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How to lose weight and keep it off: Why is it so difficult to shed off and keep the weight off?If you can not lose weight and keep it off and you don't know the real issue, read this article to know the ANSWER. Every New Year's Day, you aim to lose weight and keep it of


How to lose weight and keep it off: Why is it so difficult to shed off and keep the weight off?

If you can not lose weight and keep it off and you don’t know the real issue, read this article to know the ANSWER. 

Every New Year’s Day, you aim to lose weight and keep it off. Every year, by Valentine’s Day, you’re precisely back where you began from.

So, why is it not easy to shed off and maintain weight loss? 

In this Q&A with an expert on obesity in the United States, he explains why people are becoming overweight and why it is no more easy to lose weight and keep it off.

So, have a good read….

How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off? Read Q&A To Know How!

Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Q. Even though the obesity epidemic in America is growing for some time, it is surprising in so many ways. Why?

A: It hasn’t happened at all times! Obesity rates this high have only recently become prevalent. At the end of the second world war, an 18-year-old guy had between 4 and 5 percent body fat. Today, that figure is up to 22 percent on average, with 30 percent frequent among young men under 30. This is alarming!

Q: Can you tell me what’s going on at present, why we can’t easily lose weight and keep it off?

A: At present, we have curtailed our physical activity. There is more labor-saving technology in houses today than in previous generations. We are relying on technologies more than our physical activities. Also, the necessity for transportation has altered due to growth patterns. This has made it more difficult to lose weight and keep it off for a long time. 

Q: However, people continue to consume far more calories than they require. Why?

A. Our bodies may not have caught up with all of these lifestyles and technological changes. When you look at population studies over the last century or two, it becomes clear that our energy intake has been relatively constant. Even though obesity rates have skyrocketed. For starters, the food we eat today is very different from the cuisine we ate throughout the first half of the twentieth century. This is the reason why we can not lose weight and keep it off easily.  

Q: How is modern cuisine different from traditional food?

A: We can prepare food to make it taste better, last longer, and contain less fat. However, doing so typically comes at the expense of adding things like additional sugar, sodium, or chemicals to the meal itself. Although Americans have long struggled with overeating, recent changes in our eating habits may be compounding the issue. Due to modern cuisine, it is no more easy to lose weight and keep it off.

Q: Can you tell me about another significant change?

A: We’re also not as physically active as we were once upon a time. Many jobs require employees to sit for the majority of the day… Nowadays, children mainly engage in two things throughout the day: playing computer games and watching television. In addition, I’ve heard that recess is being phased out of schools. It brings back some of my memories when I was younger studying in school throughout the 1990s  — we used to refer to it as “cigarette smoking” back then — and how I used to feel about it.

Q: What are the changes that are linked to obesity and making it difficult to lose weight and keep it off?

A: We can go out in the hall and smoke when we are agitated because it is considered socially acceptable. So there are three significant changes:

  • The proliferation of processed foods.
  • The increase in the number of individuals working in sedentary jobs that are not physically demanding.
  • The prevalence of smoking.

And I believe that all of these issues are interconnected. It makes it more challenging for many people to lose weight and keep it off easily.  

I’m not arguing that eating food that tastes nice or hanging around watching television is necessarily bad for you — but doing both at the same time is a double whammy! And when combined with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, it has the potential to result in obesity… The fact is that we were not created by evolution to sit on our buttocks for hours on end or to gorge ourselves on food all day long.

Q: Are these the reasons behind increasing obesity and difficulties related to lose weight and keep it off easily.  ?

A: I believe that some of this is developmental — after all, overweight children tend to grow up to be fat adults unless something changes. This may be because these youngsters are not getting enough physical activity when they’re young. However, the problem is multifaceted, particularly in contemporary America. Unless you have a strong will, it’s tough to stay away from low-cost, unhealthy dietary habits in today’s society. The majority of Americans cannot afford to shop at Whole Foods because the prices are too high.

Q: So, what exactly do we need to change to lose weight and keep it off easily?

A: People need to reassess their food preparation and shopping habits. Rather than simply buying the cheapest item on the shelf, they must shop for value. And they must carve out time in their schedules, to prepare a home-cooked meal at least once a week. No matter how hectic. No matter how busy they are. 

Last thought

To lose weight and keep it off, we must alter our cultural mindset to change our dietary habits and overall lifestyle!

If you’ve found this helpful blog, please think about making your mission to make the next generation as active and healthy as possible. Start with your family and yourself. Think about why you can not lose weight and keep it off easily. Think about the issue and work on it. Readout more ways of being smart and healthy



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