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Success and Fortune - Live the Best Life You Want!

As the saying goes: "If one wants to be lucky, first he must have luck." Success and good fortune and happiness are essential parts of a happy life. We all need to work for achieving success and fortune in our life. We all need some angel with a magic wand who says ''wi


As the saying goes: “If one wants to be lucky, first he must have luck.” Success and good fortune and happiness are essential parts of a happy life. We all need to work for achieving success and fortune in our life. We all need some angel with a magic wand who says ”wish you good fortune and every success”. Unfortunately, there is no such angel, and we need to work on our own. 

The news media often report about miserable people who win big prizes. For example, consider this story about Jia Zhi Lan from Jilin City in Jilin province. He was considered a symbol of success and fortune. He was born in an impoverished family and had to work the fields from childhood on. In his twenties, he became an electrician, but money was still highly tight to him.

One night he dreamed that a Buddha appeared before him and told him: “If you want to be rich, go deep into the mountains and search for a stone that lies under the 9th rock you’ll see, with the year of your birth carved on it. You will be lucky if it is inscribed with the number 5678.” The Buddha then told him to bring his wife and child along when he found this stone. Zhi Lan got up early in the morning to drive his wife and child up into the mountains to look for this stone. After walking half an hour, he saw a huge rock split in two and lying on its side.

He quickly checked whether the year of his birth was carved on the rock and found that it indeed was. He dug out this stone from underneath another large rock. When he did so, a sword fell out from under the rock. A few days later, when Zhi Lan went to sell this sword to a collector, he was offered 1 million yuan for it. Zhi Lan was stunned, but he wasn’t able to sell the sword.

Afterward, success and good fortune seemed to follow him around in all of his endeavors. He was able to open a small factory and, within a few years, had become very rich. He donated money for building schools, helping needy children attend school, and opening a clinic in the village. When he heard that families with children afflicted with diseases needed help, he took out a few million yuan to build an orphanage for them; soon after its completion, his wife became sick and died of cancer.

When reports approached Zhi Lan asking about the origin of all this good fortune, he told them about his experience in the mountains and finding that stone. With this, Zhi Lan now seems to have become a local hero – not because of all the charitable work he did, but simply for having “lucked out” by finding such a valuable stone.

This story is just one out of many similar ones I could tell you. Once there was a Chinese man who lived in Beijing. In 2000, he won one hundred million yuan in the lottery. The neighbors soon found out about it and said to him: “You are just too lucky!” But I think that this good fortune of his might had come from the fact that he saved people’s lives when there were violent clashes near his home. It was rumored that he would go down into the streets with a gun and protect people caught up in the crossfire. He’s been to jail several times because of this, but each time he has eventually been rereleased.

In another case, I read about an older woman from Yangzhou City in Jiangsu Province who won 210 million yuan in a lottery. When she heard of the amount of money she had won, her face turned blue, and her hands trembled. In the end, she couldn’t bring herself to claim it and gave up that much money instead. Many people could be like this older woman; they make decisions based on their hearts or based on their principles and lose out on things they are supposed to achieve. It is an essential part of a happy life to attract success and fortune in your life – just as the Buddha said.

When you attract good luck into your life, you will surely find happiness and make friends with all around you. On the other hand, if you are always frustrated and unhappy, it is not good for your health. We are obliged to ourselves and our loved ones to become rich. This will ensure that we live happily and spend money on those around us who need our help. The more I speak about wealth-attracting practices, the more I realize that they mostly revolve around maintaining a positive attitude. Religions and belief systems teach us how to maintain a happy mental state to enjoy all the blessings that will come our way.

One morning when I was looking over this chapter, I had an epiphany about wealth-attracting practices. I had a way to turn them into an actual, physical object – a symbol that everyone could carry in their pocket or wear around their neck. When you know about wealth attraction, this symbol can help you maintain the correct attitude and use many different methods to attract success.

Success and fortune

Tips To Attract Success And Fortune Into Our Lives:

1)     Find a spiritual master to learn from; understand which religious tradition is the best for you, and strictly follow its advice.

2)     Practice Buddhism diligently – don’t just think or talk about it, but do it!

3)     Make offerings to the Triple Gem regularly – this will purify your mind and help you avoid greed and ill-will.

4)     Uphold the precepts perfectly – this will lift your heart and make you feel happy.

5)     Make a wish that “may all sentient beings be free from suffering!” – this is the method taught by Buddha Sakyamuni to attain great wisdom.

6)     Engage in the practice of metta-meditation – this is a method to bring ourselves into contact with others and make our minds expand outwards, becoming more generous and kind.

7)     Learn to surrender everything you have in your life – when things go wrong, instead of cursing or losing self-control, accept it, feel deep remorse, and make a vow to bring yourself back onto the right path.

8)     Carry around some small wealth-attracting symbols in your pocket or wear them on your body as good luck charms – this will help you maintain the right attitude towards all things that come into your life.

How Can We Use These Methods To Attract Success and Fortune? 

Let me give you an example of success and fortune

Every day, I pass by a stall that sells incense sticks, which is there for more than ten years – it is never closed. Every time I walk past the business, it gives off an impressive aura of prosperity. It is very prosperous for the owner to be able to keep it open for such a long time in one spot, seeing all the passers-by who buy something there. This sort of business is not easy to earn a living from. People passing by usually buy incense sticks and candles on impulse.

How do they do it? The owner is surely practicing some means to attract customers. And his shop is always open and looks immaculate; compared to other shops I have passed by. When you go inside, the first thing you see are offerings made to the Buddha. This shows how much the owner respects the Triple Gem. To my surprise, there are small paper fortunes in Chinese calligraphy stuck on the wall behind them. This is something new for me!

I asked how much each one cost and was informed that they were a dollar, so I bought some and took one home with me. When you tear off a fortune, you will find three numbers. Some are random, but others contain advice on how to attract good luck and wealth as well as preserving your health. 

After I had read my fortunes, I put the rest of the paper in an envelope and set it on fire behind a statue of Kuan Yin in my shrine room. This was to show my respect for the person who made it – and also because I am also a Buddhist, so I believe that all paper offerings should be burned to liberate them.

I hung my symbol on the wall and have been using it ever since. Great for success and fortune, it has helped me to maintain a positive attitude through every difficult situation I have had to face. I bought some extra ones and gave them to my friends and relatives as gifts. They all say that they feel more prosperous since getting the symbols, so it seems as this helps in attracting wealth – maybe you should try it too!

Attracting Success and Fortune: How It Works

I had doubts when I first came up with this symbol. A pentagon made out of jade with seven lucky lines engraved on each face. It is too complicated for most people or that it might only work for me.

When I first wore the symbol, I felt nothing special other than a sense of achievement. One symbol down and five more to go!” But then, a few days later, I was taking some friends home after we had finished a meal together. I found 500 yuan on the street. The money was dirty. So, I cleaned up and told my friends that someone had thrown this money away by mistake. When they heard that it was five hundred yuan, they were shocked. As were their families when we got back home!

My friends and I agreed that good luck was probably from wearing this symbol, so my friends wanted to buy one for themselves.

The first time I wore it out in public, a woman came up to me and told me she had been looking for something like this – made of jade with seven lucky lines on each face – but could not find it anywhere! She told me that she believed the symbol was potent and would bring her success and ask my permission to sell these symbols. I agreed that she could make them herself – as long as I am allowed to wear one of each type.

The woman has been making the symbols for a few years now, and she always gives me a few for free.

When I started to teach others about this symbol and gave them their one to wear, a fascinating thing happened. Several of these people told me that they had strange things happen in their lives after they wore the symbol – such as finding money on the street or having good luck at gambling – and so now they believe that this symbol does work to attract wealth.

Another interesting thing that happened recently was when some thieves broke into a shop where my friend worked and stole all his money out of his safe. The police came in but didn’t get any leads at the time. After a few months, my friend found himself in the hospital after injured by a motorcycle. He was thinking about his money while he was there and suddenly remembered that we had given him one of these jade symbols to wear! So he took it out of his pocket and showed it to all the doctors and nurses.

A few days later, when he returned to work, the police came to see him. It turned out that police caught these thieves on CCTV and one of them had a jade pendant like my friend’s! He got his fortunes back before any involved lawyers because he just needed an excuse for when they went looking for it.

The seven lucky lines and the five elements – symbols of success and fortune!

This symbol is made of jade. Jade is beautiful and very special to Chinese people, so it has always been a popular material for good luck charms. The lines on the face represent the spirit, authority, power, fame, wealth, long life, and health.

Spirit means making your destiny; authority means knowing your abilities; power is understanding the world around you; other people in the community respect fame; wealth means not being poor financially; long life and health mean living a good life, free from sickness.

The character for “long” used here is one of five elements – Earth (?). The other four elements are Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire. These five elements are in Chinese medicine, feng shui, astrology, and our understanding of how the universe works.

When you look at this symbol, you’ll know these seven good things exist in your life. Whether or not to believe it is up to you! This symbol helps me make sure that I am a good person by treating others the same. If everyone did this, it wouldn’t matter whether they wore this symbol or not. There would always be peace on Earth!

Use Wealth-Attracting Objects

Turn your wealth-attracting practices into a physical object and carry it with you all the time. Ensure that your wealth-attracting object has positive energy, so wherever you go, it will shine brightly around you! Use this wealth-attracting object to charge other objects with positive energy. It can help you have a beautiful home and a happy family.

Use your wealth-attracting object to help others who are sad or suffering. Help others and spread happiness. If you borrow money from someone, don’t forget to pay it back! That way you will be able to attract more and more money into your life. (This advice has only been verified by me and is not official in any way.)

Using a wealth-attracting object to help you maintain a positive attitude towards your life with success and good fortune. It is a good idea for everyone, whether rich or poor. After all, the Buddha taught us that happiness comes from within.

May we be happy and free of suffering now. And, may we use our wealth to help those who are suffering.

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success and fortune

Here’s How You Can Be Fortunate

To be fortunate, you must first understand that everything in the universe is in connections. The Earth nourishes all living things. So, if there are no natural disasters, we can have a good life on this planet.

It would be best if you treated other people with respect. If you work for others and they don’t pay you fairly, then whatever positive things you have planned for your future will not come to pass!

You should try to be nice to other people and forgive them if they have done something wrong. If we are always thinking of revenge, this negative energy will affect us much more than if we had forgiven.

There is a saying in Cantonese that “you can’t change others, but you can change yourself.” If we are not happy with our lives, look inside ourselves and fix what we don’t like about ourselves. We should try to be the person we want to be to have a good future.

Everything in the universe is always changing. It is impossible to plan exactly what will happen in the future. The best way to be fortunate is to live in the moment. And, also to make sure that we live our lives positively with success and good fortune. Positive people have more opportunities for success than negative people do.

You should never take things for granted. Also, you must not assume that they will last forever. The world can change quickly. So, never lose your sense of wonder because it is wonderful to be alive!

The Cantonese proverb says, “Don’t be happy with a little good success and fortune. Always expect more good things to come.” If you want to attract fortune into your life, ask yourself what this fortune looks like. Are you saying that you want a lot of money? Would this mean that people will respect and admire you in the future?

It’s only when you have a positive attitude that good things can happen! And, you can attract pure success and fortune. Happy people always see the best in any situation. Negative people often miss out on the best opportunities because they are jealous or angry. The majority of people have everything to be happy. It is only our thoughts and attitudes that take us away from our natural joy.

As human beings, we have some fundamental requirements to live. We need food, drink, shelter. However, these are temporary or physical things. We also need love and friendship to be happy. Some people think a lot about money or fame. This can bring some happiness if we use it to improve the world around us. But it is only by being close to other people that we can find true happiness. Once we have experienced this, money or fame doesn’t seem so important anymore!

If you want something but don’t already have it, imagine having what you want and be happy with that. Don’t worry about how you will get it. Focus on the result you want. Let the gods or your subconscious mind decide how best to achieve this goal!

It’s impossible to plan your future and be completely happy. We need to be considerate towards other people. We need to have the love and support of our friends to see us through any difficult times.

Treat your future self and your past self with the same kindness to treat your best friend. If you always try to be kind to yourself, good fortune will naturally come into your life!

Commit to your mind – your inner peace is the secret key to happiness! There are many things you can do to improve your life in the here and now. However, inner peace is something that only comes from kindness towards myself and other people.

Wish you good fortune and every success!


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