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Blogging Guide - Most Comprehensive Guide For Blog

Today I thought I'd write up some basics of what you need to do if you want to become a Blogger. So, read this blogging guide to reap all the benefits of blogging.Dedicated to all the ambitious writers out there.


Today I thought I’d write up some basics of what you need to do if you want to become a Blogger. So, read this blogging guide to reap all the benefits of blogging.

Dedicated to all the ambitious writers out there. It’s not an easy job, but it can be a rewarding one.

Blogging is taking off in popularity.

Computers and high-speed internet connections are available to everyone. They are enough to handle the extra workload of blogging software on top of your usual computer applications.

With blogging becoming ever more popular, it’s no wonder that blogging guides are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re considering blogging but don’t know where to start, consider using a blogging guide to help start rightly.

Read this blogging guide to learn everything about blogging. This is the most comprehensive blogging guide for you. 

Blogging Guide

Blogging Guide –  What is Blogging?

Blogging is about writing articles that are published on the internet for others to read. If you’re familiar with sites like Huffington Post or TechCrunch, you’ve seen blogs in action.

Blogging is like having your website post whatever you want for others to read and potentially share with their friends.

Blogs started as online diaries and journals. Then they have evolved into a severe source of news and information worldwide.

Blogging Guide

Blogging Guide –  Types of Blogs

Knowing what kind of blog you want to create, is important. You don’t have to worry about categorization when you’re just blogging for yourself. Once your blog starts getting serious traction and traffic, classify your blog into a specific genre.

The three main categories of blogs are:

– How-To Blogs – Contain instructions on how to do specific tasks or how to use a particular product

– Journals/Diaries – Give the author’s thoughts that may or may not have anything to do with a specific topic

– News Blogs – Contain articles on recent events, products, and services

Blogging Guide

Blogging Guide – History of blogging:

The concept of blogging has changed throughout the years. In the beginning, blogs were just for writing a story or something that people wanted to read. Over time, blogging platforms became more advanced and allowed for more choices when starting a blog.

Blogging Guide –  The present of blogging:

It is an important part of blogging now that allows people to write about their interests and ideas.

Blogging Guide –  The future of blogging:

The future of blogging is full of new technological changes. One significant difference is that blogging systems are becoming website-like websites. Just to make it easier for people to share information with blogging.

Blogging Guide – How to start a blog

Starting a blog is not complex with free blogging platforms like WordPress and Google’s own Blogger platform. All you need to start up your blog is an internet connection and a web browser.

You can even get it by using just an internet connection. Especially if you don’t want to shell out the extra cash for a cheap hosting account and domain name.


If you’re not looking for anything fancy, WordPress is probably your best bet to begin on the cheap. The main features of WordPress are that it’s super-easy to use, and it has over 30 themes/skins available. Also, it gives your users options for uploading plugins that add features or functionality to their site.


For something a little extra, professional-looking without shelling out the dough for a custom domain name, Blogger might be the way to go.

It’s simple, easy to use, comes with tons of themes/skins already available. Keep in mind that it does have some limitations as well, though. For example, you can’t upload plugins or widgets like you can with WordPress.

You also can’t hack your way around this limitation since Google made this version of their blogging platform “for dummies.”

Blogging Guide

Blogging Guide –  How to get traffic for your blog

You can increase the number of visits to your website in a variety of ways.

– Post on social media

– Get listed in blog directories

– Compile an email list to send out updates

– Pay for advertising on other blogs/websites

– Use forums to promote your content


Blogging Guide – How to make money blogging

How do you make money blogging once you’ve gotten yourself set up with a blog that has both traffic and subscribers? This blogging guide has an answer. 

Well, there are plenty of different ways that bloggers generate income for themselves.

Here’s just a few:

– Advertising revenue –

Depending on where you place your ads (banners near the top and bottom of your content, pop-ups, etc.), you can make a decent bit of income if you have a site with lots of targeted traffic.

– Product endorsements –

Do some product reviews about items you use and love. If possible, give people links to where they can buy said products from. If it turns out your blog is popular enough that people wanting to know more about these products start hitting up the manufacturer for more information on availability or price, suddenly YOU are getting requests from companies who want to advertise on your blog. It is because it’s bringing them direct sales.

– Paid review copies –

You may not have heard of this one since it’s an underground practice among bloggers. But yes, if you can get your hands on products to review that are brand new, you can get paid for writing a review about it.

Do you know those “unboxing” videos on YouTube that show people opening up the latest and greatest electronic device and then rambling off specs and features?

Well, some of those unboxers have been contacted by different companies who want their product shown off in exchange for sending them a few free units as long as they give them favorable feedback in their video. However, since these deals are usually done on the down-low between PR reps and bloggers, not many people know about this, so few sites ever talk about it.

There are many more ways to earn money, as well. 

Blogging Guide –  Why learn to blog?

Blogging allows people who don’t have a voice a chance to speak up and let others hear what they have to say. If someone wants to start a photoblog, blogging allows them to share their photographs with others while earning money. It’s not just for personal blogging but blogging about blogging guides gives you the same opportunity.

Whatever blogging’s purpose is, blogging guides will teach blogging basics – which is exactly what blogging should be about!

Blogging Guide

Blogging Guide –  Where can I learn more about blogging?

Blogging can help share your views and opinions on the world! It isn’t easy, but it’s also not as complicated as some people make it out to be.

Don’t worry about blogging even if you’re going through a rough blogging patch. There are always new ways to improve your blogging skills through practice and time.

Remember that blogging doesn’t have to take over your life, either. Everyone needs some time off from blogging now and then! Just try blogging whenever possible. Also, don’t forget that blogging takes practice like anything else.)   

Create a good title –

Blogging titles are super crucial for blogging success. So, try your best to create a blogging title that’s as good as any you’d see from other bloggers! Your blogging title should be exciting and interesting enough to grab readers’ attention without being too wordy. It’s also better to use short blog post titles because they look better on blog posts overall).   

Write a catchy introduction –

Blogging introductions are usually the best part of blogging posts. So it helps if you can write an equally interesting blogging introduction! Your blogging introduction should introduce the main idea of your blogging post. Hence, you have something to introduce before getting more in-depth about what makes your blogging interesting or hilarious or exciting or whatever else might grab readers’ attention.   

Create some killer body text –

The blogging body text is where blogging gets serious! This is your blogging bread and butter. So make sure you take blogging seriously. Your blogging body text should detail what makes blogging unique for you, but don’t forget to try to be fun or silly whenever possible. For example, if you’re blogging about a boring trip to the grocery store, it can help to include some funny grocery shopping stories in your blog post.   

Think of an attention-grabbing conclusion –

Conclusions are not as important as introductions, but they help! The key to blogging conclusions is wrapping up things thoughtfully instead of just trying to end things abruptly because that doesn’t look very good on blog posts overall.

A good conclusion should show how blogging has influenced you in some way or why blogging is essential to your overall blogging experience.

Use SEO when blogging –

Search engine optimization (SEO) is super helpful for success. So try to learn about SEO before blogging to get that extra blogging boost! If you want other bloggers and readers to find your blog post, it’s best to make sure your blogging posts are optimized for search engines like Google. We’ll talk more about blogging SEO in another blog post, but the main point of this section is not skimping on blogging SEO.

Blogging platforms are blogging tools –

Blogging platforms are beneficial for success, so always keep an open mind whenever choosing a new blogging platform! The key to finding the perfect blogging platform is testing blogging platforms out for blogging success. Don’t be afraid of blogging platforms because they might not be as popular or widely used as blogging software like WordPress and Blogger. Try blogging with different blogging platforms until you find one that works the best for your blogging needs. No matter how big or small your blogging needs, maybe!

Remember to keep practicing –

As we said before, blogging takes practice to get good at it. You can’t expect yourself to become a blogging expert overnight (or within a few months). It is because that won’t happen! Just focus on improving each time you blog and try to avoid comparing yourself with other bloggers. It is because blogging isn’t about competing anyway. It’s all about having fun and enjoying blogging in general. instead of blogging just for blogging purposes.

Blogging is blogging –

The main point of blogging is blogging. So, it’s important to remember that blogging can be whatever you want it to be! Just try your best not to judge other bloggers just because their styles might look a little different from yours. Everyone has their style, which makes blogging fun in the first place, so embrace various blogging styles instead of trying to compete with them.

Writing a blog post can be easy or hard –

Writing a good blogging post is either super easy or hard, depending on how much time you put into your blogging posts! Blogging takes practice no matter how good you are at writing otherwise. We recommend spending at least an hour on each blog post you create to get blogging success, but blogging success is never guaranteed!

Don’t forget blogging resources –

Blogging resources are some of the most helpful blogging tools around unless you’re blogging with your own two hands. We’ll talk more about blogging resources in another blog post, but remember that blogging resources can be significant for success, no matter what kind of blogging resources you use. So use lots of blogging resources while trying not to spend too much money on them. And you should be fine!

Blogging isn’t always fun and games –

To be honest, it’s best not to think about blogging as a game because it can lead to some pretty negative things overall. It’s better to take blogging seriously so that other bloggers and readers can take blogging and you seriously as well. Blogging isn’t always fun and games like it’s sometimes made out to be unless blogging is a game, in your opinion.

No blogging drama, please –

Blogging can cause some blogging drama from time to time. No matter what anyone says about blogging otherwise. It’s best not to blog with people who will most likely cause blog drama. It is because they probably won’t make good blogging friends anyway (or blogging partners). So if you want blogging success, then try to avoid blogging drama at all costs!

Blogging Guide – Recommendations for making your blog a perfect

In light of the above, here are my recommendations for making your blog perfect:

1)    Quality content is king – Without good content, you’re just another blog. However, blogging isn’t all that difficult, and once you get yourself into a rhythm, it is very relaxing and even fun to do. The only way people will want to keep coming back is if you have interesting things to say. If your stories are worth reading, then readers will return for more of the same!

2)    Don’t write anything stupid – I know some stuff may seem funny at the time. But the chances are good that your readers won’t find it quite so entertaining when they look at their friends’ faces when they read it later on! Besides, who wants to come back to see what else you’ve written if it’s pure garbage? Make sure everything is highly relevant and well thought out.

3)    Use your blog as a complete writing portfolio – Instead of publishing everything you write at once, do it gradually over time by posting new material after old material. This way, you can keep traffic high and people looking for more things like the stuff they liked last time. So, if they’re curious about what else you’ve published, they are more likely to visit your site again. It’s also easier on your visitors because that keeps the site from being flooded with hundreds of posts all in one day.

4)    Don’t just put up filler posts – I know everyone needs to take a break once in a while. But when there are only 2-3 posts up at any given time, no one will visit the site. That will make it more likely for people to forget about you and miss out on your great content! Please make sure that there would be at minimum one new post posted every week, or even every two weeks if you really like.

5)    Individually optimize each blog post – Including a permalink is essential as that makes it easier for search engines to find your posts. Another thing that can help is including keywords in the title of each post and the beginning of the body text somewhere, even if it’s bolded. The idea here is to try to get people specifically searching for those words to have a higher chance of finding you! You don’t need tons of keywords either; several quality ones will do fine.

6)    Keep track of your readers – You might think you don’t need to keep the way of what people are saying on your blog. But you’d be surprised at how helpful that can be. If you add a comment section, then it’s easy enough to find the average opinion on some topic. Because of this, it will be simpler for you to determine when your writing is excellent and when it needs improvement.

7)    Make sure to update all social networking sites with new posts – Just updating your Facebook status or tweeting about recent posts isn’t going to cut it. Those might get a couple of extra hits if people share them with their friends and family, but they aren’t getting the most out of blogging unless they’re sharing the link with others and writing a little message about it. That’s the only way to get people to visit your blog directly, and it’s what will get your posts out there!

8) Self-promotion is critical – Getting the word out about your blog is pretty much essential for anything you want to do with it. You have one of the best, most valuable blogs ever, but if no one can find it, then there’s no point in having it at all. Even worse, if other bloggers aren’t promoting you, then that means readers may never hear of you and thus won’t come back when they start seeing big gaps between posting times and such!

9)    Try not to use too many affiliate links – Sure, you might make a few bucks here and there if you’re linking to some relevant products on amazon, but mostly it makes your site look like spam. That’s precisely the opposite of what you want people to think about your blog! If they didn’t care about your stuff in the first place, then why would they come back or tell their friends? Instead, keep affiliate links to less than 5% of all blog content and only on really relevant things.

10)    Make sure new posts get indexed quickly – If Google has trouble finding your fresh material, it might take days for anyone to see any traffic coming. This becomes more relevant when you can’t afford to advertise or just want something better than that! Try using Google webmaster tools so that search engines will be prodded to find new posts faster.

11)    Try not to overwhelm people with too much information – Some blog posts can be long and detailed, but others should stick to the basics. If you try covering every detail, then readers might get lost or bored and never come back! You don’t need to feel like each post needs to be a novel after all, especially if it’s about something familiar enough that plenty of other blogs have talked about. Instead, focus on what makes your perspective unique while still getting the point across for everyone’s sake.

12)    Make blogging a priority – There’s nothing wrong with spending some time blogging each day! Sure, people might have to wait for a post if you’re busy doing something else or just want a break but don’t leave blogging as an afterthought. People will notice the difference and appreciate it when your posts come out on time!

13)    Don’t obsess about each post being perfect – Nobody can be good at writing from the start, so don’t worry too much about making every single blog post as impressive as possible. Your first few blogging attempts will not be that great no matter what because blogging takes practice just like anything else. Just try not to make any apparent mistakes, and people should be fine reading them even if they aren’t as polished as your best work.

14)    Take blogging breaks now and then – It’s super easy to get burnt out constantly blogging, so you should take some time off just for yourself! You’d be amazed by how much blogging can change in a month or two after taking even just one complete break like this. The more you make blogging part of your life instead of everything else, the better it will work out no matter what!

15)    Don’t give up on blogging too soon – There are plenty of other bloggers who gave up early because it didn’t seem like things were working right away. Lots of them come back to find that blogging does work if you stick with it long enough, especially since blogging is a great way to share your voice and opinions with the world!

16)    Encourage blogging in other areas of life – As you get better at blogging, it’s easy to convince yourself that blogging should be the only thing you ever do, other hobbies included. This is fine if blogging is your number one passion, but chances are blogging won’t be that interesting forever if all you ever do is a blog. Remember that blogging takes practice like anything else, and try not to take blogging too seriously either!

Blogging Guide

Blogging Guide – FAQs

What is blogging?

Bloggers create fresh content for their blogging networks daily. Blogging is all about exciting content. Blogs are usually based on similar interests; blogging is more popular than ever.

Is blogging easy?

No, blogging is not easy, but blogging does get easier! The key to blogging success is learning how blogging works and what it takes to make blogging work for you. Blogging is not as easy as we think. Not everyone can do blogging. However, it can become a valuable addition to your routine when you do blogging right.

What are the benefits of blogging?

Blogging helps people learn about what’s going on in your head! People have unique experiences that they want to share with others who understand them. Blogging enables you to connect with people who like your hobbies, thoughts, and opinions!

How long should blogging posts be?

It depends on each blog post! Some blogging posts do not need many words. While others are super lengthy without getting too complicated or boring for readers. The key is focusing on what makes blogging posts unique to your blog instead of writing a novel.

Which blogging tools are most useful?

Blogging software is one blogging tool that’s very helpful for blogging success! There are many blogging platforms. So check around online or ask other bloggers which blogging platform they use before choosing one. You might even want to test drive several blogging platforms before settling down with one blogging platform. All you have to see is which blogging platform works best for blogging!

Where do I start when starting a blog?

Blogs are all about blogging. And, it’s a good idea to develop blogging goals before you start blogging! There are two main blogging goals:

  • To make blogging worth your time 
  • To get more attention for blogging in the future.

In order to make blogging worth your time and get attention, blog about something that interests you and sticks to blogging regularly.

Can a beginner blogger make money?

Yes, blogging can bring in blogging income with the right blogging goals! Blogging income comes from blogging ads, sponsored posts, blogging products, blogging jobs, and services.

How often should I blog?

Blogging more is way better than blogging less when it comes to blogging success! You want to make sure that you are blogging regularly about blogging stuff, blogging goals, blogging interests, blogging challenges, blogging ideas… you get the blogging idea!

Can blogging make me popular?

Blogging helps you become more popular online because it’s unique and lets people know your opinion. Blogging helps you connect with like-minded people who support your blogging efforts!

What are some blogging mistakes to avoid?

Never be too harsh on yourself when it comes time to make errors in your blog posts. ! You can fix any blogging mistake that you make by simply starting over with a new post. After all, every blog post is just getting your thoughts.

How can blogging help me be healthier?

Blogging helps you get thoughts out of your head by blogging them.  It’s a good idea to work through your feelings about blogging stuff by blogging. It is a beneficial method of dealing with difficult situations.!

Should I only write about my personal life?

No blogging can be about anything that you want to blog about! Your blog can focus on your personal life. But it doesn’t have to be just about your personal life. You can also blog from a professional perspective or anything else that blogging might be interested in!

What if I don’t like blogging?

It’s okay not to like blogging as long as you can find some way to make your blog entertaining. The best blogging style is the one that works best for you. So put yourself out there even if it doesn’t feel completely natural!

How does a blog vary from a website?

Blogs are part of a website, but you can have a website without having a blog. This means that your blog is usually the main section of your website. This is why it’s so important to have a blogging goal when you start blogging!

How can I make my blog stand out?

Your blog style is just as important as blogging in the first place! Blogging only works if your blog stands out in some way. So, it’s a good idea to become involved with other bloggers and see how they do things.

What should I consider when choosing a domain name?

Choose a blogging title that’s easy to remember and speaks for itself. If you put any other information in the blogging category, make sure to put it in relevant places like the about page or other category pages!

Where should I host my blog?

Hosting your blog makes sure that other bloggers can find your blog by entering in relevant keywords when they are looking for new blogs to read! There are many free hosting options out there, but if you want a more professional look, paid to host is something worthwhile!

What can I do to encourage people to read my blog?

Getting attention for your blogging starts with getting regular readers! To get regular readers, stick to making consistent posts about relevant topics that pique interest. You can also watch out for other bloggers to make sure that you give them credit whenever they help you out!

What if I don’t want to blog anymore?

It’s okay not to want to blog anymore if you can find some other online hobby. It might take a while, but remember that blogging isn’t a permanent thing, and you should feel free to explore different things even once your blog has been around for a while!

How does SEO affect blogging?

Search engine optimization is all about ensuring that people can discover your material quickly and simply. Search engines look for keywords within posts, so it’s a good idea to use relevant keywords at relevant times when writing new posts!

What are best practices when starting a new blog?

Good starting blogging practices usually involve reading some other blogs to get an idea of the rules and expectations of blogging! You can also try joining some blogging communities so that you can learn new things from people with more experience than yourself.

What kind of content should I blog about?

It’s okay to blog about whatever you want as long as it makes sense for your particular blog! If there isn’t a perfect reason why you’re blogging, then it’s probably better not to blog at all.

What makes a good post on my blog?

You don’t need to make every single post on your blog unique. A lot of bloggers will create posts similar enough to each other while grouping in categories like “FAQ” or “Rants.” The point of your blog is to be entertaining, so just try to look at what you’ve done before and do something new!

How can I make money blogging?

Making money through blogging is possible but usually not very much at first! You’ll need to make sure that your blog itself stands out, which could include things like showing ads, becoming an affiliate marketer for other companies, etc. If you think it might take a while to gain interest in your blog, consider donating or making t-shirts or posters with the profits going directly to yourself instead.

What if someone else uses my ideas?

It’s okay if others want to use your ideas because it means that they like them! You can always reject it if you think they’re doing something wrong or simply don’t like them. However, in most cases, they will give you credit and make sure to link back to your blog instead.

What blogging tools should I use?

Blogging tools include all of the things you want to keep track of while blogging! Things like analytics, search engine optimization, widgets, etc., are all good things to use for your blog. Some other bloggers may have their recommendations for what works best for them, but picking an option often comes down to personal preference at the end of the day.

How many posts should I publish on my blog per week?

There is no set formula when we talk about the regularity with which you made the posts. Some individuals like to post regularly, whereas others prefer to write sparingly and thoughtfully. Do what feels right for you. But be sure that it’s something consistent so people expect when they see a new post!

What is the best blogging platform?

The best blogging platform is entirely subjective and based on your needs and preferences! There are some more complex platforms like WordPress or Tumblr. But even simple ones like Blogger are good if they work well with your blogging style. Think about what kind of schedule you would like and how much customization you’d need. Then, try looking at different options until one fits your blog perfectly!

Blogging Guide

The Last Thought

The future of blogging has taken a turn for the best with more efficient blogging tools, blogging services that are easier to use, more effective blogging networks, blogging templates, blogging tips, and blogging advice improving daily. Blogging can be done from home on an internet connection on your PC or laptop. Blogging can be done from your phone, blogging’s future is brighter than ever. I hope this blogging guide helped you out.



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