These bikes are designed to solve, avoid specific personal transportation problems, or just having fun. These bike inventions are going to make you rethink what a bike can be.



The Lazareth lmv 496 is the world’s first operational prototype flying motorcycle. While on the road, the lmv 496 is powered by an electric motor capable of providing a range of 100 kilometers. Each of its four wheels acts as 96 000 rpm jet cap jet turbines.

When the bike is switching to flight mode, its wheels rotate to a horizontal position turning the motorcycle into a quadcopter that can fly a couple of meters high. Only five prototypes were initially built, and they are on sale with a five hundred-thousand-dollar price tag.


The scorpion hoverbike looks dangerous with its exposed propellers spinning close to the rider. This Russian-built motorcycle-styled hoverbike has already been sold to the Dubai police force.

It is also available for pre-orders to anyone at 150 thousand dollars. Powered by a hybrid lithium manganese nickel battery, the bike has a flight time of between 10 to 25 minutes, depending on the weather and the pilot’s weight. It has a maximum speed of up to 96 kilometers per hour, and it can safely fly up to five meters.

#3: BISKI  

Biski is powered by a 55-horsepower twin-cylinder engine. This weird-looking scooter can do things no other motorcycle can on a surface; no other motorcycle can go on. It can reach an impressive 125 kilometers per hour on land and 60 kilometers per hour on the water with just a push of a button.

The Biski converts itself into a jet ski powered by a jet propulsion system back in only 5 seconds. biski is created by a New Zealand-based company, Gibbs amphibians, specializing in amphibious vehicles that can reach high speeds both on land and water.

# 4:  WAZUMA V8M.

Wazuma V8M is a tailor-made vehicle produced by the renowned french bikes maker Lazarus. The wazuma v8m boasts a supercharged 4.7 liters 460 horsepower Italian v8 engine. To the ground, power transmission is provided by Michelin tires for the back and 285 for the front-mounted on 18-inch oz racing wheels.

Approved by the French regulation authorities, the wazuma v8m is produced in a limited series of only ten numbered copies and priced at 237 thousand dollars.



Qooder is a 399-cc urban commuter bikes with the freedom and agility, and the ease and safety of a car.  With its innovative patented hydraulic tilting system, HTS, the Qooder has a perfect response to all riding conditions.

The HTS guarantees a simultaneous tilt of all wheels while maintaining ideal adherence to the ground. Its price is 24000 $. The Qooder can cruise up to 90 kilometers per hour and cover about 250 kilometers on its 14-liter tank.