Buying clothes is no longer a chore. You can obtain anything and not have to leave your couch. Thanks to different online stores. Some old-school people1 still rely on the local market. Yet, both have a common question. What is the best time of year to buy clothes? Today, we will address that with unusual tricks to obtain more competitively!

Online stores Vs. Local stores

You may have the option for both, but they do have some positive and negative sides.

  1. Firstly, during online shopping, you can have more options. But you cannot try them in real-time. But when you choose to buy from a local store, you can try and pick another dress if you want to.
  2. Secondly, you can have different brands and many more options than a local shop. Yet, the irony is- you will not be 100% sure about the dress. We all watched some online shopping fail videos.
  3. Thirdly, you can enjoy flash sales2, season sales, and big sales of both types. But it’s you who need to select the path. If you have emergency requirements for new clothing, it’s better to shop locally. Although, Amazon may have a 24h delivery time! But who needs that when you can select and buy from your local shop in under 60 minutes.

When should I buy summer clothes?

Indeed, all the shops need to free-up spaces for the upcoming winter season during the end of summer. The calendar month will be December and later. During this time3, you can have a great deal on ‘summer outfits.’ For many designer chains, most of them offer the most handsome rebates for spring-summer stocks clearing in June and July. Additional segments like occasions can have an impact on the price. Similarly, if you buy bulk, you will enjoy extra discounts during the time.

When should I buy summer clothes?

When should I buy winter clothes?

If you were thinking of getting a dream deal in winter clothing, you would miss the current year. The fact is, during wintertime, you will not be able to buy winter clothes for cheap. You have to wait for the summer for that. During may-June, the stores run a stock clearance sell for the upcoming season. That is the right time to go and purchase. Not just the local stores, these practices will be the same for the online stores too.

When should I buy winter clothes?

The Bad Side

If you buy clothes in advance, you may not have the most recent styles or trends in your wardrobe4. Because you are getting the old stuff, you have the previous season’s fashion. That’s not a big deal for the majority of us. But for a fashionable person, it’s like a crime! The Instagram influencers also not be happy with these practices. But hay, you saved like 50-60% of your hard-earned cash at the end of the day because of the hack.


Ultimately, if you carry any dress with confidence, it will become your signature style. Always consider the overall pollution created by manufacturing your clothes. Do you know, only 2500 liters of water is needed for making a T-shirt! Consider that, and also add your wallet to the equation. Then your final answer will be- buy cheap and use longer!



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