Note that after collecting so many things, you need to list them on the internet for sale. You can sell old fashion items on various websites. For example,,, and craigslist, among others. These sites are just a few of the many available at your disposal when it comes to selling old things. At times, you can even get some cash by using social networking sites. You can use Facebook to sell your stuff online in exchange for money or other gifts.

First, let’s look at how you can sell clothes, shoes, and other fashion items online to make money. You can use your social media platforms to announce that you are in the process of getting rid of some old clothes. You can add a link directing people towards your online listing page for all of your old stuff. If you prefer to post an ad on Craigslist, be sure not to put a price tag or a lot of information about the product. Avoid being annoyed by cheap individuals who would like to bargain about the price.

used fashion items buy and sell

Websites To Sell Old Fashion Items

Who doesn’t have a pile of old clothes and other fashion items that are no longer used?  It’s a fair question because we all happen to have those old items that are just taking up space in our closets or drawers.  If you’re looking for ways to get yourself out of clutter, then here are some online and offline places where you can sell your used fashion items.

Selling these things is called recycling.  It is the process of making old things new again. There are many other websites where you can sell old fashion items and make money from them. Hence you can always check out the website where the owner has listed all of his stuff for sale.

Here are some ideas to sell your clothes, shoes, and other fashion items :


This is my favorite place to sell things. It has a great selection, and you can choose the price for your items. If you think about it, people are already searching this site for specific products, so they will find what you have to offer very easily here.

Yard Sales or Flea Markets

If you’re good at sales, then this should be a no-brainer. People are looking for good deals, and they’ll probably buy items from you because the price is more than what you would usually pay if you repurchased it when it was still in fashion.


Etsy is an interesting site where people sell their handmade (or vintage) clothing for money. I haven’t seen much on this site lately, but there are tons of clothes on here handmade by sellers or old pieces of clothing that were altered to fit the buyer’s needs.  You can also choose to sell your clothes on any online website that takes fashion-related items like Amazon, Facebook Market Place, etc.

Your Website

You can also have your website to sell things for money. You’re going to need a domain name and web hosting services, but if you already have those, there’s no stopping you from earning money online by selling old things on the internet.

Selling your items through your very own website is one way to earn passive income, which means that it doesn’t require much of your time or effort because once you make something for sale, its availability will be advertised automatically, so anyone who visits your site will see those products available without having to search for it first.


Poshmark is more of a marketplace than an actual website where you can list items and wait for buyers to come. When selling on Poshmark, there are two options available for sellers. Either you post an order from someone who wants a product or has others post orders from you, that means other clients will be waiting or even stalking your closet wanting something that they might like from any part of the world.

This is slightly different from the others since Poshmark asks its users to buy new clothes and items and then resell them here for more money. This way, the sellers will earn a bit of profit just by buying items sold at a discounted price.  The drawback is that you have to spend money to make money online, but if you’re looking for some new clothes anyway, why not try this one out?

Product Hunt

This site requires its users to submit products from a website first before they gain access. The product they submitted must be unique and cool, though, so it’s best to ensure that your item satisfies these two requirements before submitting anything.


If you want your store to receive lots of traffic, then Shopify is the answer since it can increase your sales.


Excellent site if you want cashback. It has a great system with an easy process of selling your old fashion stuff. This company buys only high-quality clothing items from different places ( USA, UK, Europe, Asia ) in any condition. No stains, damage, or bad odors are reasons enough for unwanted item rejection by this seller.

You can take up to $10 for a shipping cost.   This is an excellent site with lots of positive feedback from its users. Here you have to send your clothes by post or bring them to other company offices. They make cash.

Clothes Mentor

This company buys collections of your old clothes (with any conditions) from you for cash. They have lots of locations around the USA. You can get up to $9 by sending one bag of clothes (with shipping costs included). It also accepts shoes, bags, and many other items in good or excellent condition.

There are no restrictions on the price; you can ask for your products to be profitable if your things are precious! The only downside is that they don’t take ordinary clothes like jeans ( well, some guys sold their Doc Martins ), but there is always a choice of selling it to the second-hand store.


Open up your Facebook account and go on its search bar, then type “sell clothes” or something close; when it comes out with different options, choose one at random, then click on the link. The next thing you need to do is fill out the form, be sure not to mention a price because Facebook does not allow sellers to write down any information on how much they want for their item to avoid being scammed online.

Once you have filled out that form, it’s time for you to wait for your potential buyers who would like to buy any of your items listed on Facebook. If they are interested in buying any of your stuff, be sure not to hold back and let them know as soon as possible so as not to lose any money from such transaction.

Another way that can help you make cash online is by selling old clothes at thrift stores; make sure that the condition of the clothes you intend to sell is still good enough to be sold online.


Now let’s see how we can make cash using eBay: To list your old clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories on eBay, log into your account, then go to my eBay at the top right side of the page, click the customized link, then it will lead you to a page with different options available for you to choose from.

Now in this form, fill all the necessary information about your item, such as its size, color, and whether there are any rips in that specific item or not. Once done, click the save button and proceed to the listing tab, click add a new item, then write down all the necessary information about your product such as its size, color, and any rips in that specific item.

Once you have complete the form, click on overview at the bottom left side of your screen. Please fill out all the necessary information about your item, such as its size, color, and whether there are any rips in that specific item or not.

Once done, click on the Save button, then proceed to the list tab, then click on add new item; be sure not to overprice your items because eBay has strict policies about this kind of thing, so make sure that you avoid getting into trouble with their system before selling anything online or offline. If you are looking to make money from eBay, be sure not to overprice your items because eBay has strict policies about this kind of thing, so make sure that you avoid getting into trouble with their system before selling anything online or offline.

You can also sell your clothes, accessories and other fashion stuffs to individuals who would like to buy them at a very low price since they are just looking for new stylish things that will suit their taste hence you do not have to worry too much about how much money the transaction should take place because they are willing to give a low price for such stuff. Still, the transaction process to go fast, be sure that you’re close enough to where they live since shipping might cost some extra bucks.


used fashion items buy and sell

How Much Money Can You Make To Sell Old Fashion Items?

There is no definite answer to how much money people could make through recycling old fashion stuff, but here’s what I’ve noticed. On eBay, you can sell one piece of clothing for $7 to $20. If you’re thinking of selling them at a higher price range, then it’s possible since prices vary depending on the item you want to sell. For example, designer items may cost more than others, so if you have some nice and branded clothes or accessories, then there is a possibility that they’ll reach up to $200 in value!

For yard sales or flea markets, people pay during weekends then choose some old clothes also one of the ways to recycle clothes and make a decent amount of money from them. You need to go to these types of stores average of $2 for each item sold no matter how cheap the things look.

Why do customers spend money buying cheap stuff? Well, apart from the fact that they don’t have much cash on hand, but this scenario happens because people want to see whether the things they’re buying were already used or not. So if you have many old clothes for sale, then this method is right for you since people won’t spend much on each item they want to buy.?

Well, yes, this is also another way of recycling old fashion stuff, and over here, you could earn around $15 to decent amount of money through selling second-hand clothes and accessories.

So the next time that you plan on making cash online or offline, always remember that people have loved ones who are willing to pay for anything to keep them happy. So if you’re thinking of how to make money online, then the best thing you could do is think of what other people may want and sell it immediately.

How I Earned $6,000 Online by Selling Old Fashion Items

I’ve sold clothes online before, and one person even bought a whole box of my clothes worth more than$600. It was a fantastic experience because I didn’t expect someone to spend so much money on something that doesn’t cost much in the first place. If you don’t believe me, though, then go ahead and try selling your old stuff, too and see how it goes.  Selling online might not be your full-time job, but if you want to earn some extra cash, then why not give it a try in the first place?

I’ve made thousands of dollars from this site and made lots of money online by selling my old t-shirts, sweaters, shorts, etc. I was usually busy during weekends that’s why most of the things that I sold were either t-shirts or clothes worn only once or twice already. This method is suitable for me because I don’t have to spend too much effort and time to sell something. All I need to do is wait for buyers who will contact me anytime they want.

used fashion items buy and sell

Things To Remember To Sell Old Fashion Items

After all, there would always be people searching for cheap fashion items like shorts, sweaters, or t-shirts on the internet. the only vital thing that you should remember is to follow these simple steps I’ve written below, and everything will be okay:

1) Take some pictures of each item before placing it in your closet.

2) Make sure to pack them nicely in one big box or plastic bag so there would be no more hassle when it’s time for me to receive items from you.

3) Make sure to bring your product to the post office, where they’ll give you a tracking number so you know where your package went.

4) Wait for payment and have a happy day! 

Where To Sell Old Fashion Items Online?

It’s tough to find an efficient place where you can sell old clothes online. Some sites don’t even accept my clothing line or accessories, which makes it more difficult for me because I want to sell many items. I must tell you, though, are not giving up when searching for the right platform since there would always be some site that will accommodate your needs. If one site doesn’t accept your product, then try finding another one instead so you can earn money without spending too much effort in doing it.

Tips Sell Old Fashion Items to Earn Money Fast:-

1. Wash all clothes before selling them – eBay buyers love the smell of fresh, new clothing and will be more inclined to buy your items if they are well maintained.

2. Keep photos of your inventory clear – Don’t use the old crappy camera on your phone when you sell clothing online; get a real digital camera that takes excellent photos.

3. Presentation is essential – Take some time to look through eBay seller’s sales ads for ideas on presenting your products in an organized, thoughtful way!

4. Build up positive feedback – One bad comment can cost you big bucks as most people want to shop with sellers who have earned positive reviews from previous customers.

5. Try buying other people’s gently used clothing first – It’s a win-win situation: you get to shop for great bargains, and they make some cash on an item that they no longer want!

6. Look at the condition of each piece before deciding what it’s worth – Pay close attention to your inventory, so you don’t accidentally sell something for less than its actual value.

7. Don’t forget shipping costs – You might find the perfect pair of shoes, but if they cost $15 to ship, is it a deal?

8. Look for other items you can sell with clothes – As soon as you start selling clothing online, people will want to know where else they can buy from your store!

9. Get rid of old or stained clothing before selling new ones – Remember: while people may pay a little less for worn-out clothing, they won’t pay much.

10. Treat your eBay store like any other business – Make sure you have multiple backups of all records in case something goes wrong, and make sure to get professional advice if you’re trying to sell anything costly. There’s nothing worse than losing $1,000 worth of inventory because you were careless.

Keep these instructions in mind when you’re ready to sell clothes online and make some money!

used fashion items buy and sell

How to Sell Old Fashion Items –  6 Easy Steps:

1) register on the site

2) create your advertisement

3) add photos

4) set price

5) find the shipping method

6) ship it! It is that simple.

Attention: Don’t forget an essential part; packaging !! Your item must be well wrapped so it’ll arrive safely without damage.

Benefits of Selling Old Fashion Items Online: –

1. You can earn money when you post your items on the selling site, and people are buying them.

2. No need to wait for buyers to get in touch with you because they will contact you first once they liked a particular post from your store.

3. some websites offer free shipping if the buyer doesn’t pick up an item.

4. You don’t have to buy a car or van and travel miles to sell your items because you can do it all from home.

5. Flexible schedule, so even if you are a mom or dad who has kids, you’ll still be able to make money by selling your old clothes wherever you are right now as long as there is an internet that connects you with the world!

6. Many people prefer buying used clothing to new ones because they are cheap compared to new products these days.

Last Word

The best way for you to get rid of the old clothes that you don’t wear anymore is by selling them at thrift stores. But if you want to make money from your goods, then using craigslist or other social sites is your best option. They can enable you to get more cash and even give a faster transaction process compared to using a thrift store. But in case you are planning on making money, be sure not to overprice your items.

Some sites have strict policies about this kind of thing. Make sure that you avoid getting into trouble with their system before selling anything online or offline.

You can make some cash by giving clothes, shoes, and other fashion items to people who want to buy them. You can sell your old clothes, shoes, and many more fashion items and accessories online to make money.


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