SEO and SMO  are the two most significant tools in marketing.

A side-by-side comparison of the SEO and SMO is important. It would show that SEO is related to on-page activities while SMO is related to off-page activities.

seo and smo

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO encompasses all the activities involved in increasing the volume and quality of relevant traffic to a website from SEO results. This process usually involves one or more strategies. For example – adding relevant keywords into content, creating links back to your website, publishing high-quality articles on websites with good domain authority, and many others.

SEO aims at providing a high search engine ranking for your website and business success. It ensures that it has all the necessary factors to make it rank well. Both in Google and other leading search engines. These factors are basically increasing the number of backlinks from quality websites, use of meta tags and keywords in sites. SMO is a subset of SEO while the other way around is not true.


Types of SEO:

On-Page SEO:

This includes activities such as keyword research, site structure optimization, meta tags, and other on-page on-page elements. Following are several types of on-page SEO:

Meta Tags Optimization:

Meta tags are basically HTML elements to define the metadata of a web page. The two most important meta tags on every web page are the title tag and description tag. You can add them manually or using tools like Yoast SEO. It automatically generates them for you based on the contents of your article.

Keyword Research:

Every content is placed around specific keywords, so knowing what your audience searches for is very important. It helps create content that appeals to their needs and solves their problems better than other similar products do. This process mainly involves running keyword research tools like Long Tail Pro. It may scrape Google Autocomplete data and give accurate search volumes for each keyword with suggestions.

Content Quality:

Content quality is always subjective, which makes it very hard to define. However, you can measure content quality using readability metrics. For example, the Flesch Kincaid Reading Test on Yoast SEO’s Dashboard. This gives your article a grade between 0 and 100%.

Site Structure Optimization:

A good structure involves having multiple short articles (500-1000 words) that are placed in different categories with related tags. Instead of one long single-page article with sub-par information. You can do this mainly to give Google more content than just a few pages to index. This would be lost among thousands of others in their index.

Off-page SEO:

This includes activities such as link building and social media marketing. You can do this mainly to get links from quality websites pointing back to your website. It increases its popularity among search engines. There is much more off-page work in SEO than on-page. But, it may take up too many words to cover them all here. Lets study several types of Off-Page SEO:

Link Building:

Backlinks from other high authority sites help you rank for keywords faster. They give your site external popularity while also improving the overall user experience by increasing your site’s average load time. Which is very important for mobile users. However, Google uses some complex ranking algorithms that no one has been able to crack yet. So, there are a lot of myths regarding how Google assigns rankings to web pages. There are basically two kinds of link-building strategies- one is for beginners, and the other is advanced.

1a: Beginners Link Building Strategy:

Content Marketing Strategy (CMS) means creating and promoting your own content in an ethical way by giving valuable information to people on similar topics. This helps you build quality backlinks from websites with high domain authority without having to buy them through shady services. These are not recommended here due to Google’s latest initiatives against SEO-related black hat activities. You can also get links from social media sites. Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn using applications that you add banners or widgets that promote your website are some examples.

1b: Advanced Link Building Strategy:

Outreach is the process of reaching out to people who can actually benefit from your content. But, they are not aware that they are looking for similar solutions in their own niches yet. You can do this either by finding popular forums and threads related to your niches on communities like Reddit or Quora or by creating infographics that link back to your website to get high authority links. As long as you place a no-follow tag on them so that Google does not penalize you.

Social Media Marketing:

Every article will have its own page, which you can automatically share on the site’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Google pages. There it will become visible to many more people than the number of visitors there. You can also create your own social media accounts and share your content to build traffic to your website.

Email Marketing:

You will notify your subscribers automatically whenever you publish a new article. It is great for gaining readers who appreciate what you are doing here while giving them something they want for free (information). If you do it right, email marketing can become one of the most efficient ways to grow a following, brand awareness, and improve conversion rates.


They are informative images that combine text and visuals. The goal is to explain a certain topic in an entertaining manner that makes it easy for people to understand. Even if they don’t have much knowledge of it before they see it. Though infographics are for a long time, their popularity is once again on the rise due to Google’s latest algorithm update.

Web 2.0:

Backlinks are not only gained through text links but also images and videos that link back to your website from high authority websites. Blogspot,, and Tumblr, for example. These are all considered web 2.0 properties by search engines. They are dynamic in nature while having great potential for organic SEO when promoted correctly.

Press Releases:

Publishing a press release about something newsworthy done is worth publishing. Especially when there is enough publicity behind it. Such as winning awards or getting lawsuits like Donald Trump.


What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

SMO is a process that involves promoting a website or a web page through various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus. The ways of promotion vary from one website to another. But some major activities include creating business pages on these sites and then posting interesting content across all these platforms.

SMO is to be done alongside SEO and should not be considered as part of it. SMO is a good way of getting traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. While SEO is done to get traffic from search engines themselves. An example of this is an image that you upload on Facebook or take a screenshot and post it on the blog/website. It includes a description of its importance or relevant information about the same. This will help in increasing engagements. By tagging different people or groups who might find it interesting, you can increase your reach over time with the help of people liking, commenting, sharing, etc.

Types of SMO:

Social Bookmarking:

This involves creating profiles on different social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon, etc. These services are free, and you can create profiles on these sites with relevant information. Once you create, start sharing interesting links or content from your own site.

Social Networking:

This involves creating business pages on various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. The profile must complete information and an attractive cover photo to encourage users to follow you or like you, depending on these factors. You should post only useful/interesting content across all networks. This will help in maintaining a good follower list. It will increase over time if interesting posts shared regularly. It has been seen that updates related to trending events can also be posted but only when they fit into the schedule of regular updates.

Social Bookmarking and Social Networking might seem like the same things. But they are different entities.

It is always better to have an account on both these sites as the promotion will reach more people this way. Also, since a user can follow/like a page or profile on social bookmarking websites. It is important that you share interesting and useful posts across all profiles. So, users do not get bored with your promotional activities and stop following you in the long run.

What are the benefits?

SEO supports in bringing targeted traffic to your website, which has great benefits for your business. It can also help in increasing your brand visibility and helps you to get more business. Also, it can attract potential customers who are looking for the products or services that you provide online. And, SMO helps in reaching out to a larger audience at once by means of social media presence.

SEO can sometimes be time-consuming. Also, there is a lot of research involved which requires collecting data from different sources like forums etc. while SMO can be done very quickly without any hassles. With SMO, you can build up his/her reputation faster than with SEO alone because of its fast results. Early results can actually have an impact on one’s career prospects.


What would happen if I don’t use SEO and SMO?

Organic search engine traffic is much targeted and more reliable compared to traffic coming from other sources. But it is a slow process. SMO helps in fast results if you do it correctly and effectively and you must not neglect it. While SEO can sometimes take even longer than expected, so it’s better to keep the social media channels active with regular posts, pictures, etc. This will make sure that you build up the trust of your audience over time and also maximize prospective leads that search engine optimization might miss out on.

SEO requires many activities like adding keywords that are searched for into content, publishing high-quality articles on websites with good domain authority, increasing backlinks from quality websites, and use of meta tags and keywords on site. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a subset of SEO, while the other way around is not true.

SMO helps in growing networks of your business online.

It helps promote your product or brand. You can do this by creating different pages targeting different audiences. The purpose of these pages is to share information, news, etc., about the company through videos, presentations, audio files, etc. This includes socializing on different platforms like networking sites etc. The goal is to increase their visibility and influence over time.

SEO aims at providing a high search engine ranking for your website by ensuring that it has all the necessary factors. It would make it rank well in Google and other leading search engines. These factors are basically increasing the number of backlinks from quality websites, use of meta tags and keywords, page load times, etc.

SEO is to be done alongside SMO and should not be considered as part of it.

SMO helps in getting traffic through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. While SEO is done to get traffic from search engines themselves. An example of this is an image that you upload on Facebook or take a screenshot and post it on the blog/website with a description about its importance or relevant information about the same. This will help in increasing engagements. By tagging different people or groups who might find it interesting, increase your reach over time with the help of people liking, commenting, sharing, etc.

SMO helps in bringing targeted traffic to your website, which has great benefits for your business.

It can also help in increasing your brand visibility and helps you to get more business. Also, it can attract potential customers who are looking for the products or services that you provide online. And SMO helps in reaching out to a larger audience at once by means of social media presence.

SEO can sometimes be time-consuming, but effective!

There is a lot of research involved which requires collecting data from different sources like forums etc. While you can do SMO  very quickly without any hassles. With SMO, you can build up his/her reputation faster than with SEO alone because of its fast results. The early results can actually have an impact on one’s career prospects.

Without SMO, one can not appeal to reach out to a larger audience over social media networks. So with just SEO, you can reach your targeted audience. However, it can take much longer for this task compared to SMO alone. Their results are visible in a small time frame which makes it more appealing.

One could rely on search engine traffic if one chose to. However, getting traffic through social networking sites is beneficial in certain ways whatsoever. Also, having a presence over multiple social media platforms is important. It helps increase the trustworthiness of the business among its potential and also influencers with many followers. This leads to better exposure and more business.

SEO and SMO guide

SEO and SMO Tips: The Perfect Combination For Maximum Exposure

In internet marketing, no other methods can rival the power of social network optimization and search engine optimization. When you use these two together, businesses can benefit from exposure as well as conversion rates. Many SEO experts note that SMO is one of the most effective ways for companies to draw more traffic. Traffic from major search engines like Google or Bing. This is generally because of the circumstance that users actively look for recommended websites on social media channels. Before they decide which ones to revisit or bookmark in order to find solutions to their problems quickly.

TIP#1 Be focused.

There should be a single direction when it comes to marketing your product or service online. This could vary on different scales, like targeting different audiences, having different social media profiles for the same purpose, etc., but it is advised that you do not get carried away and focus only on what you do best without adding too much clutter over time.

TIP#2 Keep SMO natural

Keep SMO as natural as possible by sharing information and updates about your business and products in an organic manner. Do not force posting only about them all the time. Also, try to figure out which social media networks are more popular than others. Thus, you could target them accordingly instead of just relying on one single network for all purposes.

TIP#3 Regularly engage with your followers

Regularly engage with your followers and those visiting your profile by commenting on their posts, sharing their information, asking questions, etc. This will help in building trust among them, which would lead to better conversions and more business over time.

TIP#4 Don’t be spammy!

Follow the rules for each social media network you are using. As a result, you can get away with being identified as a spammer easily. Posting links all the time or writing too much about your business will not help attract people looking for useful postings. But, it will annoy others who might report about you over time. This may result in getting banned from the social networking site itself.

SMO helps businesses grow immensely when done correctly. While SEO should also be considered as part of an SMO strategy to do more business. Search engine optimization should be considered when executing an SMO plan to optimize conversions and get better results fast.

TIP#5 Use effective tools

Utilize tools like HootSuite and Buffer to schedule your posts for SMO purposes. This would ensure that you are always active on the different social media platforms that you’re present on. Especially when there is a lack of time during peak hours where traffic is at its highest.

TIP#6 Update your blog and website regularly

These are the two most important areas that should be considered to increase traffic as much as possible online. Without these, you cannot expect to rank higher on search engine results. It might cost you conversions in the long run. So be sure to update them both with fresh information and relevant content for specific goals.

SMO and SEO go hand in hand with building a strong presence online without neglecting anyone over time. By keeping them together, businesses can grow faster than if using only SMO or just SEO alone. They give great exposure to potential customers who are actively looking for products and services. Similar to what you offer.

TIP #7 Check your analytics

If you are not sure which social media platforms to focus on, look at your analytics stats. It will help you see how many people are actually visiting your profile now. For example, if the number of visitors checking out your site from Facebook is higher compared to any other social network, then it would make sense to invest more time into optimizing your presence there so that you can get even better results later in time. Also, keep track of where most traffic is coming from. It would indicate where your target market lies so that you could cater specifically to them and provide answers according to their needs and problems. Instead of simply pushing sales all the time.

TIP#8 Ensure strong engagement

Engage as much as possible with followers over time. Ask questions about their needs and problems. Not only would this help you learn more about people’s interests but also give you a better chance of building long-term relationships with customers. Your customers are eager to buy from your company. Especially when they have obtained the right information for their specific concerns on your page as well.

TIP#9 Provide as much information as possible

In addition, when you do post on Facebook or Twitter, make sure that you provide as much information as possible. As a result, people will use it when they need answers quickly instead of heading back to the search engine every time a new problem arises. It is frustrating if everyone keeps looking for answers while still not finding any. Henceforth, using various social media management tools can also help you schedule posts in the future. Also, users become familiar with your pages and profiles without hesitation whenever a question pops into their minds.

TIP#10 Use social media as a listening pool

Social media is a “listening tool” helping you know what your clients are saying about your business, whether good or bad. By taking advantage of this form of media interaction, companies can take appropriate actions. They can reach out to customers privately to resolve the issue. In a lot of cases, this may lead to more sales. It is because clients may feel respected if you address their problems all at once even though they have some negative comments before.

TIP#11 Use social media recognition to boost the trust

Use social media recognition as a way to boost the level of trust. Give a good impression when they visit your site for the first time. You can show testimonials from previous buyers who are happy with their purchases and had great experiences with helpful company representatives. Testimonials can help convince customers that your company really is the best choice to make when it comes to buying a specific product or service. It is also because other people have achieved success using your services as well.

TIP#12 Use maximum social media platforms

Further, Social media optimization should not only be done with Facebook and Twitter but on other platforms like Google+ and YouTube as well. For example, uploading tutorial videos of how certain products are used properly so that customers could understand their functions even better. It would provide you with an advantage over competitors who simply sell items without teaching users about the tools. At the same time, individuals searching for certain topics online would flock to your site if they saw that you had videos about specific subjects available. This will allow them to watch short clips instead of reading long articles to understand specific instructions.

Another advantage of being active on social media sites would be the number of website visitors that your page could attract. Since there are millions of people using Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ every day, there is a good chance that some will click on links shared by friends or followers who may have clicked the like button or favorited your page. They may have a real interest in what you are promoting. After all, who would not want to take advantage of free information? Henceforth, this counts as highly effective SEO. It allows users easy access to your site if their friends or favorite companies post about you.

TIP#14  Post about products/ services and blogs

Make sure that you do not only post about products or services but blog posts as well. This can attract even more site visitors, especially if the article contains valuable information, which would encourage readers to share them with their friends so they could also learn something new from your content. People love free resources, and this can be one of the most effective ways to spread your message through social media because you are providing what others need for no cost at all!

TIP#15 Ask questions to the users on social media

Try asking your users questions on Facebook or Twitter regarding certain issues in order to gain more insight into how satisfied they really are with your company’s customer service policies so that everything gets resolved at once when possible if it is a widespread problem that special attention.

TIP#16 Share appealing videos and photos

Another way to get more views on social media sites would be by sharing videos and photos that could appeal to a large number of viewers not just because they are personally interested but because they might have friends who would be interested as well. For example, if you decided to upload images or clips of famous celebrities advertising for your company, it is very likely that users will share the content with their friends in order to see what this particular person thinks about your products or services, which can ultimately result in a lot more sales because everyone loves sharing the things that others have shown them first before deciding whether what you offer is worth buying after all.

TIP#17 interact with your customers and resolve their problems

However, that it only makes sense for you to promote your company on social media websites if you are actually using them to interact with your customers and resolving their problems as quickly as possible through these sites. Otherwise, it may come off as deceptive, especially since you have the option to talk directly with people who become loyal followers of your page. They could send a message whenever there is a problem. Also, you could fix it at once instead of posting random content that won’t help anyone resolve a specific issue in any way.

TIP#18 Change the content and images on a regular basis

If your company is already utilizing Facebook or Twitter and you are not getting expected results in terms of sales, you should change the content and images on a regular basis. You can even hire someone who can become popular on these websites. It may help you attract more people who would click on links and ads while considering becoming customers at the same time. It is because this person has already done all the hard work for you!

TIP#19 Add a live chat on your site

And finally, a live chat available anywhere on your website, especially during business hours when most individuals actively surf the Internet, is also an advantage. They can immediately send messages directly to support staff wherever they can if they have any questions about what you offer or resolve any issues. This can not only eliminate the problem of having to wait for several days before getting a reply but can also make people feel as if you are actually taking their problems seriously instead of avoiding them in order to get rid of complaints altogether.

TIP#20 Always focus on SEO

While it might be true that SMO can help boost the popularity of your company on social media websites, you should still focus on SEO whether or not this is a viable option available to you. In retrospect, it makes more sense to promote your business in various ways so that you immediately achieve better results all at once. You do not have to go with just one single marketing strategy. Thus, getting both services and products for free from online sources can save you more time as well as money!

SMo and seo

Benefits of SEO and SMO

SEO and SMO help people find you online when they search for your business name or products, services, etc.

Businesses that use both SEO and SMO usually rank higher in search engines compared to those that don’t have either one of them. They are also easier to find by customers who are looking for them. There is a higher chance that their names come up on top in searches for similar companies.

Both options can help businesses gain new customers from all over the world.

Especially since they get more exposure on popular websites. This increases their chances to be seen as reliable partners. Instead of just another company that no one has heard about before. It might raise concerns among potential buyers if they do not even know how good they actually are.

SEO and SMO can also help boost the popularity of your company in various ways.

This is why it makes sense to invest some money into these services if you do not want any issues to arise. These strategies are essential for companies that have been around for at least a couple of years. Potential clients would expect them to use some sort of promotion. Especially since there are many brands that specialize in similar products as well as services throughout their country or region. No matter where they may be located so that customers could find out about them. They do not have to rely on word-of-mouth referrals alone!

Your return on investment (ROI) would usually depend on how many new clients you get each month. It is because that is the main indicator of whether or not your SMO and SEO services are helping your business grow. Some start-ups, especially those who want to attract more people to their websites as well as increase sales in general, usually focus on creating expensive videos, images, etc., whenever they have a chance. It is thus better to look at the bigger picture and measure these figures before determining whether or not this is a good thing for your company’s future plans.

You can also choose from various packages if you do not want all of the SMO and SEO benefits but just a few instead.

This is why you should consider how much time, money, effort, etc. you spend on these strategies. Also, you must consider how much you would make in return. This is your main goal whenever you decide to invest in SMO and SEO solutions if you do not want any issues to arise in the long run!

Both services help improve your brand’s reputation online. It is a good idea to get them as soon as possible. Especially since you can control what others can see about your company on various websites. Avoid focusing on word-of-mouth recommendations whenever someone wants to find out more about your business.

Your customers would appreciate it when you offer them an option that they have never seen before. Especially if there are many brands around the world who offer similar services as well as products, etc. It is because they would most likely end up choosing yours instead if their main goal is to find out more about a company that is not too familiar but has the potential to become one of the top brands within their industry in general.

SMO and SEO services can help your customers better understand why you are different from your competition.

There are similarities between them when it comes down to how they look, what they offer, where they are located, how much time it takes for someone to get in touch with them whenever they have questions or concerns which is why unique content could set you apart from those who apparently do not know how this strategy works at all!

Aim for higher numbers whenever they are related to your work because that would prove that your marketing plan is working properly. It means that you should avoid lowering prices when it comes down to how much you charge for your products or services. This may result in fewer sales later on and lower profits as well!

Both strategies take quite a lot of time before someone could see results.

Especially since there are many online tools out there that claim that they can help people get to the top faster. But, this is most likely just a scheme that many companies come up with in order to attract more clients. This is why you should not be afraid of investing some time and money into such things (but never your life savings) if you want your business to become famous overnight.

Many websites usually depend on SMO and SEO services because it would allow them to get more attention from other companies who want their site(s) ranked higher than others within minutes, which is why you need to invest in marketing strategies like these ones if you do not want any issues to arise later on. You could also hire various professionals who are willing to work for the type of wage or even less because they would probably be glad to get their name out there anyway, which is why you should take advantage of such a situation if it ever occurs.


SEO and SMO – Future Trends of SEO and SMO –

The future of SEO is immeasurable

In this ever-changing world of technology and companies, it’s hard to say just what the next big thing will be. All we can do is make general expectations based on emerging trends happening today but with one word of caution: change happens fast. If you don’t adapt quickly enough, you’ll end up left behind your competitors who are able to keep up with these changes. As they say, “The early bird gets the worm,” and that can be extremely important in SEO today!

Having a website that has been adapted for foreign markets is essential

In a globalized economy where businesses have expanded to an international level, if not worldwide, having a website that has been adapted for foreign markets is essential, as well as having search engine optimization for numerous languages. It is also important to make your website prepare for making conversions in various currencies.

You need a very qualified type of traffic that will convert into sales and profits

In the field of SEO, it is not enough only to get more traffic; you need a very qualified type of traffic that will convert into sales and profits. This means that if you want to become the best at SEO, your efforts should not be solely targeted at increasing the number of visitors to a blog or a website but instead on finding out how people are using your site and how your users can have their entire experience enhanced through optimizing visual content, content overall, general conversion rates as well as search engine rankings for several keywords and phrases related to what they are searching for.

It is important to stay on top of the search engine algorithm updates

With new innovations constantly being released onto the market, it is important to stay on top of the search engine algorithm updates, new releases, and what they mean for SEO rankings. This means that you should always look out for changes in how Google ranks websites but also being open to new ways of optimizing your website.

With proper knowledge and effort, a business can improve its web presence

No matter how tough times are or how much competition there is online, with proper knowledge and effort, any business can improve their search engine optimization and web presence, which will give them a better chance at competing within this cutthroat industry; which is known as the Internet!

With more technology comes more ways to make mistakes

This is why even though innovations such as responsive design can boost sales. It can allow customers from around the world to purchase products or services from the website of their choice. It made things more complicated as there are many ways of optimizing a website for mobile devices but remain incompatible to search engine algorithms.

You need to use the latest social media marketing strategies and SEO trends 

If you want your business to get ahead and not fall behind when it comes to running an online business, then it is important that you make use of the latest social media marketing strategies and SEO trends today. This is what will make your company or business well-known throughout the world!

Every professional should know how things work

They should know about advanced coding knowledge, general web design skills, and how each element on a webpage affects the page ranking but also overall rankings of websites themselves.

What’s the best part about search engine optimization? It works for any type of business, from a small mom-and-pop store to even large businesses where Social Media Optimization works alongside traditional SEO in order to get more results.

With technology moving at such a fast pace, it is difficult for search engines to keep up with new trends as well as keeping track of all those who are trying to deceive their way into higher rankings, but there are so many ways in which you can avoid this, one of the most effective being link building campaigns. Today, there are numerous options when it comes to marketing your business online through social media or search engine optimization, including native advertising, pay-per-click, blogging, and press releases.

Stats of SEO and SMO

  1. SEO and SMO are two very important methods of online marketing today!
  2. You can use SEO to improve your search engine rankings and SMO to improve your social media presence!
  3. SEO is a major part of any online marketing campaign because it can help businesses grow, and SMO is a very important part of any SEO campaign!
  4. In order to become the best at SEO, you should be open to new ways, such as mobile optimization!
  5. If you make use of the latest social media marketing techniques along with internet marketing methods like SEO, then you will get ahead in today’s cutthroat world known as the internet market!
  6. SEO and SMO work for all types of businesses, whether it’s large or small in scale
  7. VII. Knowing about how each element affects page ranking is essential for testers and webmasters alike because it helps them optimize their efforts towards better rankings within search engines while also giving their users an awesome experience when visiting each website they create!
  8. The best thing about SEO is that it helps businesses grow, and SMO can be used along with traditional SEO to boost business results!

Love it or hate it, you simply cannot ignore the presence of SEO.

Today, there are many options when it comes to marketing/ selling your business through the Internet, either by using search engine optimization or social media optimization as a way of increasing sales and exposure for your brand online.

Every facet of SEO, from coding knowledge, web design skills to how each page element affects ranking, must be known. It helps you become the best in this industry. These facets are still both rapidly changing as well as expanding on a daily basis!

It is one of the most effective methods of online marketing ever created. And, it works for all types of businesses no matter what size or scale

If you want to get ahead in this cutthroat world known as the Internet, then there is nothing better than SEO and SMO.

It is because these work together as well as alone to achieve your goals online today! There are many elements that affect search engine rankings. These may include mobile optimization. So, if you want your business to be ahead of the competition, then make use of social media optimization along with traditional search engine optimization methods!

These tips and tricks give you an idea of how effective SEO is. Especially when you combine them with SMO as well. It is the key factor in whether or not your company will eventually succeed later on once more people become aware of what you offer throughout all this time! Take these suggestions into account and see for yourself if there’s room for improvement. Also, consider how most individuals use social media websites nowadays.


This article aims at providing awareness of how both go hand in hand and how you should consider them together. Rather than consider them as two separate tasks or entities altogether. One could rely on search engine traffic. But, getting traffic through social networking sites is beneficial in certain ways. You can not neglect it whatsoever. When it comes to marketing, it is important to focus on a single direction. They must improve their brand visibility over time by making use of both techniques.