PlayStation Plus Collection games are PlayStation’s monthly membership service that grants PlayStation Network users access to exclusive PlayStation features, including online multiplayer, automatic game updates, and discounts on PlayStation Store.

Now PlayStation 5 games are coming out with the PS+ collection! This blog post will discuss all of the PlayStation Plus Collection games.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the games included in the PlayStation Plus Collection on PS5.

It’s a critically acclaimed action game released in 2015, and it’s set in the Batman universe. You take control of the Dark Knight himself as you fight your way through Gotham City.

There are plenty of enemies to battle, puzzles to solve, and secrets to uncover.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is one of the most popular first-person shooters in history. The game was released in 2016 and has been a fan favorite since then.

Battlefield V, the latest installment in the franchise, will be available on PlayStation Plus Collection for PS Plus members. This means that you’ll be able to download and play it at no extra cost.


Another game in the PlayStation Plus Collection on PS5 is Bloodborne. It’s an action RPG released in 2015, and it’s set in a dark world where you must fight your way through deadly creatures.

With its fast-paced combat system and gothic setting, Bloodborne is a must-play game for PlayStation fans.

Call of Duty Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles

This is an excellent game to play, especially if you’re a fan of the zombies mode.

It includes eight remastered maps from Call of Duty Black Ops and Call of Duty Black Ops II and 20 new zombie characters. So there’s plenty of content to sink your teeth into!

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

The PlayStation Plus Collection includes the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy game. The remastered collection of classic PlayStation games, originally released in June 2017, was well-received by critics and fans alike.

The trilogy includes the first three Crash Bandicoot games: Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back, and Warped.

In the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, players take on the role of the titular bandicoot, who must save his home from Dr. Neo Cortex and his henchmen.

The trilogy was remade with updated graphics and gameplay mechanics and a new soundtrack composed by series veteran Joshua Mancell.

Days Gone

One of the most highly anticipated games on the PlayStation Plus Collection is Days Gone.

This action-adventure game was released in 2019 and tells the story of Deacon St. John, a biker and drifter who must survive in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies.

Detroit: Become Human

Another great game on the PlayStation Plus Collection is Detroit: Become Human. This game was released in 2018 and is set in a future where androids have replaced humans in many jobs.

You play as one of these androids, exploring what it means to be human.

Fallout 4

One of the most popular post-apocalyptic games ever made, Fallout is a Bethesda Game Studios title that’s sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Set in Boston, Massachusetts, after nuclear devastation, you play as the sole survivor of Vault 111 and must find your son amidst the chaos.

Final Fantasy XV

Originally released in 2016, Final Fantasy XV is a critically acclaimed action role-playing game.

The story follows Noctis Lucis Caelum, the crown prince of the kingdom of Lucis, as he and his friends’ journey to take back his homeland from the Niflheim Empire.

Along the way, they must battle hordes of enemies and powerful creatures, all while exploring the vast world of Eos.

God of War III Remastered

One of the classics on the PlayStation Plus Collection is God of War III Remastered.

This game was originally released in 2010 and follows Kratos as he seeks revenge on the gods who have betrayed him.

If you’re a fan of hack-and-slash games, then this one is definitely for you.

inFAMOUS: Second Son

In this action-adventure game, you play as Delsin Rowe, a superhuman who must protect Seattle from the Department of Unified Protection.

The city is in lockdown following the appearance of conduits – people with extraordinary powers. With great graphics and an interesting storyline, inFAMOUS: Second Son is a must-play game.

The Last Guardian

One of the most anticipated games on the PlayStation Plus Collection is The Last Guardian.

This puzzle-adventure game was first released in December 2016 and tells the story of a young boy who befriends a giant griffin-like creature.

The Last of Us Remastered

One of the most critically acclaimed games of all time, The Last of Us is a PlayStation exclusive title that you won’t want to miss.

With stunning graphics and an engaging storyline, this game will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is one of the most popular games in the PlayStation Plus Collection.

The game was first released for PS in January 2018 and has been a fan favorite ever since. It’s an action role-playing game that lets you hunt down ferocious creatures across a vast, open world.

If you’re looking for an intense gaming experience, Monster Hunter: World is definitely the game for you.

Mortal Kombat X

One of the most popular and iconic PlayStation fighting games, Mortal Kombat X is a must-have inclusion in the PlayStation Plus Collection.

With stunning graphics, brutal fatalities, and an engaging story mode, it’s easy to see why fans of the genre so love this game.

Persona 5

Persona is one of the most highly anticipated games on the PlayStation Plus Collection for PS Plus members.

This popular JRPG was first released in Japan in 2016 and had been gaining a following all over the world ever since.

The game is set in modern-day Tokyo and follows a group of high school students who use their Personas – manifestations of their inner selves – to fight evil.

Persona is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a fascinating and stylish RPG with a great story. And since it’s now available on PlayStation Plus, there’s no excuse not to!

Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank is a PlayStation platformer game developed by Insomniac Games.

The story follows the titular duo as they attempt to stop the evil Chairman Drek from destroying all of the planets in the Solana Galaxy.

Ratchet & Clank was originally released on PlayStation in 2002 and has been remastered for PS Plus Collection on PS Vita, PlayStation Now, and PlayStation VR.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

This survival horror game is the eleventh main installment in the Resident Evil series. It was released for PlayStation VR, PlayStation Pro, and Xbox One X consoles in January of 2017.

The game generally received positive reviews from critics upon release. IGN awarded it a score of “great” on all platforms except the PC version, which they scored as “good.”

In Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, players explore a decrepit plantation mansion in the fictional American state of Louisiana.

The game is played from a first-person perspective, and its gameplay focuses on exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat.

Players control Ethan Winters, who must escape the house after being held captive by the Baker family for three weeks.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

One of the most highly anticipated PlayStation games of all time, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, is coming to PS Plus members as part of the PlayStation Plus Collection.

If you’re a fan of action-adventure games, then this one is definitely for you – complete with stunning set pieces and an epic storyline.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

A remastered PlayStation VR game, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, is a horror shooter that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Originally released in 2016, this title has you traveling through a creepy carnival filled with nightmarish creatures and deadly traps.

With new levels and challenges to face, it’s sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.


If you’re looking to play PS4 games on your PS5, then the PlayStation Plus Collection is perfect for you.

All of these games are guaranteed to be available in this collection and can be downloaded at no extra cost as long as you keep up with your monthly subscription fee.

Which game has caught your eye? Let us know!


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