are not much different from banner ads in this respect. But they’re usually much more subtle and non-intrusive than regular banners. Native ads also allow advertisers to create sponsored posts that integrate into a site’s interface. This makes them vague from other content on the page.

Brands are using native advertisements as part of their digital marketing campaigns. These ads let publishers monetize without harming their user experience. They also provide advertisers with an opportunity to tell stories that seamlessly fit into users’ everyday experiences.

Native advertising comes in many formats. Such as Sponsored Content, Native Ads, Native Video, and Native Social Media.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online strategy. It promotes products and services from another company and gets a commission by referring clients to the advertiser’s website. As an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to deal with the hassles of dealing with inventory or customer support.

Instead, all you do is send traffic to the affiliate link that’s on your site. It then sends potential customers over to the advertiser who fulfills any orders. It’s simple if you know how affiliate marketing works. With the right native ads strategies for affiliate marketing, you can earn a lot of money. 

Native Ads Strategies for Affiliate Marketing

How Can Native Ads Strategies for Affiliate Marketing Benefit Affiliates?


Native ads never come without purpose, even though they are non-intrusive. Native advertising gives advertisers direct access to their target audience. So it offers an opportunity for affiliates to advertise their deals in a way that’s appealing to the consumer. Also, it provides the affiliate with revenue.

The Benefits Of Native Ads Strategies for Affiliate Marketing Include:

– Native advertisements are smoothly incorporated into content rather than showing up on the screen like banners or text links. This may distract or irritate viewers. Due to the fact that they are not intrusive, native advertisements do not impede the reader’s vision.

Consumers are more likely to click on natural-language advertisements. It is because they offer authenticity and relevance. Natural-language advertisements are more likely to be clicked on by consumers. It is because they offer authenticity and relevance.

– Ginny Soskey, global director of platform partnerships at Sharethrough, a Native advertising company with its headquarters in San Francisco, says that native advertising has been proven to create traffic with an ad that is the equivalent of 10 search advertisement clicks per click.

Consumers’ knowledge of a brand increases even if they do not click on native advertising, provided that the advertisement is relevant to the content around the advertisement. Due to the fact that visitors no longer need to leave their website in order to view them, native advertisements also expose advertisers’ goods or services to a much wider audience.

Native advertising becomes more cost-effective as a result, making it more appealing to both marketers and affiliates, who may now utilize this kind of marketing to promote their goods or services.

How Does Native Advertising Differ From Other Types Of Online Advertising?

Native advertising differs from conventional internet advertising in many ways. Unlike banner and text links that appear at the top or side of the website page, native advertising are presented to the audience in a way that does not seem like an advertisement, making it less likely that people would skip or block it out of their experience.

As part of their content marketing strategy, Native Ads incorporates traditional print advertising tactics into their digital campaigns such as narrative, product placement, and other storytelling methods. Native advertisements blend in perfectly with their surrounding platforms, boosting brand recognition, market reach, and consumer engagement while preserving a positive user experience for the user.

The usage of native advertising allows marketers to get more bang for their money since they look much better than search ads, most notably because search results often display 10 sponsored links, while Native Ads only display one.

Native advertising techniques for affiliate marketing have the potential to be a powerful tool for marketers. Because native advertising blends in perfectly with the surrounding platform, they are effective.

Native ads enable advertisers to convey value, and native ads provide publishers with an opportunity to earn money without detracting users’ attention away from their primary content. You can use native advertising as either an alternative or supplement to search engine marketing.

How Can Native Ads Strategies for Affiliate Marketing be Influential?

Native advertising offers affiliates the possibility to build awareness of brands and engage consumers. Just by offering them a new kind of advertising that improves relevance. As a result, it boosts the chances of selling. This kind of advertising allows affiliate marketers to integrate into their digital campaigns print advertising techniques. For example, narration and product placement.

Native advertisements may also support search engine marketing since they need fewer budgets than banner or text links, which contribute to more visibility and promote advertising goods and services.

Native Ads are significantly better for affiliate marketers since the former can convey value, while Native Ads enable publishers to make money from their primary content without interrupting consumers. Thus, Native advertising provides affiliate marketers with many opportunities that contribute to increased revenue and brand awareness among consumers.

In Native ads strategies for affiliate marketing, the content is created by your brand. Native advertisements are focused on targeting genuine users and keeping them engaged by creating relevant and useful information which doesn’t appear like an ad or spam to the users. Native ads usually have 300 characters of description without any links to your site.

From Native ads strategies for affiliate marketing, it can be quickly concluded that Native advertising is a powerful tool to generate traffic and increase revenue through affiliate marketing. Native Ads helps the audience engage with your brand and create a solid relationship, resulting in sales conversion.

Native ads are quickly catching up within the online marketing agencies as it provides a lower bounce rate alongside higher time spent on the website. Therefore, Native ads help in increasing the ROI of a campaign.

Native Ads Strategy will consist of two parts – Content creation & Platform selection

1.      Content Creation-

The first step significant for Native ads strategy is content creation which should interest users through valuable information like listicles, how-to guides, etc. Native advertisements are essentially a blend of content and ads, so marketers must create quality content that users will love to share.

The audience demographic differs from other digital marketing channels like PPC, email marketing, etc. They can be found by using a tool like Google Analytics or Facebook Audience Insights as it shows the interest graph

There are some proven Native advertising sources where you can promote your brand. The first one is Native ad networks; the second is Native Ad exchanges (DSPs), and the last one is Native ad placements (publishers).

2.      Platform Selection-

The second part of the Native ads strategy is platform selection. You should select a specific publisher’s website where you want to advertise or opt for Native Ad Networks, which curates Native ad inventory

Here are some Native advertising networks you can advertise on (If you don’t have a website)

– Outbrain

– Revcontent

– Taboola

– Content.ad

– NativeX

Native Ads Strategies For Affiliate Marketing

Following are some native ads strategies for affiliate marketing:

1.      Native Display Ads

Native display ads are small banner-like ads. You can see these ads on the publisher’s website or Native ad network. You may use these Native Display Ads to display products in a beautiful manner with unique images and catchy headlines

2.      Native Sponsored Content

Native sponsored content ads are similar to Native display ads. However, they generally have larger ad units like in the feeds of popular social media sites. Native Sponsored Content is available on the blog or website of a publication and is sponsored by the publisher.

In addition, the Native Ads Strategy is more and more important to affiliate marketers since it helps to increase a campaign’s return on investment (ROI). Native ads strategy includes Content Creation & Platform Selection.

You can attract users with relevant information related to your brand while engaging them until the completion of your campaign.

3.      Native Video Ads

Native video ads are advertisements with rich media content like videos, animations, etc. They are not the same as Native display and Native sponsored content ads. You can embed native video ads in the video player of the publisher’s website rather than displaying them in various parts of the web page.

Video is an engaging medium that keeps your audience happy more than any other marketing channel. Native video Ads possess the ability to deliver high ROI if you use them correctly.

It uses solid emotional triggers and provides real value to your brand. You can serve them via Native ad networks like – NativeX. You can see these ads displaying beautifully with unique images, catchy headlines, & high-quality videos. 



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